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Punarvasu - The Star of Renewal

Punarvasu  " The Star of Renewal "  20 00’ Gemini - 03 20’ Cancer   Symbol : Bow and Quiver(Symbol of  Desire And Ambition) Bow Arrows ·   Deity:   The deity here is Aditi the mother of gods . Her power is the ability to gain wealth or substance. Aditi is the earth goddess who grants all abundances and gives birth to all gods. ·     Meaning:       Punarvasu includes two words punar which means “repetition” repeat or again and Vasu means “a ray of light” a gem or jewel . Vasu also means good or prosperous. The vasu are eight Deities who gives the foundation for cosmic and earthy abundance. Primary Motivation is artha or material Prosperity. This nakshatra is also called the star of renewal and indicates the purification of self, change of personality and the return of the light. ·   Ruler:  The Star is governed by Jupiter.  ·       Yoga Tara Degree:  21 And 26 degree ·   Short    Mythology : Aditi, the wife of Kashyapa rishi, is t