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20. Purvasadha--Invincible Star

Purvasadha   " Invincible Star"   13.20 Sagittarius to 26.40 Sagittarius   Symbol : " Winnowing Basket" (Uncovering Hidden Baskets)   "Hand Held Fan" (glitzy, glamorous and Shy aspect ) Winnowing Basket Handheld Fan Short Mythology stories related to it: The Diety of Purvasadha is Apah, the Cosmic waters. This nakshatra is connected with the breaking of the elephant tusk which signifies the declaration of the war. Hanuman is said to have created an alternative version of the Ramayan, that even surpassed the original version of the one created by the Sage Valmiki over a period of 12 years. Valmiki was brought down to tears and he went to throw his book on to the ocean with the Sage on his shoulder. Sage said that he could be reborn in another age as Hanuman's devotee. Deity:  Apah - The Goddess of the water, known as the female Counterparts of Varuna.   Meaning:   “ The Invincible Star", its main focus is