27. Revati - The Wealthy Star

Revati "The Wealthy Star"( 16.40 Pisces-30.00 Pisces) 

"Drum/Pair of Fishes”(Indicates a Path and Soul Journey in water)
"Valampiri Shank"

Pair Of Fishes


Short Mythology stories related to it:
In Daksha's Yagna, Pushan was eating the thing which was presented to him but out of nowhere Rudra came and knocked out his teeth.

This is also linked with the Princess Revati who has been the wife of Lord Balaram. Princess and his father searched for her man in the Brahma Loka. Brahma had said that the only, man suitable in this yuga was Balaram. Balaram used his plough to make Reavtis's height shorter than her normal height.

Pushan - He is one of the 12 Adityas, he is the protector of flocks and herds and the deity of safe travels. Pushan is also the ruler of the roads and the lord of the lost things.  He was a  Supportive Guide.                                               

 Meaning: “Wealthy"- As the name suggests it is one of the Prosperous nakshatras to have.

The Brightest Star in the Pisces is Zeta-Piscium, which has a magnitude of only 5.20.

· Ruler: The Star is governed by Mercury. Mercury is the ruling planet of this nakshatra reflecting the youthfulness and many ideas that this nakshatra gives.

·   Yoga Tara Degree:  26 degrees

·   Nakshatra Trimurti: Shiva (Dissolve).

·   Guna: Sattvic.

·  Tavatta:.It belongs to the ether element.

·   Gana:  Revati has a Deva temperament.

·   Aim: Moksha Purpose /Goal of Life.

·   Animal: The animal symbol is a Female Elephant.

·   Bird Pigeon.

·   Tree: Indian Butter tree.

·  Caste: Shudra.

·  Direction:  North and Northeast.

·  Part of the body: Feet, Ankles, Abdomen and Groin.

· Tridosha: Kapha.

·  Power(Shakti): Nourishment (Basis above: Cows  Basis below: calves
 Result-nourishment of the entire world)

·    Pada in Navamsa:

Pada 1 Sagittarius Navamsa ruled by Jupiter(16:40-20:00). This relates to the happy go lucky, optimistic and philanthropic side of the Jupiter.

Pada2 Capricorn  Navamsa ruled by  Saturn. (20:00-23:20) It is the more practical and the organization aspect of the revati.Benefics can give a more happy practical approach while malefics can give a high ambitious nature.

Pada3 Aquarius Navamsa ruled by  Saturn. (23:20-26:40) They look towards the humanitarian aspect and can see dreams etc frequently.

Pada 4 Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter(26:40-30:00). This is the eternal dreamer. They are into the other realms like the 3rd pada. They are going into their own world.
· Sounds/Alphabet:  No, Yaa, Yee, Yoo

  1. It is a Balanced Nakshatra. It is related to its love and society and it is conservative.
  2. They always want to be on the top and be recognized and they will reach their goa
  3. It is the most sattwic nakshatra and a person can be a highly spiritual person.
 Indications: This is " The Wealthy Star".

Air Hostess

  • A person born in this Nakshatra is a very Spiritual kind of Person and is a very soft kind of Person.
  • This is also one of the cleverest nakshatras and they can be like the chameleon and can put on any point at a particular time.
  • They can have problems with the Teeth. They can have weird problems with Traffic Light and Accidents. 
  • There can also be a theme where women can be taller than men. They love devotional Soft music. 
  • They are luxury-lovers, jewelry lovers and can be associated with the fashion industry. They can be good Artists/dancers.
  •  Air Hostess, Air Traffic Management, the fashion industry can be some of its themes. They can have tragic endings to the marriage. 
  • They can be good Tourism industry, cruise ship. They love their cow very much.
  • They love Seafood too much. The theme of Kidnapping can be also seen here. They can have a strong connection with their ancestors. 
  • They can also have multiple Partners. 
  • This is the nakshatra of the dreamers, Saturn in this nakshatra can help in giving some practical thinking. They always get the support of the people when they need the most.
  •  Lunar Month and Day :
It relates to the last 9 days of the lunar month of Bhadra Pada, which usually falls in September. Revatis also related to Purnima (15th tithi or day) of the waxing phase of the Moon's monthly cycle.

  • Favorable Activities:

Business activities, Religious rituals. Buying cars, homes, and other valuable goods, Good for Kind, Charitable activities, Good for leisure activities, Learning especially spiritual or occult.

  • Unfavorable Activities:

Any activities involving Boldness, Harshness, Sharp actions, constructions, enmity or fighting.

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