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Eighth House :: Life of Transformation

   Eighth House Of Astrology- Wh at Is It? The 8th house is obviously the most misunderstood of all the houses. It represents the eternal mysteries, that which we least understand about ourselves. "It's Like Self to Stay In Dark To Provide Light in Other People Life"- Lamp (Diya) The Eighth House symbolizes  issues of death and rebirth  sudden gains  underneath wealth fears or anxiety,  accidents sexuality  regeneration taxes wills   inheritance  & legacies sex (the actual act of sex) l atent occult ability joint resources your partner’s money and possessions ( spouse’s money) in-laws house bankruptcy losses occult mysticism research personal sacrifices alimony the subconscious mind (things hidden)  clairvoyance the ruler of death as it controls each and every aspect of death and transformation . 8th house is the key to your secret power, your transformational potential. Without understanding the essence of transformation, pain, and suffering

Mrigashira - The Star Of Searching

Mrigashira    "The Star Of Searching"   23.Taurus - 6.40 Gemini · Symbol: "Deer's Head”   (Symbol of  Gentle aspects of Nature) "Hunting Trophies"   (Symbol of  Show Off) "Wandering" "DEER" "Hunting Trophies" · Deity:   Soma, Chandra (The Moon God), God of Soma (Nectar) or Immortality The deity is Soma who is the god of the immortal nectar. The Soma is the nectar of immortality that drips down from the head or the crown chakra. It is in the mind, like when we reach those deep states of inner bliss and ecstasy. That bliss of creation and existence, being drunk with god is being drunk on the Soma. · Meaning:  The deer is a beautiful symbol in between Taurus and Gemini because it is a four-legged animal like Taurus but it is skittish like a deer. It is also very tactile and quite sensual like a deer will smell the earth and enjoy the beauty of nature. These are all qualities of Mrigashi

Ashlesha - The Star Of Clinging

Ashlesha  "The Star Of Clinging"   16.40 Cancer to 30 .00 Cancer   Symbol : "Coiled Snake”  (Symbol of  Cunning, Insight, Perception) "COILED SNAKE" Short Mythology: Vishnu is lying on a Naga. Vasuki was the naga that was used to churn the cosmic ocean to obtain Amrit. Naga is the children of Sage Kashyapa and the mother Kadru. Garuda wants to break free from slavery from Kadru and asks a way to break from slavery. The Nagas Suggested Garuda get the elixir of immortality Amrit form Indra. They then went to the Indra and convinced him of the Amrit But when They were giving it to the Nagas then Indra comes and takes it away. Some drops of it are fallen on the ground and the Nagas then try to lick it. The sharp blades of Grass in the ground are seen as a reason for the nagas to have forked tongues. A story revolves around Emperor Janamejaya of the Keru Empire who had ascended to the throne of the Hastinapura upon the death of his

Uttaraphalguni - Star of Patronage

Uttaraphalguni   "Star of Patronage"   26.40 Leo to  10.00 Virgo   Symbol : "Two Back Legs of the Bed” (Symbol of  Doing Things such as Reading, Writing on the bed) "Fully Grown fig Tree" ( Symbol of Productivity ) Reading in the Bed Fully Grown Tree Short Mythology stories related to it: It is believed that Shiva got married to Parvati in this Constellation. This nakshatra is also associated with the bull. Nandi is the mount of Shiva. For offering Prayer to Lord Shiva , one has to first whisper his prayers to Nandi's ear. Arjuna and Ganesh Chaturthi is also linked with this nakshatra. Deity:   Aryaman  - He is one of the 12 Adityas. He is Ruling over Patronage, Favours, Contracts, and Kindness . It is seen as a diety which emphasizes mainly on friendship. He is considered Chief among the ancestors. He is the guard of the sacred laws.                                                     Meaning:   “ The Latter

Hasta - The Golded Handed Star

Hasta  "The Golded Handed Star"   10.00 Virgo to 23 .20 Virgo   Symbol : "Hands” (Symbol of  Sun Rays denoting determination) "Laughter/Comedy" ( Symbol of  Humorous and Witty Character) Creation with Hands Comedian on Platform Short Mythology stories related to it: Savitur is the deity of this nakshatra who paves the way for Savitur to walk. So a theme of help from the elder Sister can be seen here. He is involved in the famous Gayatri Mantra. This mantra from Rig Veda is very estoric and is supposed to contain the deepest secrets of the universe with it. Deity:   Savitur  - He is seen as the God who gives life and helps with childbirth. He has the ability to manifest what we are seeking and place it in the hands. He is also the source of Creative and Proactive energy                                                     Meaning:   “ The Golden Handed hand" , the name itself reveals a lot about its activities with