16. Vishakha Nakashtra (Star of Purpose)

Vishakha "The Star Of Purpose"  20.00 Libra to 3.20 Scorpio


"Triumphal Arch(Symbol of Success and Achievement)

Potter’s Wheel (Symbol of Patience to develop for Progression)

"Potter Wheel"
"Triumphal Arch"

Deity : Indragni, a pair of deities
 Indra is the Chief of the Gods, God of Transformation
 Agni is God of Lighting and Fire.
 Also Controlled by Radha(the romantic Consort of Shri Krishna)

 Meaning:The Forked One”-multiple thinking capacity, Radha-“The Delightful one”

 Stars: The four stars form the scales in the constellation of Libra. Zuben el Genubi gives the ability to concentrate on goals, and overcome obstacles. It is social, clever, but unforgiving and revengeful.

" Zuben el Genubi "

Ruler: The Star is governed by Jupiter. Jupiter is the ruling planet of this nakshatra reflecting the deep connection with one’s soul purpose.

·   Yoga Tara Degree: 21 degrees

·   Mythology: Indra the king of the gods, combined with Agni fire provides the energy, strength and powerful potential in this nakshatra.

·   Nakshatra Trimurti: Brahma (Creation).

·   Guna: Sattwic ( Vishakha is ready to sacrifice a lot for the attainment of its goals, a quality which is seen as Sattwic from the universal point of view)

·  Tavatta: Fiery/Agni - Due to its close association with Agni (the deity presiding over the element fire), fire becomes the primary element of Vishakha).

·   Gana: Vishakha has a Rakshasa/Demonic temperament with a primary motivation of Dharma.
 It is because of its selfish an approach that it is classified as demonic even though both of its ruling deities are demonic gods.

·   Aim: Dharmic Purpose /Goal of Life.

· Gotra(clan): Vashishta(Possessor of Wealth)

·   Animal : The animal symbol is a Male Tiger.

·   Bird: Red Tail Sparrow, Swan.

·   Tree: Vikankatha, Nagkesar,Wood Apple.

·  Caste: Mleccha (Outcaste)

· Quality: Mixed(Sharp and Soft), Balanced Nature

·  Direction: West & North.

·  Part of the body: The Arms and the Breasts are the body parts.

· Tridosha: Kapha ( water + Earth)

· Gender: Female Nakshatra It seems to have its roots in its alternative name "Radha

· Color: Golden

·  Power(Shakti): Vyapana Shakti (Achieve and Make Manifest, Power to Achieve many and various Fruits of Life)

·Desire: To Gain The Greatest Splendors among the gods

·    Pada in Navamsa:

Pada 1 Aries Navamsa ruled by Mars is all about energy, impulse, one-pointed and social ambitions. The focus here is on relationships with passion and energy.

Pada2 Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. Materialistic Ambitious. Planets here tend to give success in Venusian pursuits.

Pada3 Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. Vishakha's one-pointedness channels itself through thoughts, communication, philosophical and religious attitudes.

Pada 4 Cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon. This is the most one-pointed of all Vishakha padas. The turmoil here takes place on the emotional plane, making this a highly volatile, transformative and dangerous part of the zodiac.   
· Sounds/Alphabet :  Thee, Thoo, They, Tho
  1. The superiority of Strength, Power
  2. Goal-oriented and brilliance
  3. Determination, Focus
  4. Perfection, Exactitude
  5. Ever youthful, Charming
  6. Target oriented
  7. Triumphant Comeback(Huge Success)

  •        Indications: This is " The Star of Purpose ".

They are very goal-oriented and don’t give up until they achieve success. Ambition and concentrated power will conquer any obstacles or rivals. They are extremely competitive. With their hash opinions, they may force their will and ideas on others. They can become frustrated and angry when they don’t get what they want. They are always hopeful of success and their determination will persevere. They are patient, persistent and determined. They experience success in the second half of their life. As the warrior spirit, they will get what they want, their best solution is to be the spiritual warrior.

Vishakha Nakshatra is the only nakshatra with 2 different deities, with each of them having their own individual nakshatras. Deity “Indra and Agni “ here are related to agriculture showing the ripening effect of heat, rain and seasonal changes. It also represents “PushaAdityas to cause the growth of good grains.

  •        Born Under Vishakha
A person born in this Nakshatra is religious-minded having an inclination towards performing rites and rituals etc, is of an unstable nature and friendly nature.

"Party Animal"

  • Crazy People Wants all good things
  • Great Place
  • Great Food, Great Clothing. 
  • They have a lot of Mood Swings. 
  • They love to cook foods, loves colors, loves photography also loves to drinks or a bottle of water/tea while talking. 
  • Wakes up at 4 to 5 am as the animal is the tiger. 
  • Split Personality
  • Excellent Diplomats, 
  • Very Fertile Nakashtra.
  • From Partying to Spirituality is the Journey of these Nakshatra. 
  • Success comes in the latter part of life. 
  • Passionate and Intense desire for their goals.
  • Loves to sleep 
  • Quarrelsome
  • Talented 
  • Trusts in God, Miser, Hunts after pleasures, 
  • Mole on chest or face
  • Lover of Horses and Elephants, Desire for clean and neat dresses, Philosophical, 
  • Charming body, Convincing speaker, Wastes money.

The male native of the Vishakha Nakshatra will be full of energy and intelligence. He is god-fearing and is always truthful and honest in his dealings. However, he does not believe much in conservative values and prefers current ideas. It has been observed that he ends up living away from his family. Though he is not self-employed but does a job, he detests being a yes-man. And though he is a religious man, he will sexually be alluring, a strong desire for marriage, benefits through marriage; traveler, mathematically skilled, courageous.

      Females born in this nakshatra are beautiful and religious in nature. They need to have a well-balanced diet and should exercise regularly to keep them fit. They will have a sweet tongue and quiet diplomatic in their choice of words. They are soft-spoken, and she speaks very sweetly, so she tends to be very charming. She is a very simple person and detests even the slightest of make-ups. They are dreamers, liking astrology, administrators, brave, strong and of charitable nature.

  •  Lunar Month and Day :
It relates to the first half of the lunar month of Vaishakha, which usually falls in early May.
Vishakha is also related to the Shashti & Saptami(6th & 7th tithis or days) of the waxing and waning Moon phase of the monthly cycle

  • Favorable Activities:

Goal-Oriented Acts, Ceremonies, Parties, Functions, Awards, Decorative Acts, Romance, Penance, Resolving, Accomplishing Tasks, Aggressive or Harsh Activities, Executive Talents, Argumentative Tactics, Anything requiring Focus on Goals, Celebrations, Ornamentation, Getting Dressed Up, Romance and Sexual Activity, Making Resolutions.

  • Unfavorable Activities:

Not Suitable for Marriage, Travel, Beginnings, Tact, Initiations, and Diplomacy.

       ·  Padas of Vishakha in Birth Chart:
  • 1. Business, Good brain, Envious, Talented at Mathematics, Astrology.
  • 2. Mirthful, Diplomatic, Short frame, Boats.
  • 3. Lack of morals, Small personality, Happy, Good talker.
  • 4. Good brain, Rich, Artistic, Wise. 


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