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Purva Bhadrapada - The Scorching Star

Purva Bhadrapada  "The Scorching Star"   20.00 Aquarius  3:20 Pisces   Symbol : "Man with Two Faces ” (Symbol of  Different side of a Personality rather than they have)   "Front part of the funeral cot" (Symbol of exit from the world)                                                 Dual Personality Exit from the World Short Mythology stories related to it: Aja Ekaprada is connected with the Storms through Rudra and he is connected with the funeral rites and can be considered to be the spiritual fire that purifies one's soul. The animal Lion shows the connected with Goddess Durga who killed Mahishasur. God Narsimha, Half Man Half Lion Avatar of Lord Vishnu had the purpose to save his child Devotee Prahlad from his father Hiranya Kashyap. Hiranya Kashyap was killed under a unique set of conditions. Deity:   Aja Ekaprada - The God which looks at all kinds of Black Magic. He is connected with Floods, Storm, Floods and Extreme oc