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PurvaPhalguni - Fruit of the Tree

Purva Phalguni    " Fruit of the Tree " 13 . 2 0 L eo  to 26 . 4 0 Leo   ·  Symbol:     Front legs of a Bed(Marriage Bed) Fireplace(Higher Thoughts and Warmth is Experienced) The Couch (Sexual Pleasures are Experienced) Swinging Hammock(Rest and Relaxation) ·  Deity :  Bhaga is the deity of this nakshatra. Bhaga simply signifies Happiness, Delight, rest, relaxation, pleasure, affection, sexual passion, marital felicity.  ·  Stars : The four stars forming the scales in the constellation of Leo. It gives the ability to concentrate on relaxation, carefree nature . ·  Ruler:   The Star is governed by Venus. Venus is the ruling planet of this nakshatra reflecting the jovial and creative side of Venus. ·  Yoga Tara Degree : 17  degree ·  Mythology :          Bhaga is the god of good fortune, marital bliss, inheritances. He has mythology stories with Shiva where Shiva made him blind but eventually, shiva restored his sight. It is also t