Bharani - The Star Of Restraint

Bharani   "The Star Of Restraint"   13.00 - 26.40 Aries

  •  Symbol:
"The Vulva or Celestial Yoni "(the Female Organ of Reproduction)
 Clay Pot” or "Womb" that Contains Shakti the Divine Feminine Creative Power.

"Animal Elephant"
"Women bearing Child"

  • Deity : 
Yama( the lord of death)also(the King of Dharma (Justice))
He is the God who upholds the Code of Social Morality and Rules the South Direction. He is also associated with the is Yama's duty to assign the life paths for the souls who have left their earthly bodies, it becomes clear that he has to be well versed in the laws of karma and dharma.
  •  Meaning: The Woman who Bears
  •  Stars:
Bharani has the power of Venusian energy, is represented in the celestial firmament by a group of three faint stars forming a triangle in the constellation of Aries.
The ancient Vedic seers saw these stars as forming the female sexual organ. These stars are known in modern astronomy as 35-Ariettes, 39-Arietes & 41-Arietes


· Ruler: The Star is governed by VENUS

·   Yoga Tara Degree: 24 degree

· Short  Mythology:

According to one of the mythologies about Yama and Shani had a fight, Yama was broken the shanis leg. The father Surya had cursed him to burn his legs. After praying Yama given relief as until you follow the dharma your legs will not get burn one is underwater another under Agni.

According to the Rig Veda, Yami is the twin sister of Yama. Their mother is Saranyu (who is the daughter of Tvashta, the artisan God) and their father is Vivasvant (associated with the sun). She is extremely fond of her brother.

There is a dialogue between her and Yama, where she expresses her love for him and invites him to her bed. He rejects her advances, saying that “The Gods are always watching us, and shall punish the sinful.” She is heart-broken.

·   Nakshatra Trimurti: Vishnu (Maintain)
·  Guna: Rajasic

·  Tavatta: Earth(pritvi)

·   Gana:  Manushya (Human) temperament with a primary motivation of Artha.

·   Aim: Artha ( Wealth or Material Pursuits)

· Gotra(clan): Vashishta(Possessor of Wealth)

·   Animal: The animal symbol is a Male Elephant.

·   Bird: Crow, Peacock.

·   Tree: Amla Tree.

·  Caste: Mleccha (Outcaste)

· Quality: Bharani is considered to be a Balanced nakshatra. Bharani is in actuality an extreme nakshatra, but it is classified as 'Balanced' because of its tendency to balance opposing extremes like birth and death.

·  Direction: east, south-east, and south

·  Part of the body: Head and Sole of Foot

· TridoshaPitta ( Fire + Water)

· Gender: Female Nakshatra.

· Color: Blood Red

·  Power(Shakti):  Apabharani Shakti (The Power to “Take Things Away and Move On or Power to Cleanse and Remove Impurities”)

· Desire: Moving into the next world

·    Pada in Navamsa:

Pada 1 Leo Navamsa:ruled by Sun. The focus here is on creativity and self-immersion. Planets here can be extremely self-centric and can often offend others without meaning to. The drive and will-power inherent in this pada can be used for positive ends if the nativity as a whole allows for it.

Pada2 Virgo Navamsa: ruled by Mercury. The emphasis here is on service and hard work. Planets here function in an altruistic way. A certain degree of organization is seen even in typically extreme and chaotic Bharani mode. 

Pada3 Libra Navamsa: ruled by Venus. The ability to relate and harmonize opposites characterizes this pada. There is however no sense of any limits here when it comes to sex and relationships, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending upon the evolutionary level of the nativity in question. Being a pushkara navamsa pada it allows for the fulfillment of one's desires.

Pada 4 Scorpio Navamsa: 
ruled by Mars, The energy here is extreme in every sense of the word. Planets here work in an uninhibited ( primeval fashion. It can be a highly inventive and original pada if its explosive energy can be channelized properly.

· Sounds/Alphabet: Li, Lu, Ley, Lo


  • Sense of Struggle and Suffering
  • Fighting for Justice and Social / Noble Causes
  • Step Motherly Treatment or Sense of Unfairness
  • Association with Death or Death Like Situation
  • Huge Transformation
  • Extreme
    Indications:: This is " The Star of Restraint".

  • Bharani is the 2nd nakshatra in the constellation of 27 nakshatras. Venus is the lord of this nakshatra.
  • Bharani is the foundation of Venusian energy among the nakshatras, giving it tremendous occult knowledge.
  •  The main symbol for this star is the yoni or female sexual organs, which signify creativity, sexuality and the cycle of birth and death. Just like the womb, Bharani is a sacred place of nurturing and growth with the power to quickly manifest. 
  • Bharani natives have a strong character and can withstand the transformations of life.
  •   Born Under Bharani
  • Natives of Bharani live a luxurious and king-sized life. 
  • Their main concern is to gather luxurious things and provide comfort to their family. They purchase new things often in order to possess the latest luxury from the market. 
  • The natives are very conscious about their health and keep their surroundings neat and clean. They have a poetic soul and sensitive nature. 
  • They are healers and positive people. They never pretend. They are majestic and impulsive in taking decisions. These aspects of their character are not always liked by other people, in spite of having a pure heart
  • They are beautiful people with attractive personalities. People are influenced by their poised and caring approach. 
  • They give prime importance to love. The natives of Bharani form special relationships with the opposite sex. They are evergreen lovers.
  • They can Fall in love with distant cousins. 
  • They have to do Lot of hard work before success comes to them, Smart assistants, Loyal staff, Astral travelers., Lucid dreaming. Travellers in dreams, Antique fashion. Egyptian headgear. Turbans, Love for Egyptians things, River connection., Valley of the dead. Tibetan Book of Dead, Twins. Twin children. Twin siblings. 
  • Last person to appear in an event. Always late. Reserved in Sexual Expression too.
  • They might get into problems of Reproductive diseases, Menstruation problems.
  •  Lunar Month and Day :
It relates to the first half of the lunar month of Ashwin, which usually falls in early Oct.
Bharani is also related to thee Chatrutithi( 4th tithi )of the waxing and waning Moon phase of the monthly cycle

  • Favorable Activities:
Creative and Martian Activities (Severe, Cruel, Destructive, Competitive or Warlike), Sexual, Amorous, Procreative, Agriculture & Fertility Rites, Beginnings/Endings, Acts involving Fire, Postponed or Neglected Activities, Asceticism which requires Self Discipline, Fasting or Purificatory Rites, Dealing with Children's.

  • Unfavorable Activities:
Travel (Bharani relates to Traffic Jams and Accidents), Patience, Initiations, In Present Day and Age Good for Conclusions than Beginnings

       ·  Padas of  Bharani in Birth Chart:
  • 1.Short Tempered, Broad Minded, Able to Defeats one enemies, Perseverant
  • 2.Lazy, Clever, Weakness for Opposite Sex, Scriptural knowledge
  • 3.Lean, Tall, Much Pride with wisdom, Balanced Nature
  • 4. Courageous, Proud, Cruel.


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