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Bharani - The Star Of Restraint

Bharani    " The Star Of  Restraint "   13.00 - 26.40 Aries   Symbol : "The Vulva or Celestial Yon i  " (the Female Organ of Reproduction) ,    “ Clay Pot” or " Womb" that Contains Shakti the Divine Feminine Creative Power. "Animal Elephant" "Women bearing Child" Deity :   Yama ( the lord of death )also (the King of Dharma (Justice) ) He is the God who upholds the Code of Social Morality and Rules the South Direction. He is also associated with the is Yama's duty to assign the life paths for the souls who have left their earthly bodies, it becomes clear that he has to be well versed in the laws of karma and dharma.   Meaning:  The Woman who Bears   Stars : Bharani has the power of Venusian energ y , is represented in the celestial firmament by a group of three faint stars forming a triangle in the constellation of Aries. The ancient Vedic seers saw these stars as forming t