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Uttara Bhadrapada - The Warrior Star

Uttara Bhadrapada  "The Warrior Star"  (3:20 Pisces to 20:00 Pisces)   Symbol : "Serpent with two and its half coils ” (Symbol of  Kundalini)  "Back part of the funeral cot" (Symbol of exit from the world)                                               Symbol Of Kundalini Exit from the World Short Mythology : Sage Narada was Supposed to decide an Argument between Lakshmi and Saturn, in deciding who was the greatest. Sage then answered diplomatically by saying that both were equal in the sense that when Lakshmi comes power comes into one's life and when Saturn left, power comes into one's life. Deity:    Ahir Budhyana - He is the Water Serpent and the Dragon of the Deep Seas.God of Fertility, Kundalini, Son of Vishwakarma- the Celestial Architect.   Meaning:   “ The latter lucky feet"- The name mainly Symbolises the Beautiful Leg Foot.    Stars : Thre are two Bright stars in the Uttara Bhadrapada whi