Mula -The Foundation Star

Mula  “The Foundation Star”  00' 00’ – 13' 20’ Sagittarius


"Bunch of Roots Tied Together" (Reticulated Roots)
"Elephant’s Goad" (handling and training of elephants),(Ankush)


"Elephant Goad"


Nirruti (Goddess of Dissolution, Calamity, and Destruction)
She is the goddess who brings about a new creation, after the initial destruction
Powerful Goddess, Mahakali.
She is also called “Alakshmi”
Prajapati (Lord of Progeny and Creation) as the Sub Deity of this Nakshatra

·Short Mythology :

Goddess Alakshmi, the goddess of poverty, and the elder sister of Lakshmi who is also called Jyestha. Lakshmi the goddess of Prosperity is supposed to visit Jyestha, her elder sister every Saturday to the Pipal tree, and will follow anyone back to their home who goes to pay respect
to the Pipal tree on Saturday. Kali is connected to the black hole that is driving the center of the milky way, and her connection with Shiva is pointing to the Ardra-Moola nakshatra axis, with a black hole at the center of the milky way.    


The Root” or called as the “Root Star”", "the Center" or "the Innermost Core
Mula is straight, direct and doesn't like to beat about the bush. However, we nevertheless have no option but to carry on with our dissection of its roots.

Mula, the first among the last nine asterisms, consists of a bunch of nine stars, which were seen by the ancients as forming a shape similar to a lion's tail. These nine stars are known in modern astronomy as Lambda-Scorpions (Shaula)


· Ruler: The Star is governed by KETU

Its symbol also means collecting or tying up what belongs to one. Ketu, as we know, is the one who stores past karmas and releases the ones ripe enough to be experienced in the present life. It can help one collect the necessary tools from the past, which one requires in fulfilling one's goal in the present life

·   Yoga Tara Degree: 3 degrees

·   Nakshatra Trimurti: Shiva (Dissolve).

·   GunaTamasic.

·  TavattaIt belongs to the Air (Vayu)

·   Gana:  Rakshasa temperament.

·   Aim: Kama (Desires, Passion)

·   Quality: Tikshna (Sharp/ Dreadful).

·   Animal: The animal symbol is a Male Dog. 

·  Gotra (Clan): Pulastya (“One having Smooth Hair”)

·   Bird: Red Vulture

·   Tree: Sarjaka, Salai, Anjan, Kammara, Black Dammar

·  CasteButcher

·  Direction: North

·  Part of the body: The Feet, the Left Side of the Trunk

· Tridosha:  VAAT(AIR+SPACE)

·  Power(Shakti): Barhana Shakti (The Power to “Ruin, Destroy and to Break Things Apart”)

·Desire: To find the Root of all Progeny

· Sounds/Alphabet:  Yeh, Yo, Baa, Bee

  • Pada in Navamsa

Pada 1 00' 00' -3'20' Aries Navamsa ruled by Mars. relates to all types of deep searches and probes. These can take place on material or spiritual planes depending upon the evolutionary status of the native in question. The outlook here is hopeful and optimistic if Ketu is well placed. A certain degree of enatic egotism and self-centredness can be noticed when this pada is working through its lower aspect. Planets, especially Moon, when placed in this pada is supposed to be harmful to the wellbeing of the father.

 Pada  2  3' 20' - 6' 40' Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. This pada has both occult and material implications. It can make one hardworking while pursuing material objectives. This same resoluteness and tenacity are seen when planets here concentrate on realms beyond the material. A certain creative spark is seen when it comes to arts, music, and other Venusian pursuits. Planets here usually cause some sort of strife and obstacles.

 Pada 3 6' 40' - 10' 00 Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. This is the wordplay pada. In a way, this is the lightest amongst Mula's padas. The focus here is on communication, wordplay, and relationships. Mula's need for dominion is transferred onto an intellectual plane. At their best, planets here can create a balance between material and spiritual values.

 Pada 4 10' 00' - 13' 20' Cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon. This is the most tumultuous among Mula's padas. There's a constant struggle in trying to bridge the emotional realm with other planes. The emotional nature is too easily disturbed in this pada. The best option for the natives under the strong influence of this pada is to sacrifice their emotions for higher goals. According to ancient texts, this pada is harmful to the general wellbeing of a native and some propitiatory rites are required to harness its energy properly.

  • Pain
  • Inquisitive Mind
  • Going to the Root of a Topic
  • Humiliation 
  • Loss of Face
  • Break things Apart or Crushing Objects
  • Good Researcher

 Indications: This is "The Star of Foundation".

Mula has a lot to do with an investigation into things unseen or unknown. Along with its counterpart Ardra, (which lies directly opposite in the zodiac), Mula has the strongest and deepest sense of inquiry amongst all the nakshatras.

In ancient medicinal systems like Ayurveda, roots of various plants are used for medicinal purposes, thus Mula is directly associated with making medicines.

This is not a very pleasant nakshatra. However, everything is not doom and gloom with this nakshatra. After all, it lies in the luckiest among the signs Sagittarius, which in turn is ruled by the greatest benefic Jupiter.

 Mula is a very powerful nakshatra even on the material plane. It can give worldly status, prosperity as its motivation is desire/ materials. Mula is the 19th nakshatra and '19' is a very lucky number for all types of material achievement.

 Mula's nature to quickly cut out and destroy things that have lost their value. It is a very impulsive nakshatra. Mula is still quite a proud and haughty nakshatra. Mula natives, however, are unable to understand their own power and abilities

Mula natives are like for creating something new you have to destroy the existing one. It sounds horrible but destruction is the first phase for creating something new.

As Ketu in ruling this nakshatra, Ketu says isolation and separation so the planet like Venus and Jupiter Will either feel isolated or separated from the relationship after one destruction new start is better for them or Karmic relationship is also seen.

These People do well in occult, mysticism, any research-oriented matter.

• Great researchers
• Stables and horses
• Shamans.
• Ability to heal through herbs
• Black Holes Finding
"Black Hole"

• Startups
• Universities that are very old or ancient
• Southwest corner of the house and northeast corner of the house should be clean
• Initial Destruction leading to a new start
• Destructive women in life
  •  Lunar Month and Day :
It relates to the second half of the lunar month of Jyestha, which usually falls in June.  Mula is also related to the Prathama & Chaturthi(l & 4th tithis or days) of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon's monthly cycle. 

  • Favorable Activities:

    Getting down to the Root of the Matter, Gathering Knowledge, Administering Herbs and Medicines, Planting and Gardening, Agriculture, Designing, Oratory Activities, Forcefulness, Dynamism, Laying Foundations for Houses, Construction, Buying and Selling Homes, Expressing Sexuality, Contemplation, and Meditation, Initiation into Study of Science and Astrology, Adventures

  • Unfavorable Activities:



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