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Ashwini - The Star Of Transport

    ASHWINI     " The Star Of Transport "   00.00 - 13.20 ARIES   Symbol : " A Horse’s Head " ( A horse’s head conveys the idea of   ”a beginning” ) "Twins" "Twins Horse" "Ferrari"(Travelers) 1 ·    Deity :   Ashwin Kumaras are the Golden Armoured Horse Headed Twins, who are Physicians to the Gods. • The Friends of the Sick and Unfortunate. • They Scale the Shower their Healing Energies on the Earth ·     Meaning:   "Born of a Horse" or "Horsewoman"   ”Asvayuj”  (she who yokes horses) ·     Stars : Ashvini, beginning of everything, especially Ketu’s energies , is represented in the celestial firmament by two bright stars in the constellation of Mesha. Ancient Vedic saw a constellation of Mesha as forming a horse’s head, and thus these two stars were seen as making a similar pattern. These stars are known in modern astronomy as Alpha Arietes (Hamal) &