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Krittika- The Star Of Fire

Krittika   " The Star Of Fire"   26.40 Aries to 10:00 Taurus   Symbol : "Knife/Spear”(Symbol of  Cutting and Penetration)  "Peacock" (Symbol of martial nature) Knife                                                   Peacock Short Mythology : The God Of Fire Agni is the Deity Associated with this nakshatra. A story of Agni was cursed to have insatiable Appetite after he stared at the naked bodies of the wives of the Saptarishis. One more diety associated with this is Karthik. Karthik is Supposed to have 6 heads so as to give help to each of the 6 mothers. Karthik goes on to defeat Taraksur becoming the leader of the Army of the Devas wielding the spear as his Weapon and Peacock as his vehicle. e was the commander-general of the Devas. Kartakaya also left his Father Shiva after he was Frustrated with him as he was favouring him most of the time as during the competition of Golden Fruit he lost to Ganesha. Deity:   Kar

Mula -The Foundation Star

Mula  “The Foundation Star”   00' 00’ – 13' 20’ Sagittarius · Symbol: "Bunch of Roots Tied Together " (Reticulated Roots) "Elephant’s Goad" (handling and training of elephants),(Ankush) "DEEP- ROOTED" "Elephant Goad" · Deity: Nirruti (Goddess of Dissolution, Calamity, and Destruction) She is the goddess who brings about  a  new creation, after the initial destruction Powerful Goddess, Mahakali. She is also called “ Alakshmi” Prajapati (Lord of Progeny and Creation) as the Sub Deity of this Nakshatra · Short Mythology : Goddess Alakshmi, the goddess of poverty, and the elder sister of Lakshmi who is also called Jyestha. Lakshmi the goddess of Prosperity is supposed to visit Jyestha, her elder sister every Saturday to the Pipal tree, and will follow anyone back to their home who goes to pay respect to the Pipal tree on Saturday. Kali is connected to the black hole that is driving the center of the m

Timing of Marriage

Timing Of Marriage What Conditions make Early or Late Marriage Early Marriage - Conditions: 1. If the Lagna or the 7th house contains only benefics and the 7th lord does not come under malefic influence. 2. There are no malefics in the 2nd or 8th houses 3. Benefics are not retrograde. 4. Venus is not combust. Normal Marriage - Conditions: 1. The Lagna or the 7th house contains mild malefics, like the Sun, Rahu, Ketu. 2. The 2nd and 8th houses containS mild malefics like the Sun, Rahu, Ketu. 3. Benefics are not retrograde. 4. Venus is not combust. 5. But the 7th lord comes under malefic influence. Late Marriage - Conditions 1. Stronger malefics, Saturn, and Mars influence the 1/7 house axis. 2. Stronger malefics, Saturn, and Mars influence the 2/8 house axis. 3. The 7th lord is aspected by strong malefics. 4. The 7th lord is combust. 5. Benefics are retrograde. 6. Venus is combust. 7. Jupiter fights a lone battle to have a marriage solemnized.

Pushya - Star of the Nourishment

Pushya  " Star of the Nourishment" ( 3.20 Cancer to 16.40 Cancer)   Symbol : "Flower"( Symbol of Happiness, Cheerfulness) " Udder of a Cow ” (Symbol of  Nourishment and Care) Flower Udder of a Cow Short Mythology stories related to it: Brihaspati was also very much involved in his work with the Gods as a spiritual teacher and a master of ceremonies and rituals, he ignored his wife Tara. Tara eloped with his moon god Chandra, and become Pregnant. Brihaspati had waged a war against Chandra with the Devas. Eventually, the war had been subdued when Brihaspati agreed to adopt the child Mercury as he was very intellect. Deity:  Brihaspati  - He is the Lord of Power, Guru Of the Gods.He is involved with the counseling, advising. He is the author of Books on Law, Politics and Artha Shastra. He is the Teacher of Astrology and Astronomy.                                                Meaning:  “ The Nourisher" - the one

Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi

Brighu Chakra Paddhati Bhrighu Chakra Paddhati (BCP) is a predictive method mention in the classic Chandra Kala Nadi. It was decoded by Saptrishi Astrology by decoding the shlokas of the classic. Well known past astrologers were aware of this method but never publicly discussed this unique method  of prediction In this method, every house represents a year of your life. Houses in Astrology 1 house – 1, 13, 25…. 2 house – 2, 14, 26… 3 house – 3, 15, 27 4 house – 4, 16, 28 5 house – 5, 17, 29 6 house – 6,18, 30 7 house – 7,19, 3 1 8 house - 8, 20, 32 9 house – 9, 21, 33 10 house – 10, 22, 34 11 house – 11, 23, 35 12 house – 12, 24, 36 And so on…  we will have every year represented by each house. Here, the moment you are born you are in your first year. When you will complete this one year, you will be in your second year and so on. Using this method, I will tell you a simple way to predict a relationship or a marriage. Do rem

Revati - The Wealthy Star

Revati  "The Wealthy Star"( 16.40 Pisces-30.00 Pisces)    Symbol : "Drum/Pair of Fishes”(Indicates a Path and Soul Journey in water) "Valampiri Shank" Pair Of Fishes Drums Short Mythology stories related to it: In Daksha's Yagna, Pushan was eating the thing which was presented to him but out of nowhere Rudra came and knocked out his teeth. This is also linked with the Princess Revati who has been the wife of Lord Balaram. Princess and his father searched for her man in the Brahma Loka. Brahma had said that the only, man suitable in this yuga was Balaram. Balaram used his plough to make Reavtis's height shorter than her normal height. Deity:   Pushan   - He is one of the 12 Adityas, he is the protector of flocks and herds and the deity of safe travels.   Pushan is also the ruler of the roads and the lord of the lost things.  He was a  Supportive Guide.                                                   Meaning:  “