4. Rohini(Star of Ascent)

Rohini  "Star of Ascent"  10.00 Taurus to 23.20 Taurus


"Ox-Cart”(Symbol of  Fertility )

 Chariot“(Symbol of  All kinds of Conveyances)

Short Mythology :

This Nakshatra relates to Brahma, who had created a daughter and fell in love with her and wanted to pursue her but the chase was cut short by Shiva.

Rohini Nakshatra is also linked with Lord Krishna and his Rasleela. How he had a mesmerizing effect on the Gopiyas and the Extraordinary charm and magnetism are related to this.

Rohini was the favorite wife of Chandra as he neglected her eldest sister Jyestha and Moon was cursed by his father-in-law Daksha for ignoring Jyeshta and other wives of  Moon. In order to make Chandrama free from the curse, Mahadev had to place him on his head as Daksh's curse doesn't get in vain. Mahadev boomed Chandrama that 15 days of the month he would face the curse and the remaining 15 days he would be growing to larger extend. The totally diminished Chandrama is nothing but "AMAVSYA" and the full-sized Chandrama is "POORNIMA". After getting such boon from Lord Shiva, Chandrama built a huge Temple and named that Jyotirlingas 'Somnath Mahadev'.

Deity: Prajapati

     It is related to creation. All Brahma does is create and grow things.                                                      


     “The Growing one" or the "reddish one".The one here carries a feminine tone and can be read as a celestial woman. In ancient cultures, it was seen as the color of abundance and prosperity, reveals some of the essential characteristics of Rohini.

    Aldebaran is the brightest star in the bright star in the Taurus and generally the fourteenth brightest star in the sky.

    Ruler: The Star is governed by Moon. Moon is the ruling planet of this nakshatra reflecting the emotional side of things.

    ·   Yoga Tara Degree: 15 degrees

    ·   Nakshatra Trimurti: Brahma (Creation).

    ·   Guna: Rajasic

    ·  Tavatta:.It belongs to the Earth element.

    ·   Gana:  Rohini has a Manushya temperament.

    ·   Aim: Moksha Purpose /Goal of Life.

    ·   Animal: The animal symbol is a Male Cobra.

    ·   Bird: Owl.

    ·   Tree: Java Plum.

    ·  Caste: Shudra

    ·  Direction: South, South West, and South East.

    ·  Part of the body: The Forehead, Ankles, Shins, and Calves of the Legs.

    · Tridosha: Kapha (Phlegm or water + Earth)

    ·  Power(Shakti): Growth (Basis above- Plants, Basis below-Waters Result-Creation)

    ·    Pada in Navamsa:

    Pada 1 Aries Navamsa ruled by Mars(10:00-13:20) is all about energy, impulse, one-pointed and social ambitions. The focus here is on indulgence and extravagance.

    Pada2 Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus(13.20-16:40). Materialistic Ambitious. Planets here tend to give success in Venusian pursuits such as abundance and the ability to have resources for the worst time. It is also very fixed in its thoughts and actions.

    Pada3 Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury(16:40-20:00). Rohini's one-pointedness channels itself through thoughts, communication, short distance travels, light-hearted and jovial.

    Pada 4 Cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon(20:00-23:20). This is the most one-pointed of all Rohini padas. Here one of the bad qualities of Rohini can be on display. Only a well-placed moon and Jupiter can do wonders here.

    · Sounds/Alphabet:  Oh, Va, Vee, Vu
    1. It is an Upward Nakshatra which relates to all things growing. All activities in this grow and expand, 
    2. It is a fixed nakshatra. It relates to the quality of nature.
    3. It is the King of nakshatras and it is best in the art of seduction.

    •        Indications: This is " The Star of Ascent".

    Attracting the Crowd
    • A person born in this Nakshatra will generally have prominent eyes,  they love to dress up nicely, gracefully and elegantly.
    • They are one of the most popular people.
    • They love creative arts/artistic expression such as music, dancing, singing. They are subject to the jealously of the other people in the crowd as they have extraordinary magnetism by which they can leave a lifelong expression on a person.
    • They often use their charm and charisma for manipulation situations to meet their own needs. They love fancy and exotic cars, clothes.
    • The Rohini natives are mostly good managers and by their looks or writing, they can make an impact.
    • They are smooth talkers and can have multiple affairs.
    • They can have money from agriculture. Loves History and things of the past. They can be mostly linked with the media.
    Rohini always facilitates the materialization of one's thoughts and desires. Rohini natives have a
    tremendous fixity of purpose and preserve until it is done. hey usually have strong family values and tend to support those within their friend's circle. They are fixed and conservative in their approach.
    •  Lunar Month and Day :
    Rohini relates to the second half of the lunar month of  Krittika, which usually corresponds to the month of November in the solar calendar. Rohini s also related to the Dvitiya ( 2nd Uthi or day) of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon's monthly cycle

    • Favorable Activities:

    Farming Activities, Trading, and Financial Activities, Good for marriage, All healing and self-improvement Activities, Travelling, Romance, Sex,
    Purchase of clothes, jewelry, Cars

    • Unfavorable Activities:

    Not favorable for any activity related to death, fighting, destruction.


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