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Rohini - Star of Ascent

Rohini    "Star of Ascent"   10.00 Taurus to 23.20 Taurus   Symbol :  " Ox-Cart ”( Symbol of  Fertility ) “  Chariot“ (Symbol of  All kinds of Conveyances) Short Mythology : This Nakshatra relates to Brahma, who had created a daughter and fell in love with her and wanted to pursue her but the chase was cut short by Shiva. Rohini Nakshatra is also linked with Lord Krishna and his Rasleela. How he had a mesmerizing effect on the Gopiyas and the Extraordinary charm and magnetism are related to this. Rohini was the favorite wife of Chandra as he neglected her eldest sister Jyestha and Moon was cursed by his father-in-law Daksha for ignoring Jyeshta and other wives of  Moon. In order to make Chandrama free from the curse, Mahadev had to place him on his head as Daksh's curse doesn't get in vain. Mahadev boomed Chandrama that 15 days of the month he would face the curse and the remaining 15 days he would be growing to larger extend. Th