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Mula -The Foundation Star

Mula  “The Foundation Star”   00' 00’ – 13' 20’ Sagittarius · Symbol: "Bunch of Roots Tied Together " (Reticulated Roots) "Elephant’s Goad" (handling and training of elephants),(Ankush) "DEEP- ROOTED" "Elephant Goad" · Deity: Nirruti (Goddess of Dissolution, Calamity, and Destruction) She is the goddess who brings about  a  new creation, after the initial destruction Powerful Goddess, Mahakali. She is also called “ Alakshmi” Prajapati (Lord of Progeny and Creation) as the Sub Deity of this Nakshatra · Short Mythology : Goddess Alakshmi, the goddess of poverty, and the elder sister of Lakshmi who is also called Jyestha. Lakshmi the goddess of Prosperity is supposed to visit Jyestha, her elder sister every Saturday to the Pipal tree, and will follow anyone back to their home who goes to pay respect to the Pipal tree on Saturday. Kali is connected to the black hole that is driving the center of the m