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Ardra -The Star Of Achievement

ARDRA "The Star Of Achievement" 6.40 - 20.00 Gemini · Symbol: 'Teardrop' "Diamond" "Human Head" "DIAMOND" "Tear drops" '"SKULL" · Deity: Rudra The God of the Destructive Storms and Thunder. Lord of the Wild Animals and Medicines Called as Pashupati Nath "Rudraksha" Rudraksha means ‘ The Tear of Lord Shiva/Rudra’ . Rudraksha is currently used to alleviate the suffering and sorrows of the world and can be an effective remedial aid for Ardra natives. · Meaning: "The Moist One", "Fresh", "Green" Sweat is another physical phenomenon of moist Rudra translates into ”terrible”, ”ruddy red”, ”transformer” or ”howler” · Stars: Ardra, the seed of Rahu’s energy, consists of bright stars in the constellation of Orion, known in modern astronomy as Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis). · Rul