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Wealth and Astrology

  • 2nd house(Dhan bhava) is most important as the name itself denotes wealth, saving, bank balance. 

  • 5th house(House of Deeds) shows in what way your skills are getting developed. It's also the house of speculative gains.

  • The 6th house is the place of critical analysis and problem-solving skills. Without this mankind would’ve been doomed forever.

  • The 8th house(House of Sudden events) is the place of gains through others. This type of gain can be insurance and inheritance.

  • The 9th house is Bhagya Bhava (house of luck). No matter how talented and confident you’re, if luck shows up at your doorstep you’re not gonna deny it.

  • 10th house is your career(House of Karma). You’re meant to use all your skills and luck in your career to get success and fame through the next house.

  • Yes, the 11th house brings all the gains and favorable events in your life.

  • 11th lord placement and dignity show what you’ll gain and in what way you’ll gain throughout your life.

  • 2nd and 11th houses are interconnected i.e. whatever you store in 2nd house is gained from 11th and whatever you gain is based on the amount of resources you have already. So these both are acting as cause and effect to each other.

  • Strong connection between these two houses creates a strong Dhan yoga as in bringer of wealth in a chart.

  • 2nd and 11th lords connection shows the ways in which gains are coming.

  • 2nd, 6th and 10th are the Artha houses (house of materials). The placement and dignity of these lords will show your ability to gain materials.

  • The placements of natural benefics like Jupiter, Venus and functional benefics may bring lot of surprises in life.

Which are the Most Wealthy Nakshatras ??

Just check following Nakashtra linkage with Ascendent , 2th , 5th, 9th, and 11th house/lord or sun and moon nakshatra in the chart shows wealth fructification in Dasha-antar
Maximum planets in these Nakshatra will give results alone Planet will be challenging .
Also, Check Ashtakvarga of Asc 2,4,11 house show be greater than 30 and provide that 8,12 has fewer points

Rohini comes in naturally in the second house of resources and saving bank balance. and also known as Queen of the Nakshatra.
Has a huge desire for materials things jewelry clothes and gives access to resources

Revati is a huge elephant  known as the wealthiest through intellectual it's acquiring wealth here venus also gets Exalted

Vishakha is Jupiter ruled and in venus sign also Indra ruled God of kings They get wealth through their Career, Profession. Saturn has just Exalted here 20degrees

Uttarabhadrapda Saturn ruled itself born Star of Goddess Laxmi Warrior Star mainly born rich or through inheritance I have seen.
Swati Star of Self going independent they make money on thereon with business any deals etc Rahu nakshatras huge desire to be independent do something big on own.

Purvaphalguni Venus Nakshatra in sun ruled sign naturally falls in 5th house also know as the house of Purva Punya so they earn money by good deeds or inheritance Wealth by Luck.
Dhanishta Mars-ruled and exaltation of mars too also know as most wealthy Star also falls in natural 10th and 11th house they have a very ambitious approach towards wealth.

Uttarashada nakshatra is ruled by Sun and known as victorious one as Abhijeet degree falls here and naturally falls in 9th 10th house Abhijeet itself is Victorious one .

I Would like to add Two more Nakshatra that has Hunger of Power
Magha Nakshatra
Jyestha Nakshatra
Magha love to rule wants status, Position as diety is Pitris forefathers so are blessed with born in a rich family 
Jyestha is the Eldest one like King of the god Indra Chief Star

These people earn through Coveted Positions they have a strong desire to earn money and acquire a great position in life.
Another Nakshatra is also there but this Nakashtra I have observed a lot of Materialistic desire and has the power to achieve it as compared to others.



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