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Shravana - The Star of Learning

Sharavna   "The Star of Learning " 10.00 -23.20 Capricorn  ·   Symbol : “The Ear” or “Three Footprints /Footsteps” or “The Arrow” "Headphone" "Ear" ·    Deity  : Vishnu (Preserver of Universe) Vamana Avatara of Vishnu also called Trivikrama (3 footsteps),  Saraswathi (Goddess of Learning) ·    Meaning : Shravana translates as "hearing" and the symbol of this star is the ear.  This is a nakshatra of listening and learning. The one who limps  (Vishnu’s three steps) ·    Stars: Shravana, the apex of lunar energy , is represented in the celestial firmament by three bright stars in the constellation known as Aquila (the Eagle) . In modern astronomy, these stars are known as Alpha-Aquilae (Altair), Beta-Aquilae (Alshain) & Gamma-Aquilae (Tarazed). These three stars can be seen huddled together on top of the constellation of Capricon                                 ·   Ruler:  The Star i