Rashi /Zodiac Signs And Houses

  Rashi / Zodiac Signs and Houses In Astrology

Astrology divides the sky above our head into twelve zodiac signs or constellations. Sun and Moon travel through these zodiac signs in periodic intervals.

The zodiac sign where the sun is present at a particular time is called as Sun Sign and the position of the Moon at a given time is called the Moon Sign.

Aries (Mesh)

The first sign of the Zodiac 
The Sign of the Pioneer.
Symbol: The Ram 

Classification: Cardinal, Fire, Positive, Masculine, Rising by the head. 
Principal: Self Assertiveness - “I AM” 
Aries is a me first sign. 
They strongly project their own personalities and can be quite selfish.
 Opposite Sign: Libra -Sign of partnership.
They feel incomplete without a partner or lover and strive for happiness as a pair.
  • Lord/ Ruler: Mars
  • Exhalation: of Sun
  • Detrimental: of Venus
  • Fall: of Saturn
The planets in this sign will be colored by the qualities of self-will, urge for action, and self-assertion.
Represented by Mars - the ancient god of war & aggression. An afflicted Mars influence / fosters tension and accidents. It rules over fire and danger.
Headwork is the chief factor of this sign. Persons born under Aries are keen, creative, and highly adaptive but they are also impetuous and headstrong. This is accentuated by the governing planet, Mars, which adds an aggressive touch to already active and ambitious nature. Their incessant drive gets them off to a good start on any project but they are apt to become diverted and scatter their further effort. Though quick to anger, Aries people often calm easily. They are naturally humorous and quick of wit. They enjoy music and entertainment. They say the right thing at the right time and as students, they are often keen and have the ability of applying whatever they learn to good advantage. Aries people like new things and have a way of rousing and swaying other persons to work along with them. There is a strong ego in the Aries nature, which causes them to become visionary and idealistic, thereby rising to positions of importance and esteem.

Parts of the Body: The Head & Face, Brain, Eyes, Jaws

Disease: Prone to get headaches and subject to minor injuries around the head and the face, Affliction of the brain; eyes and the face. 

Occupations: Pioneers, Explorers, Heroes, Executives, mainly connected with Fire and Metals, Engineers, Mechanical works, Active soldier, Butcher, Surgeon.

 Physical Features: Middle Stature, Lean and Muscular body, long neck, and well-developed bones.

 Generally: Anger, Caustic words of acid, Courage, Energy, Impulsiveness, Iron leadership, pugnacity, redness, satire, sharp, instruments.
 Danger: Susceptible to harm from fire and thereby instruments.
They are also prone to accidents involving high-speed and tend to get into violent and dangerous situations

                             Taurus (Vrishaba)
The second sign of the Zodiac 
The sign of the Builder. 
Symbol: The Bull with Horns 
Classification: Earthy, Fixed, Negative, Feminine, Of Short Ascension, Fruitful, Rising by the hind part.
Principal: Dependability & Determination - “I have” 
Taurus is the sign of property and money. It’s natives put high regard on collecting possessions and are
known to cling to what is theirs. 
Opposite Sign: Scorpio - the sign of legacies and shared wealth. The wealth of Scorpion people tends to
be spiritual rather than material that they give to others in the form of teaching writing and healing. 
  • Element: Earth
  • Guna: Rajasic
  • Quality: Movable
  • Lord/ Ruler: Venus 
  • Exaltation: of Moon
  • Detrimental: of Mars
  • Fall: Uranus

Taurus has great emotional depth. Friends and lovers rely on the warmth and emotional accessibility of this sign. Taurus represents consistency, loyalty, and patience. Strength is the dominating feature of this sign. With it, however, there is a stubborn, firm-set nature that is difficult to change. The governing planet, Venus, emotional and fraught with a primitive urge, furthers these Taurian trends rather than repressing them. At the same time, it accounts for the sympathetic side of this strong-willed nature. Taurus people are won over through emotion rather than by reason. Taurus persons are opportunists but they take what comes along rather than going after it. They absorb ideas and retain them, due to the remarkable memory so often found with persons of this sign. Being practical-minded, they plan ahead and usually carry their purposes through to a finish. By then, they regard any ideas that they have borrowed as being something all their own. Their generosity is genuine and when they make money, they are liberal with it, particularly among friends.

Parts of the Body: Neck, Throat, Tonsils, Vocal Chords, Ears, Thyroid glands.
 Diseases: Sore throat, Apoplexy, Tonsils, Colds.
 Key Concept: Strong, Stubborn, Plodding, Holding Power, They can be fierce and gentle. 
Qualities: Partake much of the animal stubbornness and obstinacy, the strong desire for pleasure, gluttony, and excesses. Cold, Dry, Bestial, Brutish, Commanding, Crooked, Hoarse, Luxurious.
Occupations: Singers, Peacemakers, Bankers, Artist 
Physical Features: Middle Stature, Plump body, Thick and short neck. Dark Hair. Greatest strength: Trustworthy, Tenacity and Steadiness, Relentless drive, Composed & Conservative, Immovable object, and Irresistible force. 
A planet in this sign will be colored by the qualities of possessiveness, retentiveness, and steadiness.
                                              GEMINI (MITHUN)
 It is the Third Sign of the Zodiac
 The Sign of the Storyteller.
 Symbol: The twins.

Represents the human arms and lungs (which are fueled by Gemini).
In symbolic terms, the two upright lines bounded by the top and bottom
lines represent wisdom, learning and the power of the mind to synthesize information.
Classification: Common / Fixed / Masculine/ Airy / Mutable/ Odd / Double Bodied / Rising by the Head / Barren
Principal: Responsiveness - I think
Gemini is a sign of Reason, Knowledge, and Intellect.
It also is a sign of thought and communication on a personal level.
Natives of Gemini strive for self-expression and try to impose their point of view on others.
Opposite Sign:

Sagittarius-the sign governing the wider provenance of philosophy and

mental exploration. Sagittarius tend to shrink from close personal involvement and

unlike Gemini are shaped by what others think of them.
  • Ruled by Mercury:- the ancient messenger of the gods. &rules communication and travel.
  • Lord: Mercury
  • Element: AIR
  • Guna: Rajasic
  • Quality: Dual
  • Gender: Male
  • Exaltation: Rahu
  • Detriment: Jupiter & Ketu

Adaptability is the keynote of this sign. Gemini people are not only versatile, they are quick to grasp situations and will act on the spur of the moment, often very effectively.

The governing planet, Mercury, is a strong factor in the "act now, explain later" policy so prevalent with this sign but Gemini persons are so naturally adaptable to any turn of affairs, that they frequently come up with answers during the course of action. 

The duality of nature is a concomitant of the Twin sign and while cases of split personality are comparatively rare, the Gemini mind runs to contradictions. When they go to such extremes, they manage to make their policy sound plausible, at least to their own satisfaction. As well as being imaginative, they are generous and affectionate but their frequent desire for a change makes them dissatisfied with existing conditions. They are clever, witty and have an easy way of covering or
excusing their faults, without ever intending to correct them.

Parts of the Body: Nervous System, Lungs, Bronchitis Tube, Shoulders, Respiratory System, Hands, Arms.
Diseases:Susceptible to strains and accidents, involving the arms and hands, also prone to bronchitis and respiratory ailments.
 Key concept: Immediate perception and verbalization of all connections.

Qualities: Lively, Energetic, Versatile, Intellectual yet lives only in the mind & emotions, extremely adaptable to situations. associated with duality, humanism, communication.
 Nature: It is hot, moist in nature; Airy, Barren, Bicorporal, Changeable, Commanding, Double-bodies, Dual, Human, at times violent but fortunate yet given to negativeness and passivity as a commons sign.
This sign corresponds to the atmospheric vibrations and has an affinity to the sense of hearing.

A Gemini weakness is superficiality; too quick to grasp an idea or size up a situation – tendency to skin its surface, not bothering to explore it in any depth., but can make a marvelous initial impression with little preparation.
 Physical features: Tall and well-formed. Long slender hands, Lovely expression, Quick sight, Clear speech, Nimble, Weak but active temperament
A planet in this sign will be colored by the qualities of changeable curiosity.
 The fourth sign of the zodiac
The Sign of the Protector.
Symbol: The Crab

Classification: Cardinal, Movable, Water, Negative, Even, Feminine, Fruitful.
 Principal: Domesticity, Careful – “I feel”
 Opposite Sign: Capricorn
 Capricornthe opposite of cancer is the sign of reputation and public standing. they are connected with the image they project and they have power and fulfillment in the outside world.
Cancer is the sign of home and family life. Cancerians seek close personal whom they love.
Ruled by Moon

  • Lord / Ruling planet: Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Gunas: Satvik
  • Quality: Movable
  • Gender: Female
  • Exaltation: Jupiter
  • Fall : Mars
  • Detriment: Saturn

Here we find people who are tried and true, who cling to tradition as though they were part of it.
Yet their moods and even their purposes may become as changeable as the sign's ruling planet, the Moon.This self-contradiction is understandable when recognized as part of the individual's innate nature.
These people are home-loving, fond of family life and domestic tranquility but they also enjoy travel and adventure. They love the past and sometimes practically live in it, which accounts for the way they seek the new yet always come back to the old.

Persons born under this sign are very sensitive, though they frequently don't show it. Argument wears them down, criticism hurts them and crablike, they crawl into their shells.
Though strongly conservative, they are fond of amusements and social life. These people are frequently vivacious and are humanitarians as well, devoting themselves to worthy causes.

Ruled By Moon:
The moons govern emotions and intuitive behavior. Ruled by Moon and Water as its elements -
like the shifting of the tides of the ocean,- the sign of powerful forces moving under the surface
which is quite difficult to penetrate - the array of defenses that hide their true and deep feelings.
Like the hard outer shell that protects the soft, vulnerable flesh underneath, Cancerians are crusty, gruff and grumpy, but possess a proverbial heart of gold – a sentimental softie that makes sacrifice for someone in need.

Parts of the body: Breast, Chest and stomach, Serum of blood
Diseases: Dropsy, Gastric, Digestive ailments, Cough, Flatulency, Hysteria, Jaundice, Gall stones.
Key concept: Emotions, Fertile Imagination, Eternal Feminine Domesticity, Patience, Instinctive nurturing, Protective empathy, Tenacity.
Qualities: Cold, Phlegmatic, Maternal, Destructive, feminine, fruitful, moist, mute, negative, tropical, watery.
Physical Features: Short, Thin, Frail in childhood, Upper Part of the body longer than the lower half,
Round Face, Pale.
Keywords: All places of retirement and rest, antiques, boats, cradles, food, graves, homes, stalls, the sea, the womb, the tides, women in general, caterer, collector, housewife, mother, nurse, sailor. 
Danger: Loves to eat and have to fight overweight in later years. Subject to digestive ailments caused by tension and emotional stress. Susceptible to accident at home; become victims of theft.
A planet in this sign will be colored by the qualities of feeling, reserve, moods, sensitivity & self-production.
 It is the fifth sign of the zodiac.
 The Sign of the Leader, Ruler.
 Symbol: Lion - Regal, Brave, Dominating, Sometimes insolent, possessing nobility and pride.

Classification: Fire, Fixed, Positive, Masculine, Odd, Fixed, of long Ascension, Rising by the head, Barren, Cruel.
 Principal: Pride - “I WILL” 
Sign of: Power, Royalty, Pride, Organization, Ambition

Opposite Sign: Aquarius concerned with high ideals, humanitarian concepts, more impersonal and
aloof in relationships. 
  • Lord/ Ruler: The Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Gender: Male
  • Guna: Sattvic
  • Exhalation: NONE
  • Detrimental: Saturn and Uranus
  • Fall: NONE
This is the sign of exuberance, denoting powerful personality and born leadership. Both ambition and
idealism are present under Leo, for the brilliance of this sign reflects the grandeur of the governing planet,
the Sun. But Leo, as well as being high-minded, can be high-handed. When persons of this type fall victim
to their own shortcomings, the result can prove disastrous. Worse, it is usually not noticeable until after
the crash.

There is little of the negative in Leo. That is what makes this sign deceptive and sometimes deceitful.
Leo people are impulsive, generous, and brave, quick to follow their own intuition. Their success is furthered by
their own marked influence upon all persons that they meet, often winning over those who oppose them by
their sheer magnetic qualities.

Leo people insist on charting their own course and do so with an inherent vigor.
Parts of the Body: Back, Spine and heart. Emotional strains and physical overexertion cause
back and spine ailments 
Key Concept: Sustained warmth of loyalty radiant. Single pointed release of energy, towards new experience.
Assertive, sexual, able to climb to great heights.
Qualities: Enthusiastic, Powerful, Expansive, Creative, Extravagant, Dogmatic and fixed in opinion.
Acute, affectionate, amorous, ardent, autocratic, arrogant, brutish, conjugal, constructive,
eastern, electric, eruptive, feverish, fierce, fiery, fixed, fortunate, four-footed, hoarse, hot,
inflammatory, masculine, passionate, positive, romantic, savage, sharp , strong, summer, violent, vital. 
Nature : Hot , Dry, Cholic, Barren, Masculine, Attitude, EGO.
Keywords:Crowns, fatherhood, fire, positions of prominence, shining, ornamentation, sunbathing, thrones,
warmth, actor, commissionaire, chairman, film star, adds a shining, gay, strong, powerful sunny quality. 
Occupations: Royalty, Persons in Authority
Physical Features: Full Stature with Expansive chest, Massive & Broad shoulders, Strong arms, Large head,
Expressing laughter, Cheerfulness and content, Well-knit frame, Great endurance and
Recuperative power, Commanding Appearance, Luxuriant Hair, Ruddy Complexion. 
Danger: Tends to be bombastic and challenging and often unknowingly provoke others into impulsive violence.
They are prone towards being victims of slander. 
A planet in this sign is colored by pride and urge for recognition, sense of drama.
                                                  Virgo (Kanya)
 The Sixth sign of the Zodiac and the second of the common or mutable signs; 
The sign of the Critic, the technician.
 Symbol: The Virgin
It is considered as a sign of great virtue and chastity, organs closed and untouched.

 Principal: Conscientiousness - “I Analyze”
 Classification: Earthy, Negative, Even, Feminine, Common, Rising by the head.
 Virgo is a sign of work and self-improvement. are self-protectionists who dissect facts in order to
find the truth and obtain all the information available. 

Pisces- sign of illusion and self-deception; prone to dreaminess, vagueness, self-delusion, and escapism.
  • Lord/ Ruler: Mercury- The god of communication and commerce; ruler of intelligence.
  • Quality:Dual
  • Guna:Rajasic
  • Gender:Female
  • Exhalation: Mercury
  • Detrimental: Moon
This is the sign of analysis. Under it are found some of the most capable and yet most difficult personalities in
entire zodiac. The governing planet, Mercury, maybe the cause of this, for it supplies quickness to nature that
could well afford to be more deliberate and given to deeper purposes. Added to the keen Virgo mind,
it produces good reasoners and convincing talkers, though they are apt to spend too much time over trifling
details and also talk a subject dry. Virgo people have inquiring minds that will not rest until they have learned
all they want to know about something. They are skilled at drawing information from people, then filling in from
other sources or rationalizing facts into a complete and remarkably accurate picture. Often they pick up
essential data without anyone realizing what they are about. Along with keen analysis they have remarkable
Virgo is under the rulership of the planet Mercury. These are the critics who shine by their powers of acute
discrimination and insight. Their intellectual dexterity and the versatility of their whole personality, in which
intuitive faculties play no small part, bestow upon them the ability to do well in most fields of activity.
The speed of their reactions both mentally and physically gives them an advantage and in their case quickness
of brain is allied with cleverness of hand. Their intense love of activity makes for industriousness in practical
effort while the alertness of their interests leads to charm and understanding in their contacts with others.
Key Concept: spontaneous helpfulness, humility, and need to serve. 
Parts of the body: the nervous system and the intestine. Virgoans are prone to illness caused by s tress
nervous tension; particularly susceptible to ulcers.
Diseases: Coldness, Worms, Cholera, Constipation, Malnutrition, Slender in youth but there is a tendency
towards corpulence of body, particularly that part ruled by Virgo- abdomen.
Qualities: This sign is classed as cold, dry, barren, earthy, feminine, common, mutable, mental, human,
critical melancholic, changeable, nervous, unsympathetic, vituperative and a sign of long ascension. 
Keynote: Reserve, Modest, Practical, Discriminating and Industrious. Analytical and painstaking, seeking to
know and understand. representing purity, modesty, service to fellow workers. quick and active in youth and
do work hard for knowledge. They acquire linguistic and elocutionary powers most readily; are fluent writers,
but are often cynical, cold, and unforgiving if injured.
 Keyword: actual working of an industry rather than writing and talking about it, charitable societies, cornfields,
diet, fault finding, harvesting, industry, literary criticism rather than light storytelling, sanitation, small animals,.
the services, accountant, agent, craftsman, critic, dietician doctor, grower of crops, health officer, inspector,
teacher, masseur, neuropathy, secretary.
Occupations: Craftsmen, Businessmen, Nurses 
Physical Features: Slender Body, Dark Hair, Quick & Active in the walk , Shrill voice, Youthful looking. 
Danger: Virgo is said to be most critical of all signs and people born under third sign either rising or the sun,
moon or mercury in this sign are much given to criticism, fault finding and intolerance of the views and opinions of others. Arouse anger and violence in others because of their tendency to interfere, their critical tongues, and emotional attitudes. 
A planet in this sign is colored by perfectionism, analysis, fine discrimination.
Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. 
The Sign of the Equilibrium

Symbol: The Scales the pictograph represents the scales which is in perfect equilibrium.
this was the ancient Egyptian symbol of the setting sun, which was regarded as the doorway
between the 2 worlds.
Put symbol:- In symbolic terms, is a Crescent moon connected to two straight lines resting above a third line.
this represents emotions bounded on either side by reason, the line below symbolizes partnership. 
Classification: Cardinal / Air / Movable / Odd / Positive / Masculine / Rising by the Head. 
Principal: Loving, Unifying “ I BALANCE”
Opposite Sign: Aries
 Libra is the sign of marriage and partnership. its natives are happiest functioning within a union and
often lose their equilibrium and positive outlook when forced to be alone 
Aries - Libra’s opposite sign is the sign of ego, personality and self. they tend to put themselves first and
selfishness in one of their negative traits. 
Like its opposite sign; it is a Cardinal and Positive Sign so it has the outgoing activity and self-expressiveness
which would be expected of this Quadruplicity.
It is also the Second of the Air signs, so this combines with the moving communicativeness (Gemini) and
the intelligence (Aquarius) connected with that Triplicity. Air is the medium of connection between all people,
and on it are carried the words of speech. 
  • Lord/ Ruler: Venus - Goddess of love & beauty, when rising in libra gives artistic ability.
Venus rules pleasure, social pursuits, art & adornment inclines forward to
self-indulgence and love of luxury. 
  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Movable
  • Guna:Rajasic
  • Gender: Male
  • Exhalation: Saturn - turns the mind in scientific direction.
  • Detrimental: Mars 
  • Fall: The Sun
  • Ruled By Venus - The lord of Libra bestows 

A planet in this sign is colored by balance, impartiality, and tact

This is the sign of justice, indicative of persons who balance everything to a nicety, always trying to promote
goodwill and friendship, even if they must go to extremes to do so.
This is actuated by their inherent love of harmony and beauty, as reflected by the beneficent gleam of the sign's
ruling planet, Venus. Sympathy and understanding are paramount with Venus.
They are never deaf to an appeal from family or friends and they will often side with total strangers if they seem
to represent a deserving cause. The Libra person tends to champion the underdog, even against their sounder
judgment. Again this seems due to their urge to equalize matters and produce harmony.
Intuition is a guiding force with Libra and often enables them to ferret out deceit and insincerity,
no matter how much it is glossed over. Though imitative in conduct, they are original in ideas and often quite
farsighted because of their intuitive qualities.
Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, and it is at this point in the Zodiac that we start to see a shift.
While the first six Signs of the Zodiac focus on the individual, the last six focus on the individual's contact with
others and with the world.

Librans are first and foremost focused on others and how they relate to them.
We can call this the Sign of partnership with a capital 'P' because these folks do not want to be alone!

For a Libran, everything is better if it's done as a pair. Librans are good when paired up, too, since they
epitomize balance, harmony and a sense of fair play. While they are true team players at work, their favorite
partnership is at home: marriage. Librans feel most complete when they are coupled up with their lover, forever.
It's the Scales which symbolize Libra, and just like that balancing mechanism wants to stay even,
Librans want to be on an even keel. Think of the Scales of Justice and how they work at striking the right balance

Plus point:: Beauty, Charm, social grace, romantic nature, appreciation for art,  music, and decoration.
Negative point: Encourages superficiality, Jealousy, Laziness, Dependence on others  
Parts of the Body: It rules the kidneys, Lower back and the Buttocks.
Diseases: Affection of Kidneys, Appendix, Lumbago, Diabetes, Suppression of Urine

Key Concept: harmonization of all polarities for self-completion. 
Qualities: Mirthful people - they admire modesty but are ambitious. good tastes, artistic touch and fine finish.
Youthful appearance, good complexion but plump in middle-age. Keen perception with foresight, Hopeful,
Cheerful, humane, loving but changeful. like to ‘go place and do things’ be in style or up to date.
fond of clothes and Jewellery. Conjugal affection overshadows all other considerations.
in love they sacrifice for others and sacrifice others for their own comfort.
change to extreme -hence adapt to changing circumstances and do not fret over reverses but
set about with vim and vigor to restore fortunes. soft tone due to Venus and Exaltation of Saturn.

Opposite Aries which is harsh. 
Nature: Airy, Artistic, Autumnal, beauty, cardinal, changeable, equinoctial, fruitful, graceful, hot, humane,
masculine, moist, moveable, musical, positive, sweet, warm, western.
 Keynote: Elegance-strong conjugal affection, loves justice, neatness and order, peace and harmony, courteous,
pleasant, and agreeable. They are fond of beauty in all forms in nature, art, music, and literature, can enter into
refining and cultural pleasures and amusements, and enjoy the company and society of the brave, happy.
Just as love of beauty and charm to the Taurean, so to the Libran. but in this sign it brings personal beauty and
a love of harmony which means good taste, and a desire for happy conditions and relationships.
They have natural charm, grace and poise-social minded fantasizing happy tomorrow with optimistic and
blithe spirit. 
Occupations: Chef, Businessman, Corporate, Astrologer, Mathematician.
Physical Features: Tall, Slender, Graceful, Fair Skin, Physical Beauty, Well developed Body, Baldness ( in late life ) 
Key Words: affection, beauty in form or shape, art or literature, marriage, partnerships, artistes,
beauty specialist, diplomat, general, juggler (balance), staff officer, valuer. 
Danger: Zodiacal sign of partnership, hence outer-directed. though best in persona.
Their main interest is on self in the relationship. Judges others from outward appearance-hence a
Libran becomes as easy prey for a sophisticated schemer with affable manners. 
The Sign of the Investigator
 Symbol : Scorpio is symbolized by the scorpion and the eagle.

 The scorpion – secretive, deadly creature that can poison its enemies and its string is often fatal.
Scorpio gives the death sting and then the soul soars away like an eagle to its airy home.
The scorpion is the symbol of the lower mind and the eagle of the higher mind.
hence it is the house of transformation.
Classification: Fixed / Water / Even / Feminine / Of Long Ascension / Rising by the Head
 Principal: Transformation , Sex Force ,I DESIRE “
 Opposite Sign: Taurus - is a sign of possession and owning and the native wants of possess, collect and
do not let go what belongs to them. Scorpio sign of Inheritance & legacies has a sense of purpose and destiny.
finds truest happiness in dispensing their lifeforce to others
Like its opposite sign, this is a fixed and negative sign, so it seems to have the same desire to remain
firm in conviction and set ways ; but this is second of water signs, so the combination of such fixity is with the
emotions of this triplicity.

Water has been described as unstable. Hence a Scorpio person is often at war with himself in this utterly
contrary mixing of two trends in his very deep nature. His negativity appears as the depth of character and
reserve of force
Ruled By Mars : same energy and initiatory force of Aries and emphasizes the “war within himself”
which is the most unavoidable matter in life.
Pluto rules regenerative forces and the beginnings and ends of the phases of life
  • Lord/ Ruler: MARS/Pluto – ancient god of the nether world and of the dead.
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Gunas: Tamasic
  • Gender:Female
  • Exaltation: Uranus 
  • Fall: The moon
  • Detriment: Venus
Here is the sign of bold enterprise, a fearless nature guided by self-control and confidence but geared for action
when the time demands. The governing planet, Mars, provides the power with which this sign is packed,
denoting the will to surmount all obstacles. Scorpio people are quiet, even secretive in manner, yet highly
observant. Once roused to action, they are determined, aggressive, and dominant, always ready to champion
a cause. When they work for the good of others, they rise to great heights and are much respected, but Scorpio
people, always well satisfied with themselves, can become domineering and arrogant. When seeking reform,
they show little mercy toward those who oppose them and it is not uncommon for Scorpio folks to stretch a
point and justify their actions regardless of honest opposition. Scorpio people are blunt, argumentative, and
natural fighters but their coolness under fire deceives the opposition and adds to the Scorpio strength.
Parts of the body: Bladder, Genitals, Red color to blood, Prostate gland.
Diseases: Affection to bladder and Ovaries, Affects excretory system, Generative Organs, Piles, Fistula,
Retention of Urine, Inflammatory diseases.
 Key Concept: penetration through the intense emotional power

Qualities: Most prominent features – nose, heavy & hooked, resembling the bill of an eagle; sharp and
piercing eyes, heavy jaws indicating great determination. they stand up for their rights, never submit to
imposition. Sarcasm that stings like a scorpion. yet love is strong; aspiration lofty. hence two natures struggle.
the need sympathy from friends. they never flinch in the hour of danger and perform heroic deeds at the cost
of self. mind is cool, sharp and collected.
Occupations: Detectives, Mystics, Surgeons, Chemist, Army, Contractors, and gifted in accomplishing things
requiring muscular skill or aggressive enterprise. inclined to scientific research and pursuits. 
Physical Features: Middle Stature, Neglect of Hygiene, Well Proportioned, Robust Health, Broad Face. 
Qualities: possess grit. tenacious, determined, secretive, fond of contests, make staunch and splendid friends.
accomplish their purpose by subtlety and strength of will; or by force if necessary.
they have mechanical skills and much constructive/destructive abilities. enjoy travel;
fond of investigating mysteries and things occult. 
Keywords: autumnal, bold, burning, cleansing, cold, combative, constructive, coroner, courageous, crooked,
deceptive, destructive, detective, excitable, fruitful, inheritance, jealous, lustful, malicious, military, moist,
murderous, navy, obstinate, occult, passionate, procreative art, psychologist, public analyst, rebellious,
reproductive, research, revengeful, sexuality, southern, vicious, violent, vital, warlike, worrisome.
Danger: Evoke anger in others by their secretiveness and jealousy. their sharp stinging tempers can also
enrage others to the point of violence. A planet in this sign is colored by Compulsive desires Depth and
Controlled passions and Secrecy.
Ninth Sign of Zodiac
The sign of Gypsy 
Symbol : the centaur, the archer.

Principal: Exploration, Aspiration - I see 
Opposite Sign: Gemini - sign of personal expression and one to one communication and are extremely verbal,
love to give advice, and tend to guide and control other's lives. sign of philosophy, high learning and
broad concepts. it is natives who are happiest when discovering new ideas, exploring distant places,
and not getting tied down with personal commitments.
 Classification: Mutable, Fire, Common, Odd, Masculine, Fiery, of long Ascension, Rising by the hind part 
Ruling planet: Jupiter, the most important roman god, ruler of the heavens.
  Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, optimism expansion and abundance, Jupiter is the uplifter.
  • Quality: Dual
  • Gunas: Sattvic
  • Gender: Male
  • Exaltation :None
  • Fall :None
  • Detriment: Mercury
  • Element: Fire
Sagittarius is Fire energy and the ruler of Jupiter. This is a very active, extroverted, mobile, expansive sign.
The Archer is always ready for action, bursting with goals, and idealism. This sign is the very personification of
jovial, outward-bound, enthusiasm -- the ultimate cosmic host or hostess with the "mostess."

They can be spellbinding in their philosophies! Mutable motivation brings compelling powers of attraction.
Change and variety are important. Sag won't hesitate to initiate either. Without balance energy, Sagittarius can
become too changeable; he or she may bend to every force or influence. Restlessness can diffuse energy, and
finding a secure position in life isn't as easy as we would think. Quiet contemplation can temper the fire' and
heighten the intuition. Receptivity can slow the impatient desire to move way too fast at times.
What a wonderful balanced energy this is!
Sagittarians are truth-seekers, Activity is the keynote of this sign and while the persons born under it are
often capable in many ways, they have the faculty if concentrating upon the project of immediate importance.
Like the bowmen, they aim for their target and are apt to score a hit. Add to that a cheerful, happy disposition,
stemming from the governing planet, Jupiter, and Sagittarius has the makings of an excellent sign.
However, there are pitfalls. Their natural energy which gains such good results can be wasted through over zeal
or the feverish excitement that too often accompanies their work. Sagittarians wear themselves out in their
anxiety to get things done therefore they should seek projects worthy of their efforts, offering rewarding
prospects. Being workers, not seekers, these people can accomplish twice as much as others and will apply
themselves to charitable or helpful causes with the same energy that they devote to their own aims.
Parts of the body: the liver, hips and thighs. Femur. They need outdoor activity to keep healthy. 
Diseases: Affliction of hips & thighs, Rheumatism, Varicose veins, Affliction to blood and nervous system,
they have a sensitive liver and are susceptible to overuse of alcohol and to hepatitis. 
Key concept : Restless aspiration propelling one towards an ideal. 
Qualities: active, autumnal, bicorporal, changeable, common, conscientious, double-bodied, excitable,
fiery, fortunate, frank, fruitful, honest, hot, masculine, mental, mutable, open-minded,
philosophical, pleasure living, quick, receptivity, religious, southern, trusting, venturesome. 
Keywords : archery, foreign travel, horses, riding, horse training and trading, law, philosophical thought,
prophecy, religion, roaming, hiking, tramping, barrister, horse trainer, jockey, lawyer, metaphysician,
minister, philosopher. publisher. sportsman.
Danger: subject to accidents of fire and explosion thereby while traveling. Their strong desire for freedom may
also incite jealousy and possessiveness on the part of the lover. 
Keynote: energetic, ambitious, generous, freedom-loving, and a seeker of challenge, open in new idea and
Physical Features: Well developed body , Large eyes , Graceful , Tall and Ruddy complexion
The Planets in this sign are colored by beliefs, generalization, and ideals.

 Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is affiliated to the tenth house. 
The Sign of the Achiever 
Symbol: The mountain goat

 Principal: Responsibility , Caution, - “ I USE “
 Opposite Sign: Cancer - the sign of domesticity and home life.
They derive security from the love and closeness and mates of family members.
Capricorn governs reputation, career, standing in the community. Its natives seek honour, praise and
approval in the world at large, but tend to be emotionally reserved in personal relationships. 
In Cancer, the cardinality is combined with water, but now it is combined with earth. hence ,
as with Taurus and Virgo, there is a practical application and concrete applications to everyday
necessities of life.

The negativity shows itself as an ability to withdraw from the rush of life and wait for the right time.
Classification: Movable, Even , Feminine , Mild, Earthy, Of short Ascension, Rising by the hind part. 
Ruler / Lordship:
Saturn -Roman god who proceeded over the sowing and reaping of grains.
the outermost planet in ancient times. celestial taskmaster with an aura of melancholy and sternness,
perseveres in upward striving. success is due to painstaking preparation and does not heedlessly plunge
into anything. instead will dO research, examine what others have done before and gather all data,
will move only after understanding details. make sound investments. 
  • Lord: Saturn
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality:Movable
  • Gunas:Tamasic
  • Gender: Female
  • Exaltation: Mars 
  • Fall: Jupiter
  • Detriment: Moon

Capricorn, the tenth sign of the Zodiac, is all about hard work. Those born under this Sign are more than happy
to put in a full day at the office, realizing that it will likely take a lot of those days to get to the top.
This is the scholarly, intellectual sign, producing deep thinkers and philosophers, yet with it,
Capricorn people apply themselves to practical things. This aspect helps them shake off the gloomy moods
caused by their governing planet, Saturn. As a result,
Capricorns are generally regarded as extremists, though often they are simply striving to strike a proper balance.
These people are calm and deliberate in method and action.

They approach new subjects in a scholarly fashion and instinctively try to increase their
range of knowledge. They are good organizers as well as philosophers and they like to think things out alone.
Here, they show the Saturnian love of solitude, which is good when practically applied, but should be avoided
if it produces morbid trends.
Capricorns have something resembling a psychic sense and are often quite aware of it.
Parts of the body: The bones- Joints and Knees. Skin, Hair 
Diseases: Affliction of Knees and Skin, Leprosy , Rheumatism, Gout , Cols and Chills, Indigestion,
Blood Disorders,Imperfect circulation. 
Key concept: Impersonal determination to get things done 
Nature: cardinal, changeable, cold, crooked, domestic, earthy, egoistical, feminine, four-footed, hoarse, hurtful,
melancholic, moveable, negative, nocturnal, obeying, southern, tropical, unfortunate, violent.
Qualities: Basic concern is security and they will not belittle anyone and repayment of kindness is done with a
sense of gratitude and fidelity. Timing is important to him as Chronos the god of Time. keeps him on the go and
keep his time table. Looks ahead cautiously for contingencies and the acceptance of responsibility is a
saturnine trait. 
Keywords : Cold, Concentration, crystallography, discontent, gates and doors, old age, orderliness, responsibiliY

Occupations: Civil servant, Arithmeticians, osteopath, politician. 
Danger: Capricorn is rather a weak sign as regards vitality and especially when upon the eastern horizon at birth
Others harbour hidden grudges and resentments because of their coldness and reserve nature .
Secrets from the past are always used against them. 
Keynote: steadiness, reserved, prudent, patient, uses cunning instead of force, seeks security, acquisitive,
disciplined, determine and quick to size opportunity. 
Physical Features: Weak slender body . Thin face, Dark hair, Constitution normally improves with age. 
The planets in this sign are colored by self control, caution, reserve, and ambition.
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac .
The Sign of the Thinker 
Symbol: water bearer (water pourer) water beard – dispensing a gift that flows freely and equally to all;
presenting creation and the giving of life. 

Principal: Universal brotherhood “I know
Classification: Movable , Even, Feminine, Mild, Earthy, Of short Ascension , Rising by the hind part. 
Ruler / Lordship: Jointly ruled by Saturn and Uranus. 
Saturn - its caution and limitation and sense of timing and of responsibility. 
Aquarian is by way of bringing a carrier of information and ideas and a disseminator of such ideas through groups of people rather than mainly through writing and teaching, as with Gemini or through personal contact,
as with Libra. 
  • Ruler: Saturn
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Movable
  • Gunas:Tamasic
  • Gender: Female
  • Exaltation: Uranus 
  • Fall : None
  • Detriment: Sun

The Opposite Sign : Leo the sign of pleasure, affection and love affairs. They look for fun and good times to
make themselves happy. They need close ties with others and need to dominate in love affairs.
 Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams, friends, and wishes. they tend to be idealistic, humanitarians
who are friends with the larger issues of the world. but remain personally detached in their own relationships.

It is the sign of the future, of the visionary, some say of astrology itself.
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, and Aquarians are the perfect representatives for the Age of
Aquarius. Those born under this Sign have the social conscience needed to carry us into the new millennium.
These folks are humanitarian, philanthropic and keenly interested in making the world a better place.
This has been styled the humanitarian sign because many persons born under Aquarius dedicate themselves
to causes, take on great missions and advance the affairs of humanity in general. Their governing planet, Saturn
supplies them with reticence or natural reserve which enables them to accomplish things in a quiet,
surprising way. It also has a studious influence and helps to endow them with fine and useful memories.
Primarily, Aquarians are simple, unassuming persons. They absorb knowledge readily and show a frank and
friendly attitude that makes them popular. They often like to be alone but not for morbid reasons.
They use solitude to concentrate on new ideas and to make important decisions. Also, much of their real work
is done when they are by themselves. Aquarians who develop the honesty and kindly sentiments of this sign
will attain great heights
Parts of the body :Lower limbs, shins, ankles,
Diseases: Affliction / prone towards ankle sprains and breaks, varicose veins, and hardening of arteries and
nervous disorders , irregularity of heart , dropsy , bad circulation . 
Qualities: airy, dismal, fixed, fortunate, hot, human, masculine, mental, moist, nervous, obeying, rational,
sanguine, southern, speaking, strong, sweet disposition, vital, western, wintry. friendliness assertive,
independent, progressive, analytical, original and inventive, has strong dislikes, firm opinions. 
Keywords: aeronautic, ankles, a strongly, clubs, co-operative societies, detected acquaintance, eccentricity,
free-thinking, humanitarianism, light, paradoxes, positive occultism, radar, radio aesthesia, radio, radionic, rays,
revolution and rebellion, reforms, science in general, telepathy, television, wave, airman, broadcaster, inventor,
photographer, radiologist, scientist. 
Key concept: Individualistic freedom, extremism. Danger: These innovative unconventional and eccentric
Aquarians are targets for attacks by narrow-minded people. 
Keynote: The sign Aquarius gives a humane and spiritual nature, when well expected and occupied and
when on the ascendant at birth, tends to give a strong and beautiful body with good vitality.
The sign has close affinity with the sense of sight, as Aquarius corresponds to the ethenic vibrations.
It is closely associated with the blood, its composition, circulation and distribution in the tissues and
affliction in Aquarius tends to greatly distribute in the circulation, and to impure blood. 
Physical features: Middle stature , Handsome face, Kind disposition, Fair Complexion. 
The planets sign will be colored by the qualities of Individual freedom with an urge for unconventionality


Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and is closely related to the 12th house.
The Sign of the Dreamer
 Symbol: Two fishes tied together,
swimming in opposite directions, signifying hidden depths, shifting emotional currents, complimenting desires and extremes of temperament.
Classification: Common, Feminine, Mild, Rising by the hind part, Negative
Principal: Renunciation, Compassion, Poetic I BELIEVE “ 
Opposite Sign: Virgo the sign of Work and Service, deals in facts and realities; are practical, and
have a drive for material success.
 Pisces – sign of dreams and mysticism.

The natives tend to trust in intuitions and feelings and tend to seek more spiritual values in life. Mutable indicates an ability to make changes without feeling annoyed and to adapt to circumstances. The mixture with water, with its instability, makes this the most fluid of all signs. The negativeness gives an inwardness, which is more marked than in the others.
It has a hiddenness and a depth, which are hard to fathom. This water is the water of the sea,
boundless, infinitely deep, calm at times on the surface, yet capable of sudden changes to the wildest
of storms.

It is inoffensive at first sight, but with undercurrents which are subversive and dangerous

It is a sign of drinks, dissipation, debauchery, and self-undoing.
  • Ruler / Lordship : Jupiter
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Dual
  • Gunas: Sattvic
  • Gender: Female
  • Exaltation: Venus
  • Detriment: Mercury 
  • Fall: MercurY

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, and it is also the final Sign in the Zodiacal cycle. Hence, this Sign brings together with many of the characteristics of the eleven Signs that have come before it. Pisceans, however, are happiest keeping many of these qualities under wraps. These folks are selfless, spiritual, and very focused on their inner journey.

Here is the most modest and unassuming sign of the zodiac. Pisces people acquire knowledge, then fail to showit, often regarding it of little consequence and believing that other people who brag about their ability must actually know more than they do. Their governing planet, Jupiter, has much to do with this, for it endows these

Pisces people with a nature so generous that it becomes overly trusting. Because of their unselfish dispositionspersons of this sign fail to realize their own possibilities. The greater their honesty, the more doubtful they become as to their own ability. This produces fear of the future, which in turn causes them immediate worry.

Hence, Pisces people are perhaps the most cautious of all, where their own efforts are concerned. But, thanks

to their jovial dispositions, people of this sign ride over deep troubles almost as trifles.
Parts of the body: The feet and the toes 
Disease: They have beautifully shaped yet sensitive feet but are unfortunately prone to aches, bunions, corns, etc. Addiction to drinks, improper blood circulation, Careless personal hygiene
Qualities: classified as bicorporal, broken, changeable, cold and moist, cold-blooded, common, double-bodied, feminine, fruitful,, humid, imperfect, lymphatic, mutable, negative relaxing, sickly.

Key concept: Healing compassion for all that suffers
Keyword: the abstract, anesthetics, artists, boat, brooding, character actor. cheating, clouds, clairvoyant, compassionate, confining, consumptive, debauched, dissipated, erratic, escape, falsity, fish, gas, generous,

indifferent, intangible, intoxicating, intuition, jovial. kind, mazes, medium, mystical, plastics.
Occupations: poet, pretense, progressions to do with the sea, psychic, spy, wine merchant.
 Danger: have a susceptibility to alcohol and drugs, they are also drawn into inappreciable situations and unbalanced people.
 Keynote: Pisces is a sign of restraint and confinement, as symbolized by two fishes joined together and a sign of self-undoing. It is called the “sign of sorrows” and people born with The Sun and Saturn in this sign are subject go great sorrows, tribulations, secret enemies, plots, treachery, self-undoing, restraints, confinement, isolation as well as to reserve, and more of secrecy and seclusion. 
Physical Features: Short, Plump, round shoulders, dull eyes
 The planets in this sign are colored by Soul yearning, Idealism, Oneness, Inspiration, and Vulnerability.
------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------


1st House (Tanu Bhava): Physical body, Stature of body, limbs of the body, Constitution, Ego, Personality, Physical Appearance, Self, Character, Entrance into the world,Destiny, Purpose of soul Birth, Head: Kendra, Trikona, Dharma,Rajas Bhava.
Sun Karka 
East Direction


2 nd House (Dhana Bhava): Early childhood, domestic life, Voice, Speech, food or substances ingested, Drinking habits , Education, Wealth, money, Family, Clothing Gold, Bank Balance, Resoruces,Face, teeth, Neck, vision in general, right eye in particular: Maraka, Artha Rajas Bhava.


3 rd House: (Sahaja Bhava): Courage, Lifeforce, Arts of all kinds-theater, Directors, Painting, Drawing, Music, Writing, Sports, Short Travel, siblings-especially younger siblings, Sibling rivalry, Lower education, hobbies, success through own efforts, Adventures, initiative, Motivation, competition, Voice, all forms of Communication, Sales, Hearing in general and the right ear in particular, Father in law, Hands, Shoulders Arms, and lungs: Upachaya,Kama , Trik bhava

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4 th House: (Sukha Bhava): mother, all fixed assets- real estate, home, vehicles-cars, degrees-such as masters degrees, or doctorates, happiness-state of mind, endings, conditions at the end of life, passions, emotions, the masses, matters of the heart, security, past, heredity and genes, fear of security being threatened, things that are permanent or lasting forever, the soul, land and farming, breast: Kendra, Moksha 


5 th House: (Putra Bhava): True intelligence, the mind, children, abortions, kings or politics, creativity, speculation, good karma ,sense of destiny (poorvapunya), lotteries, morals, pleasure, romance, fun, entertainment, sports, generosity, spiritual rituals, heart: TriKona, Dharma


 6 th House: (Satru Bhava): Health, habits, employees, service, debts, enemies, law suites, improvement, Challenges from competitors or enemies, thieves and robberies, attacks, disease, medical profession, food, restaurants, fitness facilities, police, military, pets, accidents, acute illnesses, intestines: Upachaya, Dusthana 


7 th House: (Jaya Bhava): Relationships, marriage, business partnerships, sexual passions, courts, open enemies, divorce, residence in foreign lands, impotency, desire, kidneys: Kendra, Kama 


8 th House: (Ayur Bhava): Death, transformations, change, surrender, control and manipulation, power struggles, mafia, underworld, dark side, investigation and private investigators, getting to the bottom of things, uncovering the truth, obsessions, disgrace, scandals, bankruptcy, obstacles, surgery, length of life, research, study of metaphysics, mediums, inheritances or money from others such as wills and insurance polices, or tax returns, reproduction organs, elimination organs, and Life force, spiritual practices, intuition, psychic abilities, chronic and long-term sickness, monetary gains from partner, secrets, sexual diseases, misfortunes, accidents: Dusthana, Moksha


 9 th House: (Bhagya Bhava): Spirituality, teachers, gurus, fortune, luck, long travels, father, publications, pilgrimages or journeys to gain spiritual knowledge, teaching, college or higher learning, law and lawyers, hips and thighs: Trikona, Dharma 


10th House: (Karma Bhava): Career, social position, authority figures, fame, honors, purpose, government, presidents, bosses, the wealth of the father, knees: Kendra, Artha 

10th House

11th House: (Ayaya Bhava): Great gains, gains from profession, wealth, friends, groups, organizations, humanitarians, the oldest sibling, attainment of desires, money that comes in large amounts, money from side ventures, left ear, ankles: Upachaya, Kama,Trik


12th House: (Vyaya Bhava): Loss, suffering, final liberation, death, endings, foreigners, and foreign countries, sleep, expenditures, misfortunes, charities confinement (such as prison), hospitals, secret enemies, spiritual liberation, release of all attachments, the release of resentments, forgiveness, comforts of the bed, ashrams, watery places, sea or ocean, places of retirement, and escape, films, and movies, feet, left eye: Dusthana, Moksha.


Opposing Houses 

The first six houses are below the horizon making them a more personal experience, and the last six houses are above the horizon making them more public. 

The opposing houses are one and the same just the opposite extreme.

 1st & 7th: The1st house is the self. The 7th house is the self, experienced through relationships. 

2nd & 8th: The 2nd house is personal money and wealth. The 8th house is money you share or get through other people. 

3rd & 9th: The 3rd house is lower education and short trips. The 9th house is higher education, i.e. college and long trips. 

4th & 10th: The 4th house is our private personal life at home. The 10th house is our public life, i.e. career. 

5th &11th: The 5th house is own children. The 11th house is humanity or the children of the world. 

6th & 12th: The sixth house is personal service. The twelfth house is public service as in hospitals or large institutions.


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