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Dhanishta - The Star of Symphony

Dhanishta  “ The Star of Symphony ”  23.20 Capricorn - 6:40 Aquarius   Symbol : A Drum ( Damaru of Lord Shiva ) A Bamboo Cane Flute” (Bansuri of Sri Krishna)  "Drummer " "Flute" Deity:   Asta   Vasus (The Elemental Gods, Deities of Earthly Abundance, the Solar Gods of Energy and Light)   Prithvi/ Dhara (Earth/ Support) Pavaka / Agni /Anala (Hot Fire/Living) Antariksha/ Aha (Space/ Pervading) Vayu/ Anila(Wind)  Dyaus/ Prabhasa(Sky/ Splendor) Aditya/ Pratyusha (The Sun/The Dawn) Nakshatrani/ Dhruva (Stars/PoleStar) Chandramas/ Soma(Moon/Soma Plant)   As we can see, all these eight deities carry within them the energies of different nakshatras. This makes Dhanishta sort of compendium of the energies of earlier nakshatras i.e. specifically Ashwini, Krittika, Mrigashira, Swati, and Purvashadha. These eight Vasus are supposed to be wealthy and skilled at music. Meaning :   " The Most Famous”, “The Most Hear

Jyestha - Eldest Star

Jyestha   " Eldest Star"   16.00 Scorpio to 30.00 Scorpio   Symbol : "  Umbrella ” (Symbol of  Security and Protection) Symbol of Protection Earring Short Mythology : Indra, king of the gods, used his vajra and deep intense side to defeat the dragon Vrittarsur as he had earlier lost his Kingdom by disrespecting Brihaspati. This Nakshatra relates to Indra, who seduced the wife of the sage when he was not in his home. The sage then cursed Indra. Indra was once angry with the Krishna villagers that he didn't make any ritual sacrifices for him and he sent some heavy rains and flooding. Krishna protected the villagers by lifting Mount Govardhan and providing them the secret and hence it has the symbol of the umbrella. Indra was the most cursed diety of all the deities. So Jyestha natives should try to respect women and have self-discipline. Deity:   Indra -  It is the King of the Gods. Indra was regarded as the rain go

Magha - Star of Power

   Magha   " The Star Of Power "     00 00’ – 13 20’ Leo   Symbol :  " Royal Thrones ”(Symbol of Power, Status) "Royal Chair" Deity:   Pitris ( The Family Ancestors, The Forefathers of Humanity s )   Meaning:  Magha is like "Mega"“ Magnificent ”, " Mighty", "Th e Great On e", "Master"   Stars : Magha, the brightest and largest amongst nakshatras, is represented in the night sky by a sickle-shaped group of stars in front of the royal constellation of Leo. The brightest among these is Regulus or Alpha-Leon . Consisting of 5 stars, this star looks like a palanquin. "Regulus" ·   Ruler:  The Star is governed by  KETU. ·       Yoga Tara Degree:   6 Degree ·     Short Mythology Story : The importance of th e Pitris has seen in the story of Karna who after death who had a place to live, and riches and wealth in the world of the dead, but didn't have any f

Rohini - Star of Ascent

Rohini    "Star of Ascent"   10.00 Taurus to 23.20 Taurus   Symbol :  " Ox-Cart ”( Symbol of  Fertility ) “  Chariot“ (Symbol of  All kinds of Conveyances) Short Mythology : This Nakshatra relates to Brahma, who had created a daughter and fell in love with her and wanted to pursue her but the chase was cut short by Shiva. Rohini Nakshatra is also linked with Lord Krishna and his Rasleela. How he had a mesmerizing effect on the Gopiyas and the Extraordinary charm and magnetism are related to this. Rohini was the favorite wife of Chandra as he neglected her eldest sister Jyestha and Moon was cursed by his father-in-law Daksha for ignoring Jyeshta and other wives of  Moon. In order to make Chandrama free from the curse, Mahadev had to place him on his head as Daksh's curse doesn't get in vain. Mahadev boomed Chandrama that 15 days of the month he would face the curse and the remaining 15 days he would be growing to larger extend. Th