20. Purvasadha--Invincible Star

Purvasadha  " Invincible Star"  13.20 Sagittarius to 26.40 Sagittarius


" Winnowing Basket"
(Uncovering Hidden Baskets)
 "Hand Held Fan"(glitzy, glamorous and Shy aspect )

Winnowing Basket

Handheld Fan

Short Mythology stories related to it:

The Diety of Purvasadha is Apah, the Cosmic waters.

This nakshatra is connected with the breaking of the elephant tusk which signifies the declaration of the war.

Hanuman is said to have created an alternative version of the Ramayan, that even surpassed the original version of the one created by the Sage Valmiki over a period of 12 years. Valmiki was brought down to tears and he went to throw his book on to the ocean with the Sage on his shoulder. Sage said that he could be reborn in another age as Hanuman's devotee.

Deity: Apah- The Goddess of the water, known as the female Counterparts of Varuna.

 Meaning: The Invincible Star", its main focus is on invincibility only.

There are three stars in the Purvasadha nakshatra. Corona Australias is a Binary Star system in the southern zodiac constellation of Sagittarius.

· Ruler: The Star is governed by Venus. Venus is the ruling planet that shows the Purification and energizing of any things that happen at this nakshatra.

·   Yoga Tara Degree: 18 degree

·   Nakshatra Trimurti: Shiva (Dissolve).

·   Guna: Sattwic.

·  Tavatta:.It belongs to the water element.

·   Gana:  Purva Asadha has a Manushya temperament.

·   Aim: Moksha Purpose /Goal of Life.

·   Animal: The animal symbol is a Male Monkey.

·   Bird: Francolin.

·   Tree: Ratan Cane, Sita Ashoka

·  Caste: Manushya

·  Direction: Northeast to Southeast.

·  Part of the body: The Thighs and Back.

· Tridosha:  Vata.

·  Power(Shakti): Purification(Basis above-Strength Basis below-Connection Result- Gain of  Luster)

·    Pada in Navamsa:

Pada 1 Leo Navamsa ruled by Sun(13:20-16:40) is all about the Proud and Confident side of the  Purva Asadha. There is a strong sense of ethics and morals in this pada.

Pada2 Virgo  Navamsa ruled by Mercury. (16:40-20:00) It relates to the intellectual aspect. A lot of
hard work is required here. It helps in ones the carrier path.

Pada3 Libra Navamsa ruled by Venus(20:00-23:20) This pada relates to the easy-going,luxury-loving Venusian aspect of this nakshatra. There is an emphasis on reaping the fruits rather than working hard. This pada gives one of the best material results and prosperity.

Pada 4 Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars(23:20-26:40). This pada refers to the haughty, secretive and mysterious aspect. The planet here is good for occult wisdom.

· Sounds/Alphabet:  Bu, Dhaa, Phaa ,Dha

  1. It is a Downward Nakshatra. It is related to all things which are hidden from view.
  2. It is one of the most fierce competitive nakshatras out there as it related to the declaration of the war.
  3. It is the starting of the sattwic nakshatras and its aim is to purification, cheerfulness, lively.
  •  Indications: This is " the Invincible Star".
  • A person born in this Nakshatra love near water, beaches, river. 
  • It has both the gurus Jupiter and Venus in it. They are master in strategizing, planning and plotting. 
  • They are the people who are behind the company in running a company. They are the risk and bank managers.
  •  They can be excellent writers as well. Love to build their body and are very photogenic. This is also the place where the declaration of war is done so competitive spirit is a quality of this nakshatra.

  •  It is all about Purification and been energized. 
  • They can be highly creative in dance, acting, singing and can be one of the best debaters out there in the world. Modeling is also seen as the main profession of these natives.

  • "Modeling"

  • They are very humble. They have Fame, Wealth, Affinity to the Wines. 
  • This is a type of restless nakshatra. 
  • Confused about which path to follow in life confusion between materialistic and spiritual needs. 
  • They can have teeth related issues. 
  • They can be working for financial institutions. 
  • They love to drink water. They look towards lawsuits and try to win them also.
  •  They can have many job changes. They are the kind of people who loves resorts and love to live in paradise. 
  • They love to write in paragraphs.
  •  They are confused until 42. 
  • They can be environmentalism, competition. They love to read books on wars.
  •  They are very ruthless and ambitious. They always want to win. 
  • It has a pleasant and artistic way of looking at things.
  •  Lunar Month and Day :
 It relates to the first half of the lunar month of Ashadha. This month usually corresponds to late lune in the solar calendar. Purva Shada is also related to the Trayodashi( 13th tithi or day) of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon's month.

  • Favorable Activities:

Confronting enemies and opposition, Settling debts, goals, and actions on the mental, spiritual plane, Travelling over water, Acts of bravery, Artistic Performances, Good for marriage. 

  • Unfavorable Activities:

Not for land journeys, not good for endings also.

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