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Shatabhisha --The Hundred Stars

Shatabhisha “The Hundred Stars”, “The Veiling Star”, “Fortunate Star of the King"   ( 6-40′ to 20-00′ Aquarius) ·   Symbol : " An Empty Circle”, “A 100 Flowers or Stars", "Hundred Medicines" "EMPTY RING" "EMPTY RING" ·   Deity  : Varuna :God of the Rains/ Cosmic & Terrestrial Waters, Sky and Earth). Also the Mystical Healer and the Lord of “Maya” or Illusions.  Varuna is also referred to as the “ Dark Sun” or “Midnight Sun” or “God of the Night Sky ”   Rig Veda declares Varuna as the Chief of the Asuras and the Netherland along with his Brothers the Nagas " RAIN " ·    Meaning : The symbol of Shatabhisha is an " empty circle ", which indicates the ability to explore mysteries and philosophies of the unknown. Shatabhisha is a secretive star with a focus on the hidden powers of life. This may lead to a reclusive life and those born under this star must be cautious