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Eighth House :: Life of Transformation

   Eighth House Of Astrology- Wh at Is It? The 8th house is obviously the most misunderstood of all the houses. It represents the eternal mysteries, that which we least understand about ourselves. "It's Like Self to Stay In Dark To Provide Light in Other People Life"- Lamp (Diya) The Eighth House symbolizes  issues of death and rebirth  sudden gains  underneath wealth fears or anxiety,  accidents sexuality  regeneration taxes wills   inheritance  & legacies sex (the actual act of sex) l atent occult ability joint resources your partner’s money and possessions ( spouse’s money) in-laws house bankruptcy losses occult mysticism research personal sacrifices alimony the subconscious mind (things hidden)  clairvoyance the ruler of death as it controls each and every aspect of death and transformation . 8th house is the key to your secret power, your transformational potential. Without understanding the essence of transformation, pain, and suffering