22. Shravana(The Star of Learning)

Sharavna "The Star of Learning " 10.00 -23.20 Capricorn 

·  Symbol:

“The Ear” or “Three Footprints /Footsteps” or “The Arrow”



·  Deity :
  • Vishnu (Preserver of Universe)
  • Vamana Avatara of Vishnu also called Trivikrama (3 footsteps), 
  • Saraswathi (Goddess of Learning)
·  Meaning :

Shravana translates as "hearing" and the symbol of this star is the ear. 
This is a nakshatra of listening and learning.
The one who limps (Vishnu’s three steps)

·  Stars:

Shravana, the apex of lunar energy, is represented in the celestial firmament by three bright stars in the constellation known as Aquila (the Eagle). In modern astronomy, these stars are known as Alpha-Aquilae (Altair), Beta-Aquilae (Alshain) & Gamma-Aquilae (Tarazed). These three stars can be seen huddled together on top of the constellation of Capricon


· Ruler: The Star is governed by Moon. ☽

·   Yoga Tara Degree: 8 degree

·  Short  Mythology:

In mythology, Vishnu means he who crosses the heights’ which means ‘active’ or ‘progress’. Vishnu traverses space in three strides of which the first two are visible and the third is space (beyond the flight of birds). It is also used to denote knowledge of the world, the universe and which is beyond the two. Again, they also mean past, present and future or Time. The name is also referred to as Urugaya, Urukrama — he who strides far. Vishnu is an ally of Indra whom he helped in defeating Vrtra and is associated with the Maruts. The mythology helps in knowing the powers of the Nakshatra and its relation to help correct vision into the objectives.

· Quality:Chara (Moveable)

·   Nakshatra Trimurti: Brahma (Create)

·  GunaRajasic
·  Tavatta: Air (Vayu)

·   Gana: Deva temperament with a primary motivation of Dharma.

·   Aim: Artha (Wealth or Material Pursuits)

· Gotra(clan): Vashistha (“Possessor of Wealth”)

·   Animal: The animal symbol is a  Female Monkey.

·   BirdFrancolin, Cock (Kukkuta), Sarus Crane (Saarasa), Peacock

·   Tree:  Arka, Rui, Milk Weed, Swallow Wort, Crown Flower.

·  Caste: Mleccha (Outcaste)

·  Direction: North

·  Part of the body: The Ear, the Sex Organs

· Tridosha: Kapha (Phlegm or Water + Earth)

· Gender: Female Nakshatra.

· Color: Light Blue

·  Power(Shakti):  Samhanana Shakti (The Power to “Connect with Others”)

· Desire: To Hear People say Good things about Me

·    Pada in Navamsa:

 Pada 1 10' 00' - 13o20'  Aries Navamsa is therefore ruled by Mars. Someone born under this pada expresses an underlying Martian quality in relation to the nakshatra, which is expressed as logic, initiative, and career conscious or ambitious approach.

Pada 2 13' 20' - 16'40'  Taurus Navamsa, ruled by Venus. Therefore the Venusian qualities such as diplomacy, tact, and courtesy are dominant influences in the way this nakshatra expresses itself. This pada corresponds to Pushkara Navamsa and any planet posited in this pada will give the best results as far as this asterism is concerned. This pada relates to those involved in organizational aspects of the entertainment industry especially the music

Pada  3 16'40' - 20'00'  Gemini Navamsa, ruled by Mercury. This pada brings out the part of Shravana which is flexible, cunning, versed in speech and conversation and eager to learn. This pada relates to those working in the mass-media and other communication-oriented occupations.

Pada 4  20' -23' 20' Cancer Navamsa, ruled by Moon. This pada brings out the part of Shravana which is receptive, sympathetic and understanding. It is the most mass-oriented pada of this asterism and thus relates the most to those holding important public offices a those in lunar-occupations like hoteliers etc.

 · Sounds/Alphabet: Ju, Jay, Jo, Gha


  • Veda Vachaspati or ‘Vac’ Siddhi (Special Faculty of Speech)
  • Proficiency in Mantra, Japa and Ancient Dialects
  • Learning and Knowing Many Languages
  • Power to Connect to Higher Levels of Consciousness
  • Hiking
  •     Indications: This is " The Star of  Learning".

    Shravan Nakshatra is considered highly auspicious one in astrology. The name of this Nakshatra is derived from Shravan Kumar, a mythological character who attained exalted fame due to his utmost devotion and service to his aged and blind parents. Shravana Nakshatra belongs to the Makara Rashi or the Capricorn. The ruler of this Nakshatra is Lord Vishnu.

    Shraavana Nakshatra is also the birth star of Goddess Sarasvati, who is the repository of knowledge and education. The natives of this Nakshatra are bestowed with knowledge, power of speech and proficiency in education. Four quarters of this Nakshatra occurs within Makara Rashi (Capricorn). As per their general characteristics, those born in this Nakshatra will be highly devoted to their parents. They will be caring and loving to people and also will be highly pious.

      Born Under Shravana:

    The natives of Shravana Nakshatra shall be highly dedicated to their responsibilities and very much sincere in discharging their duties. These are highly reliable and dependable people who will never put down the trust reposed in them by others. They shall not hurt anyone intentionally and also unintentionally. They will be highly bent upon searching for the ultimate truth. They shall be highly regarded for their spiritually inclined mind and honesty.

    • A special way of walking
    •  Go to foreign lands to study subjects
    •  Love traveling to long distances
    •  Hiking
    •  Ability to learn by listening
    •  Inner voices from the astral world, angels and beyond
    •  Loves space. Space Science fiction TV series, movies
    •  Trilogy - Oceans 11, Lord of the Rings
    •  Audiobooks. Podcasts
    •  Translation karma
    •  Space / Communication Industry
    •  Lunar Month and Day :
    It can be seen in the month Shravan, during the first9 days of the lunar month of Shravan, a period which is the month of August
    Shravana is also related to the  Tritiya (3rd tithi or day)of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon's monthly cycle.

    • Favorable: 
    Beginning New Ventures, Counselling, Listening, Travel, Buying Property, Medical Treatment, Socializing, Learning, Study Languages, Reading and Writing, Music, Philosophy, Meditation, Religious Activities, Politics, Humanitarian Activities

    • Unfavorable:

    Activities requiring Aggression, Lawsuits, Battles or Wars, taking Risks, Making Promises, taking Oaths, Completion of Activity, Lending Money, Marriage, Adoption


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