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Punarvasu - The Star of Renewal

Punarvasu "The Star of Renewal20 00’ Gemini - 03 20’ Cancer


Bow and Quiver(Symbol of  Desire And Ambition)



· Deity: 

The deity here is Aditi the mother of gods. Her power is the ability to gain wealth or substance. Aditi is the earth goddess who grants all abundances and gives birth to all gods.

·  Meaning:   

Punarvasu includes two words punar which means “repetition” repeat or again and Vasu means “a ray of light” a gem or jewel. Vasu also means good or prosperous. The vasu are eight Deities who gives the foundation for cosmic and earthy abundance. Primary Motivation is artha or material Prosperity. This nakshatra is also called the star of renewal and indicates the purification of self, change of personality and the return of the light.

· Ruler: The Star is governed by Jupiter. 

·   Yoga Tara Degree: 21 And 26 degree

· Short  Mythology:

Aditi, the wife of Kashyapa rishi, is the mother of Adityas, the Sun Gods. She is also the mother of the Ashta Vasus, as well as the Devas. Aditi is the Earth Goddess who brings in prosperity and abundance. Aditi is the vast space and is mentioned in the Rig Vedas as a repeating pattern or Fractal, from Daksha came Aditi, from Aditicame Daksha. Aditi is also the mother of Vamana avatar of Vishnu (connected withJupiter), the Dwarf Brahmin who was born to defeat Demon King Mahabali by asking for 3 steps of land, and eventually sent Mahabali to Patal Loka having covered the entire universe within 2 steps after becoming a giant, and by placing the 3rd step upon Mahabali’s head. Lord Rama’s nakshatra is Punarvasu. His brother Lakshman has the nakshatra of Ashlesha. Lord Rama was exiled from his kingdom of Ayodhya because of his stepmother Kaikeyi wanting to give the kingdom to her son Bharat. While in exile Lord Rama’s wife Sita was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana to Lanka, who was eventually defeated by Lord Rama, along with the help of his devoted servant Hanuman and the Monkey army. Lord Ramaeventually comes back to Ayodhya and establishes order and dharma throughout Bharat Varsha.

·   Nakshatra Trimurti: Bhrama (Creator)

·  Guna: Sattvic

·  Tavatta: Apah (Water)

·   Gana: Deva temperament with a primary motivation of Artha

·   Aim: Artha (Wealth/materialistic)

· Gotra(clan): Kratu (“One who Inspires”)

·   Animal: The animal symbol is a Male Cat

·   BirdSwan, Peacock

·   Tree Velu, Venu Vruksha, Bamboo

·  Caste: Vaishya (Merchant)

·  Direction:  North

·   Part of the body: The Fingers, The Nose

·  Tridosha: VATA 

·  Gender: Female Nakshatra.

·  Color: Lead

·   Power(Shakti): Ability to Gain Wealth

·  Desire: To Produce Herbs and Tree

·   Sounds/Alphabet: Kay, Kho, Haa, Hee

· Pada in Navamsa:

First Pada (20° 00’ - 23° 20’ Mithuna) falls in Aries
and is ruled by Mars. This Pada relates to the moveable, adventurous and pioneering side of Punarvasu. Focus here is on friendships, goals and group work.

Second Pada(23° 20’ - 26° 40’ Mithuna) falls in Taurus ruled by Venus. This Pada relates to the materialistic, earthy and fixed aspects of Punarvasu. It is connected with hotels, restaurants, tourism, import, and export industry.

Third Pada(26° 40’ - 30° 00’ Mithuna) falls in Gemini ruled by Mercury Focus here is on mental activities, imagination, and science. Since this is a Vargottama Pada, Grahas placed here give strong results, especially in the mental/intellectual realm.

Fourth Pada  (00° 00’ - 3° 20’ Karkataka) falls Cancer is ruled by Moon. This Pada is considered to be one of the strongest and most beneficent parts of the whole zodiac. Grahas placed here are both Vargottama and Pushkara Navamsa. This is a maternal, nurturing and expansive Pada, which brings out mothering quality of Punarvasu to fullest.

  • Technocrats, Innovation
  • Inventions
  • Philanthropists, 
  • Ecologists, Preservers
  • Recyclers
  • Musicians, especially Violinists, Guitarists
  • Hotels 
  • Real Estate Revival 
  • Renewal

    Indications:: This is "The Star of Renewal".

Punarvasu means “return of the light.” After the intensity and heaviness of Ardra, we have the lightness and creativity of Punarvasu. This is very much an allegory of how in order to create anything, you need to destroy something first. We destroy the darkness in Ardra, which has been preventing the light from coming in. We need to bust a hole in the wall to bring the light in. Busting the hole in the wall and pulling up the weeds in the garden so that we can grow the flowers have to do with Ardra.
  •   Born Under Punarvasu
The native of punarvasu nakshatra has a charming personality, long thighs, and might have a sign on face or head. They have red eyes and curly hair. They are soft-spoken and loving. They are virtuous and have high tolerance power. They are self-satisfied and try to avoid bad thoughts. If he falls in the bad company then his positive energy is weak and his spiritual energy also vanishes.

 The native is a strong believer in God. According to some, he might be a religious fanatic also. Due to this, they believe in old ideas and beliefs. It is difficult to know about their thinking.

The natives of this nakshatra are an expert in the business of buy and sell. Punarvasu nakshatra is the nakshatra of Vaishya caste, due to which they are an expert in merchant related business.

  • Characteristics:
  • Religious inclination and wants to be treated royally
  • These people become very territorial with this punarvasu  
  • These people love sophisticated technology and planes
  • They are much into mysticism
  • They have to go down for coming up.
  • They can't take humiliation and criticism
  • These People either have exile by themselves or by others
  • These People become a vagabond between the ages of 18-32.
  • They will always have someone to be with them to help from them in every step.
  • They have to go away to get their Spouse
  • These People may have Problems with StepMom
  • There Spouse can be Seduced by a Third Party Spouse like Ravana.

 Snapshot (Identification)

  • More male children or more brothers.
  • Be it whatever in the end these people will win.
  • When it is the time for the fight they are always ready with a bow and an arrow.
  • Aditi is a mother of gods, big family, large clubs, and societies.
  • Lord Shri Ram has two sons, lav kush like castor is an immortal twin. Gemini also twins.
  • If 7th lord afflicted chances of dual marriages.
  • Reversal of fortunes. Rags to riches, riches to rags
  • Very Good Speaker and Arrogant too
  • They engage in land and real estate and are good at it
  • Early in life, they are very Confused about themselves.
  • Joins the same company they left.
  • Repetition - Repeating patterns.
  • These people can go through abortions also
  • Twins
  • Begin where they end. End where they begin

    •  Lunar Month and Day :

    It relates to the first half of the lunar month of Pausha, which usually falls in the solar month of December, i.e. late December.
    Punarvasu is also related to Ashtami (8th Tithi) of waxing and waning phases of the moon's monthly cycle

    • Favorable Activities:
    Travel, Exploration, Pilgrimage, Worshipping the Mother Goddess, Buying Homes and Cars, Agriculture, Gardening, Starting Work in a Building, Education, Projects and Activities,  Healing, Beginning Education, Beginning Construction or Laying a Foundation,  Spirituality, Teaching, Working with Children, Buying a Home or Vehicle.

    • Unfavorable Activities:
    Lending, Borrowing, Law, Legal Matters, Conflict or Aggressive Action


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