Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi

Brighu Chakra Paddhati

Bhrighu Chakra Paddhati (BCP) is a predictive method mention in the classic Chandra Kala Nadi. It was decoded by Saptrishi Astrology by decoding the shlokas of the classic. Well known past astrologers were aware of this method but never publicly discussed this unique method  of prediction
In this method, every house represents a year of your life.

Houses in Astrology
1 house – 1, 13, 25….
2 house – 2, 14, 26…
3 house – 3, 15, 27
4 house – 4, 16, 28
5 house – 5, 17, 29
6 house – 6,18, 30
7 house – 7,19, 31
8 house - 8, 20, 32
9 house – 9, 21, 33
10 house – 10, 22, 34
11 house – 11, 23, 35
12 house – 12, 24, 36

And so on…  we will have every year represented by each house.
Here, the moment you are born you are in your first year. When you will complete this one year, you will be in your second year and so on.

Using this method, I will tell you a simple way to predict a relationship or a marriage.

Do remember this is a way to time a relationship or marriage
First, check whether there is a promise of a relationship/marriage in your chart. For this look at the position of the 7 lord, the planet in 7 house, Venus, Jupiter (females), darakaraka (lowest degree planet) and tithi lord. If they are well placed it is good. Their placement in 3,6,8 or 12 house is not conclusive that you will not be married.
You also need to keep in mind the age of the native. For example – a seven-year-old is not mature enough to be in a relationship. He or She will be naturally more inclined to watch Pogo or get their favorite toy.
 So, after introducing you with the method, I will tell the age at which relationship/marriage can occur:

· Look at the age when 7 house will be active. 
 The signification of 7 houses which is a relationship can play out.
· Look at the house where 7 lord is placed and look for the age when that house will be active.
· Look at the house where Venus is placed and look for the age when that house will be active.
· Now, the longevity and quality of the marriage/relationship is a detailed study.
 It will be covered in future articles. 


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