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Wealth and Astrology

2nd  house(Dhan bhava) is most important as the name itself denotes wealth, saving, bank balance.  5th  house(House of Deeds) shows in what way your skills are getting developed. It's also the house of speculative gains. The 6th  house is the place of critical analysis and problem-solving skills. Without this mankind would’ve been doomed forever. The 8th  house(House of Sudden events) is the place of gains through others. This type of gain can be insurance and inheritance. The 9th  house is Bhagya Bhava (house of luck). No matter how talented and confident you’re, if luck shows up at your doorstep you’re not gonna deny it. 10th  house is your career(House of Karma). You’re meant to use all your skills and luck in your career to get success and fame through the next house. Yes, the  11th  house brings all the gains and favorable events in your life. 11th lord placement and dignity show what you’ll gain and in what way you’ll gain throughout your life. 2nd and 11th houses are interco