Uttara Bhadrapada - The Warrior Star

Uttara Bhadrapada "The Warrior Star"  (3:20 Pisces to 20:00 Pisces)


"Serpent with two and its half coils(Symbol of  Kundalini)

 "Back part of the funeral cot" (Symbol of exit from the world)

Symbol Of Kundalini

Exit from the World

Short Mythology :

Sage Narada was Supposed to decide an Argument between Lakshmi and Saturn, in deciding who was the greatest. Sage then answered diplomatically by saying that both were equal in the sense
that when Lakshmi comes power comes into one's life and when Saturn left, power comes into one's life.


Ahir Budhyana - He is the Water Serpent and the Dragon of the Deep Seas.God of Fertility, Kundalini, Son of Vishwakarma- the Celestial Architect.


The latter lucky feet"- The name mainly Symbolises the Beautiful Leg Foot. 

Thre are two Bright stars in the Uttara Bhadrapada which look like the back legs of the funeral cot.

· Ruler: The Star is governed by Saturn.
It shows the Expansiveness nature of this nakshatra.

·   Yoga Tara Degree: 15 Degree 
·   Nakshatra Trimurti: Vishnu (Maintain).
·   Guna: Tamasic.
·  TavattaIt belongs to the Ether element.
·   Gana:  Uttara Bhadrapada has a Manushya temperament.
·   Aim: Kama Purpose /Goal of Life.
·   Animal: The animal symbol is a Female Cow.
·   Bird: Owl
·   Tree: Neem
·  Caste:  Brahmin.
·  Direction: West to North.
·  Part of the body: The Sides of the Body including sides of the legs.
· Tridosha: Pitta
·  Power(Shakti): 
Bringing of the rain (Basis Above- raining clouds Basis Below-  growing of planets Result- Stability of three worlds)

·    Pada in Navamsa:

Pada 1 Leo Navamsa ruled by Sun(3:20-6:40) This pada represents the active, illuminating, proud and achievement side of this nakshatra.

Pada2  Virgo Navamsa ruled by Mercury(6:40-10:00) This pada has more of an analytical, calculative and planning side to this pada.

Pada3 Libra Navamsa ruled by  Venus. (10:00-13:20) This pada relates to balance, peace and passive sort of things.

Pada 4 Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars (13:20:00-16:40). This pada is more of an occult, mysterious and hidden aspect of this nakshatra.

· Sounds/Alphabet:  Du, Thaa , Jna, dha

  1. It is an Upward Nakshatra. It looks after the expansion and betterment of the things.
  2. It can give Prosperity also as it is related to the Lakshmi.
  3. they are best healers, Good counselors, tantric, have Quick wit, Intelligence and they like to do creative work.
 Indications: This is " The Warrior Star".

  • This nakshatra relates to the deepwater sea dragon Ahirbudhiya so this People love being near water, Swimming pool, Sea Ocean. 
  • At these places, they feel calm and get many ideas, their intuition increases. Home or Office near Water also gives Prosperity. 
  • They can also have a flexible body.
  • Womens who have this nakshtra are very lucky. This nakshatra is also related to Lakshmi. They Bring in wealth to the Spouse it is one of the prosperous nakshatras. Such people are fascinated by deep-sea creatures.
  • These people feel very insecure they are like they may lose something in life. They can get into Scandals and the theme of sex can also play out if the whole chart supports it.  They deal with lots of pressure which can get better with time. 

  • They are extremely mystical. They are mostly vegans and love to have a healthy lifestyle. They may feel they are not worthy of Something or they will feel other people will not give them the value they deserve. They are insecure about Spouse also like they could be checking there phone.
  •  They have some karma with Social Media so they should be very careful when dealing with Social Media.
  •  They have a love for colours, can make good filmmakers, they love to arrange things. The very high-level energy of UttraBhadrapada can change the weather.
  •  It is like they have powers if they can awaken their kundalini or Third eye there could be thunderstorms. 
  • These are very Spiritual people. They connect supernatural things on earth. They peacefully listen to other people's problems. They also like to talk against Social reforms, Government, etc. 
  • If they do meditation practices they can easily know their Past lives. They love to swim or be in water like deep-sea driving.
  •  Lunar Month and Day :
It can be seen as the ruler of the middle 9 days of the month known as Bhadrapada. This usually falls in the solar calendar month of September. Uttarabhadrapada is also related to Navami  of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon's monthly cycle

  • Favourable Activities:

All Peaceful Activities, Meditation, and Psychic Abilities, Financial Dealings, Construction Activities.

  • Unfavorable Activities:

Travelling, Dealing with enemies, Quick Actions, Not good for lending money.


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