The Moon: Ruler of the Emotions

  •  Rules: Cancer
  •  Exalted: Taurus at 3 degrees
  •  Debilitated: Scorpio
  •  Direction Strength: 4th house.
  •  Element: Water and Feminine planet
  • Transit in the Birth Chart:2.25 days per sign 
  • Transit in Navashma chart:6 hours per sign

The Moon is the closest Planet to Earth. It takes almost 28 days to complete revolution around Earth so almost 2.25 days it switches signs. It covers one day in each moon being the fastest planet enables to give a more clear idea of our inner self, what actually we are.

Moon Controls over our Mind, Personal Emotions, Thought Process, Feelings. Moon also represents our Mother, Mother in law, Queen, Food, Happiness, etc. All our emotions are manifested through each phase of moon in our daily lives like we go through up and downs of mood, sometimes we laugh wildly or cry loudly, for being naughty to nice various emotional rides is due to moons sign change. Moon gets matured at the age of 24. Moon can never be retrograde and combusted. Sun and Moon Conjunction gives Amavasya while opposition 180 gives Poornima.

Scientists are still studying the Moon’s power over plant life, tides, emotions, fertility, menstruation, biorhythms, and crime. Astrologers continue to find new and subtle ways in which the Moon influences our daily lives.
  • Friendship: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
  • Neutral: Venus, Saturn
  • Enemy: Mercury
  • Direction: North East
  • Vimshottari Dasha:10 years
  • Nakshatra of Moon: Rohini, Hasta, Shravana
  • Its Nature: Sattvic(Pure)
  • Color: White/Silver
  • Stone: Pearl
  • Parts of the body moon rules: left eye, blood, breast, heart, womb, spinal.
  • Afflicted moon causes: Sleeplessness, lack of intelligence, asthma and blood-related issues

What Is Your Moon Sign?

  •       Moon in Aries:

Aries is an Active and Fiery Sign. While Moon is cool, passive. This disparity gives great brilliance and sharpness to the senses, but also results in a nervous temperament.

In the vibrant sign of Aries, the Moon provides you with charm, vivacity, and a special knack for getting others to do what you want. You are extremely fond of talking and sound knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. Although enthusiasm and energy abound, the long, hard necessity of really performing often causes you to fall short of your goal.

In emotional relationships, you struggle against being tied down or dominated. You have to be the one in control. You demand freedom in a relationship, but this is exactly what you won’t give in return. You want to be loved passionately, and you won't love to be always exciting and romantic. If an affair dwindles into ordinariness, you quickly grow dissatisfied and restless.

The Bright Side of Aries Moon: You are more energetic, optimistic, open to change, idealistic, independent mind, great courage.

The Dark side Of Aries Moon: You are more impulsive, aggressive, domineering, impatient, nervous tension

  •          Moon in Taurus

The Moon is at its best in Taurus (the Moon is exalted in this sign). The stable sign of Taurus steadies and strengthens the Moon. The Moon in this position gives you great powers of concentration.

The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and the arts, and a Moon in this beauty-loving sign enables you to have a keen artistic sense. You are romantic, have elegant manners, and usually display a distinctive style of dressing. The Moon is a sensual influence and in Taurus indicates a great love of creature comforts. You enjoy calm and peaceful surroundings, the pleasures of luxurious home, the joys of good dining. Although socially active, you dislike big parties and large, noisy groups.

 Taurus-Moon wants the comfort of a committed relationship. Your security is heightened by sharing your home and pleasures with the person you love and who, in turn, is devoted to you. You look for a true soulmate, and when you find him or her you happily and faithfully settle down.

 The Bright Side Of Taurus Moon: You are more trustworthy, determined, warm, affectionate, artistic.

The Dark Side Of Taurus Moon: You are more obstinate, possessive, rigid, overcautious, slave to routine.

  • ·         Moon in Gemini

Restless sign of Gemini the Moon’s sway becomes more mutable and unpredictable, but almost always indicates an active mind, and imaginative and creative personality, and someone who is inclined toward intellectual pursuits. Because Gemini is a mental sign, your snap decisions tend to be more intellectual than emotional. You are a fast learner, probably have a high IQ, and are an excellent critic, for you have an ability both to analyze and to verbalize.

A Moon in the communicative sign of Gemini inclines you toward loquaciousness and endows you with great personal charm. If you have a Moon in this position you are extraordinarily quick to receive sensory impressions from the outside world.

In emotional relationships, Geminis display a certain free spirit. Here is where you are most intensely restless. At the same time, your search for the “perfect” love, which of course does not exist. The Moon-in-Gemini personality is high-strung. You have a streak of discontent that sometimes shows up as irritability. On the other hand, you are amusing, witty, and have a wonderful sense of humor. When you are in the right mood you are a delight to be with.

The Bright Side Of Gemini Moon: You are more versatile, witty, charming, lively, amusing.

The Dark Side Of Gemini Moon: You are more disorganized, inconsistent, superficial, cunning, manipulative.

  •          Moon in Cancer

The Moon is in its natural home in Cancer, for this is the sign that the Moon rules. Here the best qualities of the Moon—devotion, patience, sensitivity are brought out. The romantic, intuitive sign of Cancer and the sensuous, receptive Moon are in harmony with each other. If you have the Moon in Cancer you have strong emotions and perceive the world around you through your feelings rather than your intellect. However, because you do not openly show your feelings easily it is difficult for others to understand cancer moon people.

One of the most striking characteristics of Cancer is the continual flow of emotions, which combined with the waxing and waning influence of the Moon produces quick shifts in temperament and at times makes you emotionally exhausted.

You are at your best in a deep and committed love relationship. Unfortunately, you often have to go through an unhappy love affair before you find the contentment and security you seek in that relationship.

 The Bright Side Of Cancer Moon: You are more imaginative, sympathetic, protective, tenacious, loyal.

The Dark Side Of Cancer Moon: You are more possessive, moody, critical, self-pitying, a nag.

  •   Moon in Leo

In the magnetic, flamboyant sign of Leo, the Moon’s power is positive and robust, and even its dark side is less dark than in other signs. Leo is a wonderful placement for the Moon because it gives great warmth and stability to the Moon’s influence; it also imparts an idealistic quality. If you have the Moon in Leo you have strong emotions and can be reached through your heart rather than your head. You are a quick and accurate learner when your feelings are involved.

One of your most striking characteristics is a refusal to be hampered by other people’s rules. You tend to be extremely intelligent and are hospitable to new ideas, but you have little sympathy for petty or narrow thinking. You like to be the center of attention and enjoy taking on public roles. You are highly expressive and are especially drawn to the world of theater, music, painting, and the arts. In a way, it might be said that you, like all lunar Leos, have a “show biz” personality.

In love, you are a great romantic, yet your flamboyant romanticism would never be sparked by someone who won’t make you look good. You need a partner who sets you off to the best advantage and keeps up your image to the world.

The Bright Side Of Leo Moon: You are more exuberant, creative, broad-minded, colorful, fun-loving.

The Dark Side of Leo Moon: You are more self-indulgent, self-centered, conceited, overbearing, bullying.

  •      Moon in Virgo

The sign of Virgo stabilizes the shifting effect of the Moon. Virgo is the sign of intelligence and practicality, which gives a sharp analytical bent to the Moon’s influence.

 If you have the Moon in Virgo you have a fine, discriminating mind. You do not pursue knowledge merely for the sake of learning; you figure out how to use what you learn. You are meticulous in sifting through information and you tend to question whatever is told to you.

Logic is the discipline you live by, and you find it frustrating to deal with minds that are illogical or scatterbrained. You think such people belong in Disneyland, not in the real world.

In matters of love, Virgo-Moon people don’t have a lot of self-confidence. One might think that the ideal mate for him would be someone intelligent, logical, nice looking, and neat. Actually, you are attracted to people who are quite unlike you—more emotional and effusive, less calculating, more readily able to express their feelings. In love relationships, Virgo-Moon people take on the role of a critical but caring parent. Unconsciously, Virgos are afraid of the anger and feeling to tend to live in the illusion that their love lives are calm, stable, and under control.

The Bright Side Of Virgo Moon: You are more intellectual, meticulous, industrious, steadfast, responsible.

 The Dark Side Of Virgo Moon: You are more critical, high-strung, standoffish, argumentative.

  • ·         Moon in Libra

Libra is the sign of pure emotion and a sense of beauty, and here the Moon’s romantic, glamorous influence is accentuated. If you have the Moon in Libra you have a keen appreciation for beauty and art, and an artistic eye unmatched by any other Moon sign. However, what you truly value are those experiences that make life more beautiful and pleasing. Your immediate reaction to anything unpleasant is to deny it, or, if that is impossible, at least to put it in its best possible light. You try to surround yourself with comfort and lovely objects in a quiet, calm, peaceful and luxurious environment.

The Moon in the balanced sign of Libra gives you ability with an open, independent mind that tries to evaluate the world dispassionately and rationally. A Moon in Libra confers great personal charm and enhances the ability to get along with people. They are marvelous at understanding the other person’s point of view (though you never lose sight of your own self-interest). For the most part, you are pleasing and easy to live with and have a genial disposition.

Libra is the astrological sign of partnership, and as a Moon native, you function well in that relationship. Very often your destiny is tied up with a strong and influential person with whom you form a connection early in life. To a large extent, what you accomplish depends on other people. So in terms of marriage, you want a person who is mentally compatible with you rather than sexual compatibility. When you are in a contented marriage, it is a source of great satisfaction to you because it answers your need for security and reassurance, and you truly enjoy sharing.

The Bright Side Of Libra Moon: You are more adaptable, creative, charming, good-natured, diplomatic, balanced.

The Dark Side Of Libra Moon: You are more indecisive, self-indulgent, dependent, frivolous, changeable.

  •         Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio is the astrological sign of death and regeneration, also of extremes of emotion. The effect of Scorpio is to underline the Moon’s sensuous power and at the same time bring out its forcefulness. If you have the Moon in Scorpio you have a spiritual nature and intense feelings that motivate your actions. You are very clever at hiding your true feelings. A Moon in Scorpio is one of the more difficult positions(it gets debilitated here). Though you are driven by strong passions you tend to deny that they are your motivation.

A Moon-in-Scorpio person possesses enormous willpower and acute powers of observation. Your judgments are shrewd and accurate. You are blessed (and/or cursed) with a phenomenal memory. This is usually a great aid to you in your work, but it causes you to brood over an emotional wound or injury. Some Scorpio-Moon types will never forget and will wait for years to get revenge.

Without even being aware of it you possess a sensuality that attracts the opposite sex. This is often a source of difficulty in your love life, and many l Scorpions marry more than once. Fear of being controlled is at the core of your relationship issues. For you to be in a position of emotional vulnerability puts you in a classic Scorpio deathlike situation, to be unsafe means you are at the mercy of another person.

The Bright Side Of Scorpio Moon: You are more imaginative, determined, ambitious, emotional, idealistic.

The Dark Side Of Scorpio Moon: You are more obstinate, secretive, jealous, resentful, domineering.

  • ·         Moon in Sagittarius

In Sagittarius, the Moon takes on sparkle and brightness that it does not have in other signs. Sagittarius is the astrological sign of higher learning and breadth of vision. Here the Moon’s influence loses its passivity. If you have the Moon in Sagittarius you are noted for your quick, sharp mind, extraordinary insights, and an ability to get things done in a flash. Your clear-thinking intelligence moves through sensory impressions swiftly and with clarity of expression.

Moon-Sagittarian you are fond of open spaces, travel, new people, different surroundings. Among your most winning traits is adaptability—to different kinds of personalities and to foreign and strange places. Your immediate reaction to a new experience is to explore and learn more. t. You feel that the whole purpose of money is to buy pleasure. You want to enjoy life. At times you can be quite careless and reckless.

Moon-Sagittarians are not highly sexed and passionate. You look on love more like an adventure. You enjoy the thrill of discovery, the stimulating high of being in love, but you are unwilling to immerse yourself in deep emotional intensity. A perfect soulmate for you is someone who looks more outward than inward, and in time your love affairs become more like friendships.

 The Bright Side Of Sagittarius Moon: You are more adventurous, optimistic, exuberant, open-minded, sincere.

The Dark Side Of Sagittarius Moon: You are more restless, extravagant, irresponsible, careless, uncommitted. 

  • ·          Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn has both a stabilizing and restrictive effect on the shifting influence of the Moon. The Moon represents the emotional, sympathetic side of a personality whereas Capricorn is an unemotional and undemonstrative sign. People with the Moon in this position have to overcome obstacles and complexities within their own natures to find the happiness they constantly seek. If you have the Moon in Capricorn you have an alert mind and are very eager to learn. However, you are not interested in vague theory; you want to put your knowledge to use.

If you have a Moon in Capricorn you are organized, ambitious, and usually a prodigious worker. Self-sufficient and a bit solitary, you are haunted by a feeling of responsibility, of a task you must fulfill. You are a determined person but your single-mindedness can sometimes turn into an obsession.

Capricorns tend not to find true love in youth. Cautious and reserved, you tend to turn your feelings inward, and you need a lot of emotional reassurance before you allow them to be drawn out. You also have difficulty putting your complete trust in someone else. But at some point, usually, when you are past thirty, you find the person you can become totally involved with, and then your love is durable. When you feel secure within an emotional relationship your commitment may last your entire lifetime. You are loyal and steadfast, generous and giving. In fact, you often give more than you get back. This is especially true about the relationships of female Capricorns to their lovers and friends.

The Bright Side Of Capricon Moon: You are more determined, responsible, disciplined, patient, committed.

The Dark Side Of Capricon Moon: You are more rigid, pessimistic, opinionated, materialistic, over exacting.

  •          Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is a most favorable sign for the Moon to be in, for here the Moon’s influence confers admirable qualities of sensitivity and perception. Aquarius is the astrological sign of rational thinking and humanitarianism; in this sign, the Moon’s effect is to bestow clear logic with altruistic concerns.

If you have the Moon in Aquarius you are rational, intuitive, and imaginative. Your senses are well balanced and accurate. Your immediate reaction to impressions you receive from the outside world is to deal with them in a scientific, open-minded way and at the same time try to understand them from the human point of view. There are no extremes of temperament in this lunar position. You are neither too emotional nor too cerebral; you are visionary but not eccentric.

A Moon-Aquarian has a wonderful gift for expression. In your early years, you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what you want as opposed to what you think you want, swinging back and forth between romantic longing and feeling totally detached. When you do marry (often in later years), the relationship quickly becomes as much friend-and-companion as husband-and-wife. To you, the most important glue in a relationship is communication.

The Bright Side Of Aquarius Moon: You are more idealistic, creative, tolerant, a humanitarian with a progressive outlook.

The Dark Side Of Aquarius Moon: You are more unpredictable, contrary, aloof, fixed in opinion, tactless.

  •  Moon in Pisces

Pisces and the Moon have a natural affinity; Pisces is the sign of depths of emotion and the Moon represents your instinctive emotional reactions and sometimes your hidden dreams. Pisces is also the astrological sign of sorrow and self-undoing.

If you have the Moon in Pisces you have deep feelings and an innate understanding of the human condition. Your instant reaction to stimuli is to interpret things as you would like them to be rather than as they are. You wear the reality distorting glasses of the incurable optimist, the dreamer, the poet. Your romantic emotionalism is not always apparent on the surface, for you try to keep this part of your nature well hidden. A person with a Moon in Pisces feels the need to escape into a world of private imagination. As a Moon-in-Pisces person you are artistic and have a keen love for beauty and the arts.

In love, you prefer the illusion to the reality. It is a wild passion, the feeling of being swept away, that you desire. Your most favorite life moments are when you feel the euphoria of love enveloping your entire being. You are a romance addict and many Moon-Pisceans who drift from affair to affair keep. You are a romantic who will do everything you can to make a soulmate happy. It is your nature to do this, even if you do not get an equivalent return from the other person. However, once you get past playing the role of the victim, you are able to sustain a truly joyful relationship of honesty and depth.

The Bright Side Of Pisces Moon: You are more compassionate, sensitive, loving, creative, loyal.

The Dark Side Of Pisces Moon: You are more indecisive, discontented, vague, secretive, easily confused.

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