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Dhanishta - The Star of Symphony

Dhanishta  “ The Star of Symphony ”  23.20 Capricorn - 6:40 Aquarius   Symbol : A Drum ( Damaru of Lord Shiva ) A Bamboo Cane Flute” (Bansuri of Sri Krishna)  "Drummer " "Flute" Deity:   Asta   Vasus (The Elemental Gods, Deities of Earthly Abundance, the Solar Gods of Energy and Light)   Prithvi/ Dhara (Earth/ Support) Pavaka / Agni /Anala (Hot Fire/Living) Antariksha/ Aha (Space/ Pervading) Vayu/ Anila(Wind)  Dyaus/ Prabhasa(Sky/ Splendor) Aditya/ Pratyusha (The Sun/The Dawn) Nakshatrani/ Dhruva (Stars/PoleStar) Chandramas/ Soma(Moon/Soma Plant)   As we can see, all these eight deities carry within them the energies of different nakshatras. This makes Dhanishta sort of compendium of the energies of earlier nakshatras i.e. specifically Ashwini, Krittika, Mrigashira, Swati, and Purvashadha. These eight Vasus are supposed to be wealthy and skilled at music. Meaning :   " The Most Famous”, “The Most Hear