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Travel and settlement in Foreign Land

 Foreign Travel and Settlement Astrology 

Foreign Travel is on the Checklist of the Youngsters, But the chart should also represent the same some people go for a small tour, some go for higher education, some for jobs, some for settlement, some for hospitalization too. Let us try to understand the combinations of Foreign Travel in Astrology.

 If you are thinking about what is the Best Planetary Combination for foreign travel in astrology or the Best Yoga for going abroad.

Which Signs helps in Foreign travel?


The signs based on nature: Movable, Fixed, Dual
  • Chara Rashi or Movable sign-Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn
  • Sthira Rashi or Fixed Sign-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Dual Sign-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Movable signs are given Prime importance for there changing tendency is high in these signs. So when max Planets are placed in these signs, they give a changing tendency to the native-like changing of residence, changing of job, changing of the country.

Dual Sign can give short term foreign travel. So when max planets in Dual sign you may go abroad frequently but for a very short duration.

The signs are based on elements. They are - Fiery sign, Earthy Sign, Airy Sign, and watery Sign.

  • Fiery Sign-Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
  • Earthy Sign-Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
  • Airy Sign-Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
  • Watery Sign-Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Watery signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are for Traveling oversea across the sea. Cancer is both Movable and Watery sign. It is the natural 4th house. So it has special importance for foreign travel in astrology. The foreign travel/settlement possibility increases if watery Signs are  afflicted or ‘Paap Kartari

Which Planets helps in Foreign Travel Astrology

  • Rahu: Airy planet, Karaka for Foreign
  • Ketu: Airy planet 
  • Moon: Watery planet, Ruler of Natural 4th house
  • Saturn: Airy planet, Karaka of 8,12th house 
  • Venus: Watery planet and exalted in 12th sign
  • JupiterItself lord of natural 9 and 12th house
So when above maximum planets are in watery sign or movable sign indicates overseas travel.

  • Rahu is the Most important planet to travel abroad. Its a karaka for foreign things. If Rahu is well placed, it can give Foreign Travel in its Dasha and Antar-Dasha period. 
  • When Rahu or Ketu join lords of 7,8,9,12 foreign travel is involved. 
  • Foreign travel takes place in Rahu Dasa.
  • Rahu in the Ascendant or 7th also gives foreign travel.
  • The connection of Rahu with the lord of a particular house brings a foreign connection. Moon and Rahu in 10th means an important position in a foreign country.
  • Moon being natural 4th Lord , it has being given importance when thinking about Foreign settlement.
  • When Moon is placed in Kendra(1,4,7,10) the person can travel a lot within the country as well as outside of the country. This combination is mostly found in the horoscopes of leaders who travel a lot.
  • Moon in Pisces and Cancer means foreign travel especially when conjunct or aspected by nodes more chances.
  • Venus placed in 6th, 8th, 12th from Moon means to travel abroad.
  • Moon in the 12th, 8th, or 9th House especially exalted Moon in the 12th gives prosperity in a foreign land with residence abroad.
  • Venus being Watery planet And Exalted In Natural 12th House
  • Venus in Aries or Cancer gives foreign travel.
  • Venus in the 12th itself good for taking one abroad.(LUXUIRES LIFE IN FOREIGN LAND)
  • Mars Venus or Saturn Venus in the 9th may give foreign residence.
  • Saturn is Airy Planet can represent air travel
  • Saturn itself is karaka for 8 and 12 houses too.
  • Saturn in 12th causes separation and life spent abroad.
  • Jupiter being karaka of air gives travels abroad.
  • Jupiter in the 9th or 12th house indicates foreign travels for higher education.
  • Jupiter Rules the natural 9th and 12th house.
  • If Jupiter is exalted, or in its own sign in Kendra or in trine from Ascendant, one visits the west. 
  • Jupiter with Rahu indicates contacts with foreigners and settlement abroad.

Which Nakshatras helps in Foreign Travel Astrology?

  • Dhruva (FIXED) - Rohini, Uttara Phalguni, Uttarashada, UttaraBhadra
  • Tikshna (HARSH) - Ardra, Ashlesha, Mula, Jyeshta
  •  Ugra (FIERCE) - Bharani, Magha, PurvaPhalguni, Purva Shada, Purva Bhadra
  •  Kshipra (QUICK) - Ashwini, Pushya, Hasta, Abhijit
  •  Mridu (SOFT) - Mrigashira, Chitra, Anuradha, Revati
  •  Mridu-Tikshna (MIXED) - Krittika, Vishakha
  •  Chara (MOVEABLE) - Punarvasu, Swati, Shravana, Dhanishta, Shatabhishak.

Mainly Planet in Chara and Kshpira nakshatra like  Ashwini, Pushya, Hasta, Abhijit, Punarvasu, Swati, Shravana, Dhanishta, Shatabhishak Supports Foreign traveling Frequently.

Among all these Anuradha is having more Vibes to adapt the foreign culture easily so these nakshatras also support foreign travel.  

Houses Involved in Foreign Travel Astrology

Houses – Ascendant, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th, and 12th

  • Ascendant /lord: Self inclination
  • 3rd house/lord: Short distance 12th from 4th
  • 4th house/lord: Own Country (afflicted 4th house suggests movements away from home)
  • 5th house/lord: Overseas travel for Higher Studies
  • 7th house/lord: Medium distance traveling and professional/business tours.
  • 8th house/lord: Research, and 9th to 12th house, 12th to 9th house.
  • 9th house/lord: Long-distance traveling, Religious places , visit of holy places (Native gets luck, fame, and wealth)
  • 10th house/lord: Nature of profession
  • 11th house/lord: Source of income, Mncs, large organization
  • 12th house/lord: Indicates very long-distance traveling, living abroad.

Ascendant First House – 
  • Ascendant Self inclination is needed.
  • Ascendant and its lord are in movable , dual ,watery sign indicate foreign travel.
  • Ascendant house/lord related to 3rd,7th,12th House nd Lord indicates foreign traveling.
  • If the ascendant is in movable sign, lord of ascendant posited in a movable sign and, a movable planet s aspects ascendant indicate the enhancement of fortune in a foreign place.
  • Lord of ascendant is a movable sign and posited in 9th trip for the purpose of pilgrimage/religious tour .
  • Ascendant lord,house related to Rahu by association,spect,indicates foreign tour.
  • Lord of 12th house counted from the lord of ascendant is in quadrant, trine, own sign, in friendly sign, exalted, surrounded by benefice planets indicates journey to a beautiful Spot.
  • Ascendant lord related with 12th house,lord
  • Asc lord in 7th House – native stays away from home
  • 12th house,lord counted from the lord of ascendant aspected by Jupiter/Moon/Venus indicates traveling to a very beautiful location (Venus/Moon)
Third House – 
  • 3rd house is the 12th to 4th house of own land some states away from home.
  • Short journeys are signified by the 3rd house and a planet in the 3rd house aspects the 9th house. 
  • The 3rd lord in the 12th has been seen to give detachment from relatives and residence abroad.
  • If the lord of the 9th house is in the 3rd house, foreign journeys particularly for the religious tours are undertaken.

Fourth House – 
  • The fourth house is the house of residence in our own country ONE OWN LAND .
  • Affliction 4th house takes a person abroad who settles down there. 
  • So basically malefic affecting the 4th house or 4th lord is needed to leave the homeland Such affliction these days takes the native away from his home.
  • 4th lord in 9th or 12th Long distance is seen.
  • 4th lord in 3rd Short travel or within a country can be seen.
  • How faraway It depends on the Dasa and Antar-Dasa running at a given time. (Also check if 4th lord from the Moon/Asc with the 12th house or the 12th lord.)
  • Placement of Strong Jupiter in 4th,12th house indicates detachment from the homeland it is Said that Native dwells in foreign land.
  • The 12th lord is exalted/strong in the 4th house – shows the luxurious property in a foreign country.

Seventh House – 

  • The 7th lord in the 12th and vice versa helps both business tours and also marriage in a foreign place or with foreigners.
  • This house also deals with foreign travel. If the lord of the 9th is in the 7th house with the 7th lord one earns in a foreign country.
  •  The 7th Lord in the 12th means seeing many foreign countries.

Eighth House – 
  • It is basically 12th to 9th house and 9th to the 12th house 
  • Connections between the 4th (homeland), 12th (foreign land), and the 8th (permanent foreign settlement) 
  • The affliction of the 4th house and presence of Benefics in the 8th house
  • Ascendant (1st house) and its connection with the 8th house or lord Any connection between the 12th house and 8th house
  • Dasha Antardasha of the 8th, 9th, or 12th house lords for the timing of the events
  • 8th connection can also show travel for Research purposes.
  • 8th connection can also show travel for treatment of sickness. 
  • Instead of travel by the sea, it should be taken to mean crossing the sea.

Ninth House – 
  • The 9th house signifies Long Distance Journeys. The 9th lord in the 9th with Rahu makes one’s father famous in a foreign country. 
  • 5th and 9th connection brings higher studies travel 
  • 10th and 9th connections bring Long Distance Travel for career/profession.
  • The relation between the 9th house/lord with 3rd/7th/12th house/lord indicates the enhancement of fortune abroad.
  • The Dasha of lord of 9th or the planet placed in the 9th house indicates long journeys.
  • The relation between the 9th house/lord with 3rd/7th/12th house/lord indicates the enhancement of fortune abroad.
  •  Lords of 9th and 12th Connection indicates long-distance journey for higher education or for learning purpose distance journey for higher education or for learning purpose.
Twelfth House – 

  • The twelfth house is a primary house for considering all matters related to foreign countries.
  • The 12th house/lord is in movable signs indicates frequent foreign tours.
  • If the 12th house is a movable or common sign, it gives better results. If it is a fixed sign, there is no living abroad but only visits to foreign countries.
  • The 12th house has been given a major role for residence in a foreign country. It is 4th from the 9th, it can mean living in a house which is 4th from the 9th. (foreign travel)
  •  An afflicted 12th house or 12th lord gives foreign travels.
  • Jupiter/Rahu placed in the 12th house indicates the possibility of foreign tours.
  • The 10th lord in the 12th house (or 12th lord in 10th) gives professionally international connections. 
  • Placement of strong Jupiter in 4th/12th house indicates detachment from the homeland.
  • 10th and 12th lords connectivity (10th L in 12th; 12th L in 10th; 10th and 12th L conj / mutual aspect ) shows that natives will work abroad. (The 12th house also represents jails, hospitals, moksha not merely foreign countries.)

Settling Abroad

  • Two malefic influences on the fourth house from ascendant / Moon
  • The role of Rahu/Ketu and its connection with the 4th house and/or the 4th lord 
  • Fourth house/lord is afflicted or the fourth lord is ill-placed (6, 8 & 12) Duststhana in a chart, a person leaves his native place to settle abroad and prosper there
  • Rahu, the well-known Foreign planet causes such movement in its major or sub-period. 
  • The fourth lord associated with Rahu can do the same work as Rahu generally does.
  • Rahu will always Bring  Foreign connection 
  • Rahu/Ketu should be connected via conjunction or Nakshatra exchange with 4th lord or 4th house.
  • If Rahu is in 12th house with 9th lord especially in a watery sign will surely give foreign Travel in its Dasha-Antardasha. Planets Like Rahu or Saturn in the 12th house can give a foreign settlement.
  • Lord of the house of marriage or the 7th house is associated with the 8th, 9th, or 12th house or its Lords, it indicates foreign travel after marriage.(Foreign Spouse)
  • The role of Bhagya (9th lord) is also important. It generally shows connections with 12,9,8 or 6 houses.
  • Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces must be connected with 7th 9th 12th houses with benefic association provided Rahu Must be strong in Sign.
  • Examine all these from the Moon and also in the navamsa.
  • Examine all these from the Pada Lagna also.
  • Chathuramsha also needs to examine for these when major things signify Better will be Output.

Purpose Of Traveling 

Foreign Travel for Education

  • The connection between houses/lords of 5th, 10th, 12th, 7th, and 9th.
  • Since the 8th house is a mysterious house and deals with deep researches as well as travel by sea, there would be sometimes involvement in this house also.
  • Education abroad is highly expensive, so the horoscope should promise enough means combined with average/above average intelligence.
  • The person concerned should be extremely brilliant so as to be able to get a scholarship for studies abroad. 
  • This can be easily established by strong 5th, 9th houses, and their lords, as well as strong placement of Mercury and Jupiter, significators for intellect and education.
  • Technical Education will show malefic Connection holistic  view is needed
  •  Most of the planets should be placed in movable or dual signs

Foreign Travel for Medical Treatment
  • The houses/lords of 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th would be involved with relevant dasa. 6th and 8th lords would show diseases, 
  • Whereas 7th, 9th, or 12th would depict foreign travel. 
  • Rahu/Ketu's influence 

Foreign Travel for  Job/Career
  • Besides what has already been stated, the involvement of the 7th and 8th houses would, somehow or the other, be there.
  • Saturn in 7th (since it gets Dig Bal) makes a person diplomatic and enterprising during residence abroad.
  • Venus with Saturn in the 9th makes a person a diplomat or otherwise engaged in similar work under a king or government.
  • The placement of the lord of 10th in 7th house makes one travel abroad on diplomatic missions.
  • If the l0th lord occupies the 12th house the native will have to work in a far off place.
  • Sometimes there will be involvement of the 8th house as this is the house of secrecy which involves diplomacy.

Foreign Spouse – (Few charts are given Priyank Chopra , Madhuri Dixit )

  • Rahu-Jupiter combination or Rahu Venus combination in the main birth chart and Navamsha chart as well indicates a high chance of getting a foreign spouse.
  • Rahu in 7th house and 7th lord in 9th house or 7th lord conjunct with 9th lord is indicative of a foreign spouse in astrology.  if 7th house happens to be the Pisces, Sagittarius
  • Rahu with Venus in 7th house with 12th lord is a strong connection for a foreign spouse. When Rahu is placed in the 7th house of the chart, it can Give Spouse from Faraway Place.
  • 7th lord in 3rd house (Lord goes 9 places away)
  • 7th lord in 6th house (Lord goes 12 places away)
  • When the 7th lord is posited in 12th house and if Rahu is also associated with this combination, it is a strong yoga for getting a foreign spouse in the chart.
  • Venus in the 9th house makes a person inclined towards different cultures and foreign things and such a person may get a foreign partner. 
  • In Jaimini astrology the planet having the lowest longitude in a birth chart is called Dara-karaka (DK) which represents marriage partner in both men's and women's charts. If this planet is influenced by Rahu / 9th house/12th house/or their lords shows Foreign Spouse.
  • when a girl is to marry in a far-place ,Saturn aspects her 4th house or 4th lord in direct or retrograde motion within one year of such an event. 

The Significance of Planets for foreign travel Ascendant wise based on 9,12 lord 

  • Jupiter for Aries ascendant (L9,12), 
  • Saturn for Taurus (L9)
  • Saturn and Venus for Gemini(L9,12) 
  • Jupiter and Mercury for Cancer
  • Mars and Moon for Leo
  • Venus and Sun for Virgo
  • Mercury for Libra
  • Moon and Venus for Scorpio
  • Sun and Mars for Sagittarius
  • Jupiter and Mercury for Capricorn
  • Saturn and Venus for Aquarius
  • Mars and Saturn for Pisces ascendant.

Suitable Timings for Foreign travel

Here are some important factors regarding this:

• Dasha or Antardasha of 9th or 12th house
• Dasha or Antardasha of planets associated with 9th or 12th house
• Mahadasha of Rahu 
• Mahadasha of Ketu
• Dasha or Antardasha of 6th house Planet has through 7th aspect they see 12th house
• Also consider 9th lord from Moon
• Depositor of 9th house
• Planets sitting in 8th house
• Operational periods of Jupiter and Rahu may give the possibility for overseas travel.
• Examine thing through Pada Lagna as well d4 chart.

 Returning to Home Land

Transit of Ketu / Saturn(Retrogression) over natal 12th lord may trigger termination (voluntarily or forcefully) of foreign residents of the native. But if there is simultaneous favorable aspect/conjunction of Jupiter / Venus such events may be Cancelled. In These Lockdown many such a horoscopes are observed that they were forced to return to their homeland.

Muhurta for Travelling

For Fruitful Journeys  - 

  • The best lunar days(Tithi) are the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 13th. The 14th lunar day and Full and New Moon days should be avoided at any cost. 
  • If a journey is undertaken in the following constellations, the person is supposed to return back early after satisfactorily completing his work:
  • Mrigasira, Ashwini, Pushya, Punarvasu, Hasta, Anuradha, Sravana, Moola, Dhanishta, and Revati.
  • No journey should be undertaken on days ruled by Krittika, Bharani, Ashlesha, Vishakha, PurvaPhalguni, Poorvabhadra and Ardra(being harsh in nature)
  • We have to emphasize that Bharani and Krittika should be invariably rejected.
  • Do not travel towards the East on Saturday and Monday; towards South on Thursday; towards West on Sunday and Friday and towards North on Wednesday and Tuesday. 
  • Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius are favorable signs for starting on a journey.
  • Rising sign at the time of the journey is one's Janma Rasi is highly favoured. But it should never be the sign of one's Janma Lagna.
  • Let Jupiter or Venus be well placed in Lagna at the time of starting. This
    makes the journey successful

 It must be noted that strict adherence to the astrological rules is impossible at times of emergency.

Supposing a friend or relative is seriously ill and he is to be visited.
There is no question of finding an auspicious date and time. The best thing to do is to begin the journey at the most auspicious hora of the day. If one is to go on a pilgrimage or on a pleasure trip or on business, arrangements for Which could be made in advance, a day conforming to all astrological considerations should be fixed. 

The most essential factors to be remembered in selecting a suitable day for travel are (a) a good lunar day, (b) a favorable constellation, (c) a well-fortified Lagna, and (d) the absence of Panchaka Dosha. If these are properly observed, that means alt astrological precautions will have been taken.

The following general combinations would be of the most important to the average person: -
  • Let the Moon be strong and dignified at the time of starting.
  • Avoid days of the vernal and autumnal equinox and the days on which the Sun enters a new sign every month.(14-15 OF THE EACH MONTH)
  • The Moon should be in the 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th and Jupiter in a Kendra from Lagna.
  • Start when the Moon is in Lagna fortified by the disposition of Jupiter or Venus in a Kendra.
  • Jupiter strong in Lagna and the Moon in any place other than the 8th would be a strong combination.
  • The journey will be easy and peaceful if the Moon is in the 7th and Venus and Mercury be in the 4th.
  • Mercury in the 4th, Jupiter in the 2nd or 7th will neutralize all the other adverse influences.
  • Benefics dignified in Kendra's of trikonas act as powerful antidotes for all evils.
  • Jupiter in Lagna, malefic in Upachayas, and Venus in any house other than the 7th would be an ideal combination.

Short Journeys. -  The Lagna and the Moon strong. If these two conditions cannot be fulfilled, start in the Hora of the strongest planet keeping in view the Tarabala and Chandrabala factors.

Long-distance Journey
increasing and in a favorable situation so that there might be no delay or hindrance. Pay special attention to the eighth house and see that Mars is not there. 
Avoid the malefic in the 7th. If the journey is by car or train, avoid affliction to Lagna and the 8th lord by Mars and Rahu.
 If the Lagna is afflicted by Mars, there will be danger of accidents; if by Rahu, there will be disappointment and disease.

Pilgrimage. -
 Jupiter shows dharma ,Religion So Jupiter in Lagna or the 9th house. Avoid the months when Jupiter is combust. 

Air Journeys. - Take due note of Tarabala. Let the Lagna be an aerial sign. Avoid Mars in Lagna, the 7th, and the 8th. Let the Moon be waxing and as far away from Rahu as possible. Render the ascendant strong by a suitable disposition of Jupiter.

Sea Voyage. - Pay special attention to watery signs. Let preferably Cancer be the Lagna occupied by a watery planet. As usual, avoid Mars in Lagna, the 7th or 8th house. Venus should be favorably placed.

Business Journeys. - If you are to meet an influential person, let the rising sign fall in the 10th house in the birth chart. Avoid malefic in Lagna and the 9th. Mercury is the planet of trade and business. He should therefore be either in Lagna or in the 10th or 11th but he should not be aspected by a malefic especially Saturn. Mercury in retrograde is also favorable as he will hasten the transaction to your satisfaction.

Prosperity and success follow the Moon in good aspect to Mercury. If the Moon is in the 8th or 12th house, the person falls ill on the way. Hence see that the Moon is in a favorable position. See also that the 2nd lord is not afflicted and that he is favorably situated. In all these cases, mutual
aspects between Mars, Saturn, and Rahu should be invariably avoided as they indicate hitches and insurmountable obstacles.


Once you check all this condition for foreign settlement Now See Direction 

Add ASHTAKAVARGA chart's houses of benefic dots or points to get the right direction

  • East direction   : 1st house + 12th house + 11th house
  • West direction: 7th house + 6th house + 5th house
  • North direction: 4th house + 3rd house + 2nd house
  • South direction: 10th house + 9th house + 8th house

Based on Elements House and Direction::
  • East direction: 1st house + 5th house + 9th house 
  • South direction: 2nd house + 6th house + 10th house 
  • West direction: 3rd house + 7th house + 11th house 
  • North direction: 4th house + 8th house +12th house

Out of a total of four direct by both methods choose only the highest direction points that direction will be your right direction to go in the world.

Now you got Highest Ashtakavarga direction also see the highest house contributing it that might help you to choose the particular country that house Signifies

Example chart:: 1(Foreign Settlement):

3rd July 1940

  • Natal Chart and Moon Chart :
1 .Malefic in the 4th house. 
2. Fourth from Moon, i.e. the 3rd house has "Pap Kartari" Yoga. 
3. Rahu Dasa was operative in 1967 when he left India for settlement in Canada. 
4. "Bhagya" lord Saturn establishes a connection with lOth lord and aspects Venus 5th and 12th lord.
5. Moon in 12th in Taurus is exalted. 
6. Moon is also 2nd lord in 12, which means making good money in foreign countries. 
7. Fourth lord from Lagna Mercury is with the 6th lord of movement. 
8. 4th lord from Moon, Sun is with 12th lord Venus. 

  • From Pad Lagna :
  1.  "Bhagya" lord Mars is in 12 from Pad Lagna. 
  2.  The fourth lord from Pada Lagna Mars is in 12 from Pad Lagna.
  3.  4th house of Pada lagna  has Ketu influence 
  4.  9th lord Mars of Pada lagna in 12th to Pada lagna
  • Chaturthamsa

  •  4th house has Ketu
  • 12th lord Conjunct Ketu in 4th house
  • 4th has 2 Malefics Ketu sun while Sat is aspecting it.
  • 4th house is Dual sign (Saggi also natural 9th Sign)
  • Moon in a watery sign.

  • Dashamansha :

  • The travel was in Rahu-Venus Dasa. See Venus is placed in 9th from Rahu. 
  • Rahu- Ketu axis in 4-10
  • 9th lord in 12th house 
  • 3lord in 9th house
  • while 12th lord in 3rd house.

Example no: 02

Priyanka Chopra

18 July 1982

  • Natal Chart::

  • Venus Conjunct Rahu
  • 4th house is in Paap Katari
  • 4Th lord in 3rd house moves 12 Place away
  • 4th lord is DK and aspecting 9th house of Long journey
  • 9th and 12th lord Conjunction in Dual sign 
  • 4th lord in Watery sign.
  • Jupiter Rahu Mutual Aspect (JUP IS HUSBAND FOR FEMALE)
  • Also 8th lord show in-laws In Mutual Aspect To Rahu
  • Rahu Ketu 2-8 axis (8th is in-laws/Foreign land)
  • 7th lord is conjunct with 9th lord show faraway spouse too
  • 7th lord is aspecting 8th and 12th lord.
  • Chaturathamsha Chart :

  • Moon in Watery sign In 7th house
  • 4Th lord in 3rd house moves 12 Place away
  • 4th house aspected by Saturn Rahu 
  • 4th lord is DK and aspecting 9th house of Long Journey
  • 9th and 12th lord Conjunction in Dual sign 
  • 4th lord in Watery Sign
  • 7th lord with 12th lord in dual sign and moves 8th place away.
  • Rahu - Ketu in 2-8 axis

  • Navamsha Chart::

  • 4th lord exchange with 9th lord 
  • 4th house is afflicted by Sat Mars
  • 7th lord moves 12 places away 
  • 7th lord aspecting 12th house
  • Rahu is aspecting 4th lord
  • Jup in 12th house 
  • Rahu in natural 12th sign
  • Sat Sun in watery sign (8th and Asc lord)

Example no : 3

Natal Chart:

  • 4th house Malefic Sat aspecting 
  • 4th lord in Watery Sign
  • 9th,12th lord in 4th house 
  • Rahu Ketu in 1-7 axis 
  • Travel North America in Mercury Dasha and Jupiter Antardasha
  • Moon in Watery Sign
  • 10th and 4th,5th Conjunct shows Job in Foreign land
  • Mercury Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha got a job in North America and got a settlement.
  • Ascendant Lord in Watery sign aspecting 12th house
  • Venus in 6th house 
  • 3rd 9th 12th conjunction in 4th house.
Pada Lagna :

  • 4th House from Pada Lagna has malefics 
  • 4th House from Pada Lagna is a watery sign 
  • 12th Lord  of Pada Lagna In 4th House from Pada Lagna
Chathurthamasha chart:

  • Rahu in 10th house of Career
  • 9th and 12th lord in Asc
  • 4Th house malefic
  • 4th lord in 8th house with Saturn
  • 4th lord in watery sign 
  • Mercury Dasha in 7th house in a movable sign.
Dashamansha chart:

  • 8th and 12th house Exchange Yoga 
  • Rahu in 10th house of Career 
  • 4th lord in 6th house in dual Sign 
  • 4th house Ketu as a Malefic 
  • 10,11 lord Sat aspecting dasha Lord Mercury
  • 12 nd 9th lord Jupiter has a mutual aspect of Dasha lord Mercury
  • 9th lord Jup moves 12 Place away in Watery sign.
  • 12th lord moves 9 places away in Watery sign.


  • Muhurtha- BV Raman
  • Planets and travel  - K N Rao


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Arudhapada and Upapada

              Arudhapada and Upa p ada Jaimini has mentioned with the Arudha Pada System in Vedic Astro world. Though Sage Parasara has originally seeded in B.P.H.S later on Maharshi Jaimini dig deep and located many pearls out of his wisdom and intuition leading to invent the system known as by the name of Jaimini astrology rather than Parasara. The Arudha Pada system is a based on degrees of Planets , has Karakas . While Vargas of signs, mathematical calculations are not considered. Only the natal chart is enough in Jaimini system . The predictions promised by Lagna Arudha, Bhava Arudha and Graha Arudha take place during the currency of periods of those planets in their Dasha Antar Dasha. Perception Do Matters !! Arudha Lagna is the reflection of the self (how others perceive it) same goes with other bhava(house) too Arudha of a house represents the Maya (reflection or illusion) connected to it. Arudha of the houses will represent others illusions about that house or karaka rela


     KNOW YOUR SPOUSE When we first move to astrology, the first thing we are interested in finding the kind of spouse we might have and will end up with or the type of relationships we might have. With the help of astrology, we can accurately predict the kind of spouse we might have. The Main Indicators of the Spouse in the Chart are: 1. Sign of the 7th House. 2. Planets in the 7th House. 3. Nakshatra of the planet occupying the 7th House. 4. Lord of the 7th House and the house it occupies in the Chart. 5 . For Males, Where is Venus  Placed and the nakshatra it is in and exactly opposite nakshatra of the Venus. For Example , if your Venus is in 14-degree Rohini nakshatra then see the first and 7th house nakshatra from it which is Jyeshta nakshatra, and see the dominant features of both the nakshatras. 6. For Women, Where is Jupiter Placed and the nakshatra it is in and exactly opposite nakshatra of the  Jupiter. For Example, if your