Sun Planet in Sign and Houses


  • The Sun: The Planet of Self Our Soul
  • Rules:  Leo
  • Exalted:  Aries at 10 degrees
  • Debilitated:  Libra
  • Mooltrikona: Leo upto 20 degree
  • Detrimental : Aquarius
  • Dominant Keyword::  “I AM”
  • Direction strength: 10th House
  • Element: Fire and Masculine Planet
  • Ruling Bhava: Lagna(1),Karma(10),Dharma(9)
  • Transits in Birth Chart: 30 Days each sign
  • Transits in d9 Chart: 3 Days each sign

Sun represents the self, one's personality, and ego, the spirit, and what it is that makes the individual unique. It is our identity and our face to the world. The Sun also speaks to creative ability and the power of the individual to meet the challenges of everyday life. It indicates the stamp of your character, the deepest flavor of your individuality.

The Sun is majestic, it rules royalty, power, authority, self-reliance, and higher officer. This orb also lords over our health and well-being. The Sun's golden glow is a vital life force that soaks us with strength, energy and a will to succeed. It is the Sun which gives strength to the other Planets, which is why this planet occupies a key role in Astrology. The Sun spends about a month(30 days) visiting each Sign and takes a year to journey through the twelve Signs of the Zodiac. It is masculine energy and rules Leo and the Fifth House

Friendship: Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Neutral: Mercury
Enemy: Venus, Saturn
Direction: East
Vimshottari Dasha: 6 Years
Nakshatra of Sun: Krittika, Uttarphalguni, Uttarashada.

Its Nature: Sattvic(Pure)
Color: Orange/Copper
Metal: Gold
Stone: Ruby
Parts of the Body: Right Eye, Right Finger, Bone, Heart, Head, Spine.
Afflicted Sun: Eye issue, Heart attack, Headache, Loss of Appetite.

What Is Your Sun Sign?

Sun in Aries: 

This is the Sun's position of exaltation, so the influence is basically harmonious. This position contributes to health, vitality, and length of life. It helps to stimulate and vitalize the native's outlook upon life and enhances the capacity for activity and leadership. The native will acquire some position of authority or responsibility, no matter whether he moves in a humble sphere, or in a more public one. He is basically magnanimous and because of this any anger he experiences will soon, pass away. He should be warned that there is a direct tendency for him to be quick-tempered although it usually passes quickly. Instruct him not to hold grudges and to strive for a reasonable balance for any feelings of bitterness or revenge.

The Bright Side of Aries Sun: You are more energetic, optimistic, open to change, idealistic, independent mind, great courage.

The Dark side Of Aries Sun: You are more impulsive, Aggressive, domineering, impatient, nervous tension.

Sun in Taurus

When the Sun is posited in this sign conditions are favorable for the acquisition of money and property in general. The native is warm-hearted and amorous, but there is some slight liability to be raided in affections or to bestow them too readily or to be drawn into a liaison. He is firm, patient, and obstinate and is very set upon achieving his end. He pursues his objective with a tremendous amount of determination, so great that it sometimes may lead him into dealings of a criminal nature. He must be forewarned of this possibility. Tell him that he can achieve a very good equilibrium by curbing any undue tendency towards obstinacy on one hand or giving way to impulse on the other.

The Bright Side of Taurus Sun: You are more trustworthy, determined, warm, affectionate, artistic.

The Dark Side of Taurus Sun: You are more obstinate, possessive, rigid, overcautious, a slave to routine.

Sun in Gemini 

The Sun posited in the sign Gemini strengthens the intellectual side of the nature and attracts the native toward the pursuit of literature, science, or art, and to following some occupation connected with these. The mind becomes versatile and fond of change but positive and strong under this influence. This position confers a considerable amount of ingenuity of thought and action on the native. You should instruct the native that good planning and good organization can effectively curb the natural restlessness of this position. Educational and intellectual pursuits will appeal to the native and considerable knowledge can be acquired through both study and observations. When this potential is constructively used then progress in many varied directions will be possible.

The Bright Side Of Gemini Sun: You are more versatile, witty, charming, lively, amusing.

 The Dark Side Of Gemini Sun: You are more disorganized, inconsistent, superficial, cunning, manipulative.

Sun in Cancer 

This position indicates the reception of money or property from parents or relatives. This location also causes the native to be resourceful, active and creative and will give you a gift of intuitive understanding and of real human sympathy. Tell your client that he possesses an innate ability to know when to speak and when to keep silent. Further tell him that if he can employ this ability in his daily domestic life he will be able to smooth over some of the uglier situations and promote a general air of understanding.
Warn him that if this quality is compromised it may cause him some problems. His will power may weaken and he could be regarded as untrustworthy by some of his associates. The location indicates the stronger qualities of the Sun. It affords the native an instinctive sense of power, self-confidence and optimism but it also signifies a basic need for exercising tolerance and for maintaining patience with others when they seem to lag behind. He is ambitious, aspiring, and capable of filling positions of authority and responsibility. Although he is fond of exercising his authority and standing on his dignity he can be very generous, magnanimous, affectionate and sympathetic. It is difficult for this person to find serenity in a subordinate position. Tell him to be very prudent about his egotism and pride for if he lets it reach out of proportion the results will be disastrous. He should be instructed to maintain his basic warmheartedness and to be very affectionate for this will afford him his greatest amount of happiness and satisfaction

The Bright Side Of Cancer Sun: You are more imaginative, sympathetic, protective, tenacious, loyal.

The Dark Side Of Cancer Sun: You are more possessive, moody, critical, self-pitying, a nag.


Sun in Leo 

This position of Sun gives the native an instinctive sense of power, self-confidence and optimism. Consequently, there is an inherent need for exercising tolerance and for maintaining patience with others when they seem to falter or fail. He has a strong will with much idealism and considerable dignity but he will need to cultivate a capacity to give and take evenly with others and preserve a sense of proportion. The exercising of simple kindness and friendliness rather than of ostentatious display will enable him to obtain much more cooperation from others.

The Bright Side Of Leo Sun: You are more exuberant, creative, broad-minded, colorful, fun-loving.

The Dark Side of Leo Sun: You are more self-indulgent, self-centered, conceited, overbearing,

Sun in Virgo

This location of the Sun, here indicates that the native will acquire his money in a subordinate role where he is responsible to some master. He may also be a manager himself with others under him, but he is still responsible to the executives. Dependability, integrity and a quick mind are the keynotes of the Sun's influence here. The native will approach the affairs of everyday life in a practical and objective manner and his natural desire will be for order, security and material well-being. You should forewarn this client that difficulties may arise as far as controlling his emotions due to a conflict between impulse and careful, cautious planning. Tell him that if he will only permit his natural powers of sagacity, ingenuity and quick thinking to aid him, he can overcome these problems.

The Bright Side Of Virgo Sun: You are more intellectual, meticulous, industrious, steadfast, responsible.

 The Dark Side Of Virgo Sun: You are more critical, high-strung, standoffish, argumentative.


Sun in Libra

The native of this Sun position is very popular and well liked by a wide circle of people. He is affectionate, romantic, fond of company, and he easily makes friends, especially with those of the opposite sex, this location affords him some taste and ability for science and the fine arts, poetry, music or painting and he may excel in one of these fields. The gift of intuition is strong here and when it is properly employed it can enable him to resolve some of the difficulties of life more easily than anticipated. The Sun is in its sign of fall therefore the native must be admonished not to be oversensitive to criticism because he will find himself becoming too easily and quickly hurt by what others say and do. He should also be warned that he may encounter a certain amount of indecision and he must be prepared to weigh his possibilities, make a decision and stick by it.

The Bright Side Of Libra Sun: You are more adaptable, creative, charming, good-natured, diplomatic, balanced.

The Dark Side Of Libra Sun: You are more indecisive, self-indulgent, dependent, frivolous, changeable.


Sun in Scorpio 

The Sun in this sign increases the vitality, forcefulness and energy of the native yet at the same time it confers a certain degree of aloofness and reserve. Unfortunately this position is unfavorable for health and the native is liable to accidents, illnesses and death corresponding to the nature of Scorpio and its ruler Mars. Death may occur in the family or among close associates. The native here resists outside influences and all changes that do not originate within himself. Explain to your client that he must exercise a certain degree of tolerance when he comes up against the unwillingness, opposition or interference of others. Tell him that he has a distinct tendency to express the ruthless side of his nature and employ the use of force to obtain his desired results. This will cause him nothing but trouble.

The Bright Side of Scorpio Sun: You are more imaginative, determined, ambitious, emotional, idealistic.

The Dark Side of Scorpio Sun: You are more obstinate, secretive, jealous, resentful, domineering.


Sun in Sagittarius 

This Sun location shows that the native has a vitality and warmth of nature that will provide help in enduring the varied obstacles of everyday existence. He is good-natured, generous, judicial and impartial. He is naturally religious and sincere and may be very intuitive and mystical. He is completely original in his work and may become an inventor or discoverer and become well known for some special work he has done. He has a tendency to follow more than one occupation or pursuit at a time and he may even change his occupation. Tell your client that the less favorable trends will occur when irresponsibility is permitted or when he gives way to any form of self-indulgence.

The Bright Side Of Sagittarius Sun: You are more adventurous, optimistic, exuberant, open-minded, sincere.

The Dark Side Of Sagittarius Sun: You are more restless, extravagant, irresponsible, careless, uncommitted.


 Sun in Capricorn 

The native of this Sun location is ambitious and aspiring, and desirous of power and fame and is well suited for leading, commanding and directing others, whether for good or evil. He often turns out to be a prominent figure in his sphere of life, or he may rise in the world and become a celebrity. Sooner or later he will occupy some position of responsibility where he has to guide others.Tell him that he must cultivate a sense of balance between his inner ambitions and his driving desire to acquire material possessions. Also advise him that it will never be easy for him to express his inner emotions as readily as he wishes. This is simply part of his nature.

The Bright Side Of Capricon Sun: You are more determined, responsible, disciplined, patient, committed.

The Dark Side Of Caprion Sun:You are more rigid, pessimistic, opinionated, materialistic,.


Sun in Aquarius 

This Sun position shows that the native possesses a certain amount of basic intuition, independence and a creative versatility that can be both a gift and a responsibility depending on how it is used. He is patient and persevering, skillful, humane, intelligent, and may rise considerably in life above the sphere of his birth, mainly by his own efforts. The native should understand that his capacity to think will be his greatest asset as it will enable him to discriminate both as to what is wisdom and what is knowledge and exactly how to use the faculties of each which he has. Tell him that there is natural internal conflict between the desire to achieve certain ends and the desire to make certain changes especially where personal relationships are involved. He should strive to achieve a sense of balance.

The Bright Side Of Aquarius Sun ::You are more idealistic, creative, tolerant, a humanitarian with a progressive outlook.

The Dark Side Of Aquarius Sun : You are more unpredictable, contrary, aloof, fixed in opinion, tactless.


Sun in Pisces

This position confers a restless, changeable disposition on the native often too retiring and not sufficiently self-reliant. The native is either quiet and unambitious or if he does acquire great things and positions of influence, he will either not gain by them or he will not retain them. There is a lack of self-initiative and he is greatly influenced by persons and circumstances instead of moulding them to his will. There is a great need for this native to maintain a reasonable balance of thought and emotion. When personal matters are going astray it is necessary to let his sense of humor aid in easing the pain. This humor will help him in handling the everyday problems caused by the people and affairs he is associated with.

The Bright Side Of Pisces Sun: You are more compassionate, sensitive, loving, creative, loyal.

The Dark Side Of Pisces Sun: You are more indecisive, discontented, vague, secretive, easily confused.



Sun God in 1st House ::

 Let us begin with Sun in 1st house. The output may change if the Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 1st house.

Sun represents King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego.

1st House represents- Own Self, Life Path, Overall Health, person’s appearance,Vitality and how the rest of the world will perceive the native. This house defines temperament, patience, and perseverance.

So, when the Sun is present in the 1st house of the native, it makes the native very confident but very authoritative at the same time. The native would treat himself as king and would expect others to treat him likewise. The ego is where the Sun sits in the chart, hence this position makes the native very egoistic. Since Sun also represents Father, this placement indicates that the native will always look up to his/her father for direction or life path.

Due to the high ego, these natives should only work for themselves instead of working with or under management. Sun in 1st house aspects the 7th house of relationships/marriage. Native tries to dominate in the relationship through their ego.

In nutshell, if these natives can control their egos in life, they can find a lot more success.

Sun God in 2nd House::

Let us begin with Sun in 2nd house.
The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 2nd house.

2nd house represents- Family, Wealth, Family Lineage, Speech, Throat, Value

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

Sun in 2nd house can make the native egoistic about family lineage and wealth. They take pride in their family history.

Sun in 2nd house also gives a very authoritative speech. Such natives can be involved in cult science due to Sun’s 7th aspect on 8th house. Natives with this placement enjoy power and prestige in the society. As per vedic scriptures, these natives will be very straightforward.

Sun is a hot planet so sometimes burns the advantage of the house as well. Such Natives may suffer from stammering. They might have to live away from home or have ego battles within family.

Sun God in 3rd House::

 Let us begin with Sun in 3rd house
The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 3rd house.

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

3rd house represents- Communication, writing, speaking, publishing, short distance travel, courage, father in-law, neighbors, self-effort, etc

Sun in 3rd house
can make the native extremely courageous and a bold speaker. Since, this is one of the Upapachya houses, it reaps the result in later part of the life.

Sun in 3rd house also gives a very authoritative position in life through their communications or self-efforts. Natives with this placement should have their own business since it is hard to work in groups due to ego issues.

Sun is a hot planet so sometimes burns the advantage of the house as well. Such Natives may not be able to get benefits from younger siblings or they might not have any younger sibling. Such natives should control their communication since it can lead to ego battles.


Sun God in 4th House ::

 Let us begin with Sun in 4th house. The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 4th house

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego

4th house represents-
Home, Homeland, mother, nourishment, peace of mind, conveniences, childhood friends etc

As Sun represents father and Sun losses its strength in 4th house, which means that father can be missing in life and mother takes the responsibility of father too. There can be ego battles at home.

This placement can provide some sort of work from home or real estate.

The Sun’s 7th aspect is on the 10th house, which means they will earn authority in career by working from home. These natives can also work for local government. Natives need to put extra effort and suffer issues in the early life however they rise after mid 30’s. Mother infuses a lot of creativity for the native since Sun is creativity in the house of mother. Such people can be good actors, politician, authors, musicians etc---------------------------------------------

 Sun God in 5th House::

Let us begin with Sun in 5th house. The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 5th house.

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

5th house represents- Creativity, Happiness, Children, Education, Ancient Texts, Innovation, Sports, Stock Trading, Gambling, Betting etc

5th house is the natural house of Sun, since it is in the Leo Sign in Kalpurush Kundali. Sun feels like home in the 5th house.

These people are natural celebrities and at least like to be treated as one.
Such Natives want attention and therefore they are eager for higher education. They get ego boost through their children. For example- such people boast about their children’s success. Father is generally into business or also can be in stocks for this placement.

The Sun’s heat here can create issues with having children. Since Sun is also ego, it might give ego issues with children in later life. 5th house is also house of romance, so it might create ego issues with partner

 Sun God in 6th House::

 Let us begin with Sun in 6th house. The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 6th house.

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

6th house represents- Diseases, Debts, Enemies, Obstacles, Disputes, Litigations, Daily routine life and colleagues at work etc

6th house is the 1st of Dusthana houses and 2nd of Upachya houses.

Such natives like to resolve disputes and provide solution. They can find a career in Legal field or else can be in Medical field. This placement can also provide a lot of struggle in building career and native’s father may also suffer. These natives gain confidence after they beat their enemies.

This placement gives domination and also brings admiration from colleagues in their work arena. Individuals with this placement enjoy their work and are very proud of what they do. They show maximum output if they are allowed to work freely.

Sun God in 7th House::

Let us begin with Sun in 7th house. The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 7th house.

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

7th house represents- Market Place, Partnership, Other people, Marriage, Spouse, Marital happiness etc

Sun is debilitated in the 7th house. Sun gains confidence in the 1st house and here it loses all its strength. Sun is ego and 7th house is relationship, because ego and relations can not work together, there are ego battles in the relationship.

These natives bump into relations where they lose respect. Sun in 7th house can be the reason for failed marriage if there is no support from other planets. Debilitated Sun is not able to find the right potential in people and natives do not get as much respect as they expect.

But if Sun is positioned well in the 7th in Good/ Exalted Sign , then this Sun can help people shine in
public and to be recognised by the masses.This could bring a Spouse from High Community/ Royal Family.


Sun God in 8th House::

Let us begin with Sun in 8th house. The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 8th house.

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

8th house represents- Secrecy, Occult Knowledge, Death, Transformations, Re-Birth, In-Laws, joint wealth with spouse etc

Sun is confidence and 8th house is sudden ups and down. These natives get some beating on their ego early in their lives. But 8th house is a house of transformation so this builds the confidence and they are usually more successful after mid 30’s. Since, the ego is beaten multiple times, these individuals can also be introvert.

Sun can also create ego battles with in-Laws here since it is a hot planet and can burn few things sometimes. They usually find career related to research, oil&Gas, mining, secrets or taxes.


Sun God in 9th House::

 Let us begin with Sun in 9th house. The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 9th house.

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

9th house represents- Religion, Law, Faith, Fortune, Gurus, Teachings of Father Etc

Sun is confidence and 9th house is higher education/knowledge. These natives get confidence through knowledge; more the knowledge higher is the confidence. As much as they like to gain knowledge, they like to share the knowledge as well.

Sun in 9th house creates interest in different type of knowledge starting from religious to academics to philosophical in the native. They can easily become teachers, professors, lawyers and philosophers.

Sun can also burn the house by bringing ego battles with Gurus or Teachers.


Sun God in 10th House::

 Let us begin with Sun in 10th house. The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 10th house.

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

10th house represents- Government, Father, Fame, Authority Etc

Here, authority means that a person is in complete control of his own work and seeks perfection. 10th house is the house of Saturn who is the enemy of Sun however Sun gets directional strength in this house.

Sun in 10th house is in a very strong position. These natives are working in good authoritative positions in Govt. or Private sector. The ego lies in high positions so until they achieve these positions, they are not confident.

10th house is Upachaya house and hence these natives might have to work very hard to get to a higher position but usually by mid 30’s they get success. They can have ego battles with father or a governing authority.

Good position for political pursuits as well.

Sun God in 11th House::

 Let us begin with Sun in 11th house. The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 11th house.

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

11th house represents- Elder Siblings, Large Organizations, huge Structure, Network Circle, Friends, Gain, Income and Earnings etc.

Highest representation of 11th House is in service of people or humanity. If a person with Sun in 11th house surrenders its life for a higher cause, they gain lot of confidence. They can be in a very high position in a large organization.

Since, 11th house is also Upachaya house, it means that they get success in mid 30’s and until then native needs to put a lot of efforts.

Sun’s ego may burn this house as there can be ego battles with friends, social network or siblings. In many cases, person might not have elder sibling.


Sun God in 12th House::

 Let us begin with Sun in 12th house. The output may change if Sun is in conjunction with another planet in 12th house.

Sun represents – King, Authority, Government, Father, Career, Top position, Ego, Etc

12th house represents- : Losses, Expenses, Isolated places, Foreign Lands, Asylum, Jails, Hospital etc.

Sun is ego and 12th house is house of losses. Such native’s early life lacks confidence or self esteem. These natives should work in Foreign lands since that provides the opportunity to for success and hence confidence.

These natives might be working for foreign government or their own government in Foreign land. They get to the authoritative position but after putting a lot of efforts in their life.

Such natives may have ego battles with religious gurus.


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