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Marriage and Astrology

 Marriage And Astrology 

Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership between a man and a woman. 

MARRIAGE IS AN ACCEPTANCE, a total acceptance of another’s life. That does not mean taking another to oneself or giving oneself to another. Both can be just a socially sanctioned form of slavery. 

A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together, it is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences

With that in mind, people in India take the help of Vedic astrology to check the compatibility of a couple before marriage through Kundli matching. Matching shows insight into the compatibility of the boy and girl, and how the Ascendants and Nakshatras in their horoscopes could influence their marriage. Based on this compatibility, they go ahead with the marriage.

marriage match making

1st Check Longevity factor:

The most crucial factor to check in marriage compatibility is the age of longevity of either of the spouse. Else, the premature death of either party could result in significant pain and unhappiness.

In this process we check 

  • For the Longevity point of view of Spouse in Female chart - always check the strength of Jupiter in D1, D9, and D60 chart.
  • For Longevity point of view of Spouse in the male chart - always Check the Strength of Venus in D1, D9, and D60 chart

2nd Step Mental and Psychological health:

The 2nd step is to examine the afflictions in the chart, especially, concerning the Ascendant, Moon, and Mercury. Suffering to the Moon and Mercury means mindset is not Proper. Moons position is studied to understand the temperament and psychology

3rd Step Number of Marriages

The next step in chart matching for marriage is to look for the factors that show more than one marriage. A proper reading of both charts will not only give clues of the second marriage. But it also reveals indications of extramarital flings. Both these factors if shows can lead to an unsuccessful marriage

In this process we check 

  • The Kalatra bhava(7th house) with Venus-Mars must be strong(male chart) and Jupiter Mars in the female chart
  • Putra bhava(5th house) and Jupiter must be well placed.

4th Step Affliction to the 2nd House

The 2nd house is the Kutumb Sthana(family life), where prosperity and parental lineage seen. A badly affiliated second house negates the above essentials of married life. The benefic influence will be helpful here. Always keep in mind Lagna lord and house lord will consider as benefic only.

5th Step Affliction to the 4th House

The Sukh Sthana(House of Happiness) the 4th house should be inspected for sufferings. If severely afflicted, it spoils the happiness in the family. There are many laid principles, which have to apply in accessing the affliction to this 4th house. So Much Malefics Influence should be avoided. Always keep in mind Lagna lord and house lord will consider as Benefic only.

6th Step The Distress to the 7th House

The Kalatra Bhava or 7th house. The key to a successful marriage is 7th house and 7th lord should not be afflicted else leads to unsuccessful Marriage. The empty 7th house is Good.

7th Step Affliction to the 12th House

The Twelfth House is the Shaiya Sukh Sthan. Checking this effectively gives a pleasure-some, bedroom life, and sexual tribulations are read and negated. In these modern times, when an individual has many friends of both the sexes, it is a way more critical match that has to be necessarily addressed.

                         8th Step Affliction to 8th house 

The Eight House is Ayur bhava /Longevity house. This bhava is Manglayasthan Especially for females. The 8th house or 8th lord associated with benefic native be Suhagan till her/his death. If the 8th lord is badly afflicted then denial of marriage can also be seen.

9th Step Koot Factor in Kundli Milan

Kundali Milan (Vivah Matching) is based on moon sign a and its constellation (Nakshatra) in natal chart of bride and groom.

Special Considerations
Exceptions the Kuta matching

The following are the salvaging factors, if present; one can ignore certain incompatibilities in the Kuta.

  • The absence of Stree-Deergha may be ignored if Rasi Kuta and Graha Maitri are present.
  • If the Rasi of the girl is odd, the 6th and 8th Rasis therefrom are friendly. If the Rasi of the girl is even the 2nd and 12th therefrom becoming friendly. The evil due to the birth of the bride in a Rakshasa Gana star may be ignored if Janma Rasi being 2nd and 12th, 9th, and 5th or 6th and 8th, the lords of the Rasis are the same or are mutual friends.
  • Though Graha Maitri is by far the most important, it need not be considered if the couple has their Janma Rasis disposed of in one and seven from each other.
  • Rajju Kuta need not be considered in case Graha Maitri, Rasi, Dina, and Mahendra Kutas are present.
  • The evil due to Nadi Kuta can be ignored subject to the following conditions: -
  1. The Rasi and Rajju Kuta prevail
  2. The same planet is lord of the Janma Rasis of both the mate and the female
  3. The lords of the Janma Rasis of the couple are friends

    Nadi dosha Exception:
    The Janma Nakshatras of the bride and bridegroom, being one and the same, are approved in the case of Rohini, Ardra, Magha, Hasta, Vishkha, Sravana. Uttarabhadra and Revati. 
    The effect would be ordinary if the common Janma Nakshatras are Aswini, Krittika, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Pp, Up, Chitra, Anuradha, Poorvashada and Uttarashada, Bharani, Aslesha. 
    Common Janma Nakshatras is not recommended if the Nakshatras happens to be Swati, Jyeshta, Moola, Dhanishta, Satabhisha, and Poorvabhadra.

    Here again, certain ancient authors hold that even though the Janma Nakshatras are the same, the evil becomes nullified if the Padas are different. If the Janma Nakshatra belongs to two signs (e.g., Krittika) the Pada of the bride should relate to the preceding sign. For example, if Krittika is the common Janma Nakshatra, the bride should have her Janma Rasi in Mesha and the bridegroom in Vrishabha. If however, the common Janma Nakshatra belongs to two signs equally (e.g., Mrigasira, Chitra, etc.) the sign for the first two quarters should be that of the bridegroom.

    The couple should not have the same Janma Rasi, same Janma Nakshatra, and Pada. However, in regard to Satabhisha, Hasta, Swati. Aswini, Krittika, Poorvashada, Mrigasira, and Magha, the evil has given rise to by virtue of common Janma Rasi, Nakshatra, and Pada get canceled if the couple is born in the first quarter.

Destructive Constellations(Vishkanya and VishPurush Dosh)

Certain parts of Moola, Astesha, Jyeshta, and Vishaka are destructive constellations

Mooladou swasuram hanti vyaladouca bhidhankanam
Jyeshtadou jyeshtajam hanti visakhantecha devaram
  • Moola (first quarter) for husband's father
  • Aslesha (first quarter) for husband's mother
  • Jyeshta (first quarter) for girl's husband's elder brother
  • Visakha (last quarter) for the husband's younger brother.
Alone these nakshatras can destroy a particular relative is just irony. Holistically Chart has to be looked for it whether it will happen or Not, in bride and grooms charts.

10th Step – The Mangal Matching

Mars is malefic and if positioned in the above houses it will damage the houses of marriage (seventh house), family life (the second house), the home environment (the fourth), the marital tie (eighth house), and/or sexual pleasure (twelfth house) either by being in these houses or aspect ing them.

According to quite a number of astrologers, there is also Kuja Dosha in a chart if Mars is located in the 1,2,4,7,8 and 12 from the Moon and even if Mars is located in these houses from Venus.

  • Mars is set retrograde debilitated in 1 4 7 8 12 Mars dosha is not effective
  • The dosha is nullified if the 2nd has Moon Ven, or Jup aspects Mars, Rahu conjoins Mars
  • There is no Mars dosha if Aries coinciding 1st house. Scorpio coinciding 4th house, Cancer coinciding 8th house, and Sag coinciding 12th house 
Others Opinion:
  • Mars in the 2nd house in Gemini or Virgo
  • Mars in the 4th house in Aries or Scorpio
  • Mars in the 7th house in Cancer or Capricorn
  • Mars in the 8th house in Saggittarius Pisces
  • Mars in the 12th house in Taurus Libra
Produces No Dosha(the exceptions)
  • Strong Jupiter in the Asc or the 7th counteracts the dosha. if Jupiter or the Moon joins Mars then the dosha does not exist
  • If a spouse has Saturn in 1st 4th 7th 8th 12th then Mangal dosha does not exist.
  • If the Moon and Venus are in the 2nd house, or Mars is aspected by Jupiter, or Rahu is in a Kendra Mangal Dosha does not prevail.
  • Mars in Leo or Aquarius does not cause dosha
  • Mars does not cause dosha for Leo or Can Asc because he is a Yogakaraka for these Asc.

If Mars becomes debilitated combust enemy’s house Mars will cause dosha


The Navamsha Check to Verify Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage:

Navamsha of the D-9 Chart essays the soul of an individual. It validates the pronouncements of the D-1 or the Lagna Chart. Any indication in the D-1 chart without the support of the D-9 chart is likely to fail. Therefore entire factors about marriage in the D-1 chart have to be authenticated in contrast to & inter-relation of the D-9 chart. It plays a very decisive role as few things, which the Lagna chart does not commit may actually happen.
  • Checking Jupiter, Venus Condition 
  • Lagan lord well-placed means fulfillment of desires
  • 7th House
  • 7th Lord 
  • 7th lord of d1 in d9 
  • Any affliction to 2, 4, 7,8th house in d9
  • 7th lord of d9 of one person to see in the person chart should be connected with benefits and be in Trine, Quadrant just avoid dusthana or Trik places

The Trishamsa Check (D30): 

A master reading the Trishamsa or D-30 Chart can very well evaluate The Tria-Charitra, aka female character. Kundli Milan for Marriage can be based on many factors based on the astrologer’s perception. However, there may be a few things, in particular, that this male-dominated society does not tolerate. The D-30 charts can give a precise answer to the following things:
  • Extramarital flings
  • The reputation of the female family
  • Widow Yoga
  • Adultery
  • The number of marriages.
While Matching Horoscopes of Bride & Groom for Marriage We need to see both Paapa Samyam & Dosha Samyam. 

Dosha Samayam

Dosha Samayam:: One should compensate for others. If the native is having the weakest 8th House then it should be matched with horoscope whose 8th house is strong. Longevity will increase.

If the 9th House is weak in one then it should be Matched with the Other Having Strong 9th House.

Dosha Samyam means balancing the doshas prevalent in both the horoscope to compensate each other.

It is to be seen for Lagna, 2nd House, 4th House, 7th House, 8th House, and 12 House. Particularly, the 7th House and 8th House are a must.

Paap Samayam

Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Sun are the Grahams that could trouble a Person depending upon its Position and Strength in a Horoscope. When these 5 planets are in 1-2-4-7-8-&12th places from Lagna, Moon & Venus, they create a certain amount of problem,(Dosha). The ferocity of the Dosha depends upon its strength in these houses, such as a Friend or Foe, (Uchcha) High or Low (Neecha) – Ruler or Equal.

The total amount of Dosham for the Girl and Boy has to be calculated at the time of Horoscope Comparison for a marriage. 

If the Dosha index is more for the Girl than the Boy marriage will not be recommended. 

When the Dosha index is more for the Boy or it is Equal for Both marriage will be recommended. There are several methods to work out the Dosha Index.

Dasa Sandhi Compatibility

Dasa sandhi is an important aspect in Marriage Compatibility of Horoscopes.
Dasa Sandhi means two horoscopes of the bride and groom must not have the dasha ending within a year. They should be at least a one-year difference.
Dasasandhi for both women and men are hostile. 
Generally, the Dasa sandhi of two malefics can be dangerous
Dasasandhi of dusthanas and badhaka lord can be very challenging 
If the Dasa Sandhi occurs it could prove dangerous to the partners

Dasha and Matching:
1. The couples must run good dashas from the time of marriage
2. Dasa lords must not be inimical dashas to both couples
3. Dasa lords must not be in 6 8 12 from each other
4, Dasa lords must not be in each other badhaka, Tithi Soonya, or malefic occupying Rasis 

Tithi and Matching: Tithi Represent Our Emotions

Tithi depicts the Jala Tatwa and Venus Moon(Water Element) rule over Tithi. A snapshot matching can be just made by matching both the couple's Tithis.

Tithi: Planetary Rulers
  • Sun: Pratipad, Navami (1, 9)
  • Moon: Dvitya, Dasami (2, 10)
  • Mars: Tritya, Ekadasi (3, 11)
  • Mercury: Chaturthi, Dwadasi(4, 12)
  • Jupiter: Panchami, Trayodashi (5, 13)
  • Venus: Shasti, Charuturdashi(6, 14)
  • Saturn: Saptami, Pornima(7, 15)
  • Rahu: Ashtami, Amavasya(8, 30)


  • Couples Tithi lords must be friendly Planets
  • Couples Tithi lord must be placed in mutual Trines or Quadrants and not in mutual Dusthanas
  • Tithi lords must be placed in harmonious Tatwa (Fiery Earthy Airy Watery)
  • Ghatika Tithi should be Absent
  • Check the placement of moon nakshatra to determine a person emotion 
  • Check 4th House from tithi to see the peace of mind
  • Check 7th House To See Emotional in Relationship

Jaimini and Matching

The Jaimini AtmaKaraka, Darakaraka, Darapada, and Upapada can be used effectively in 

a) Darakaraka and Atmakarkas:

  • The Darakaraka of the spouse and the Atmakarka must be friends and must not be in mutual dusthanas.
  • The Athmakarkas of both couples should be friendly planets and must be placed mutually in quadrants or Trines
  • Both AK and DK must have auspicious Synastry 

b) Darapada A7 and Arudha Lagna:
  • The A7 must be well placed from Asc and Arudha Lagna. A7 must not be in dusthana or conjoining malefic in synastry
  • AL and A7 if in Kendra Trikona to each other Auscipious 
  • AL and A7 in 6/8 or 2/12 is not welcomed

c) Upapada Lagna UL:(Arudha of 12th house)

Upapada tells a lot about the spouse, one who is committed to following you for the whole lifetime or at least for the duration of the marriage. The matching of Upapada is very crucial as this shows, how the images of the partners are related to each other and hence has a strong say on the marital affairs and harmony.
  • The Lagna of the bride should be in trine or 7th from the Upapada or in the Pakka Upapada and vice versa.
  • The Upapada and AL should be placed in Kendra or Trine or 3/11 to each other. Otherwise, this shows a lack of harmony in the relationship.
  • The 2nd of Upapada rules the longevity of the marriage. If the 2nd house or the lord is afflicted by malefic such as nodes, then the marriage can be in serious troubles. This is also true if the lord is debilitated and aspected by malefic.
  • Upapada must be beneficially disposed of. Malefics in 2 4 7 8 12 from UL is unwelcome. 
  • Upapada Lagna must not join malefic
  • The remedy of all marriage troubles is to fast on the day ruled by the Upapada lord. Know as upapada fasting.

Lagna Matching: Ascendant Matching (Rinubandhana)

Lagna Matching gives complete knowledge on nature, Spiritual values, frequency and thinking the intensity of two couples, qualities and level of intelligence between two couples which can be a measure for building block & growth in marriage relationships, Upapada Lagna matching gives complete information on soul level compatibility between two couples.

Lagan Sign should be compatible to each other Suppose If one has Cancer Lagan and the Other Lagan you are matching is Aquarius than it would be a dangerous match which deliberately becomes the main reason for hardship and suffering in a marriage relationship, it can give a massive amount of emotional turbulence and physical separation as well as suffering in emotional/personal values of two couples which can give arise sever enmity between two people.
  • 6/8 is a Dangerous relation between two Lagan , both the Lagan are falling to their 6th(enmity) and 8th(Suffering) house respectively, both the people never ever gone able to stabilize each other with their physical, intellectual, emotional, and thought level harmonies.
  • One is watery and the other is an Airy Lagna; two different domains cant be perfect for long term relationships.
  • Perfect Rule is always Match signs of Lagna either falling in trine( 1, 5, and 9th house from your Lagna ) to each other or in mutual Kendra to each other ( 4, 7, and 10th from your Lagna).
  • 2/12 is another Most incompatible match where one has to face Miscommunication and other has to face a setback in emotional expectations. One needs attention but the other is not ready to give any attention or enough caring toward the values of other emotional needs.
  • It is a bit Mismatch relationship between two people, so never match Lagan falling in 2 and 12th house to each other.


Synastry is another matching technique, though a western concept it is very useful in matching horoscopes.
Both the horoscopes are superimposed or overlapped and the effects are deduced

Synastry can be of two types
  • 1.House synastry
  • 2.Planet Synastry

House Synastry:
  • Both the couples connecting houses are analyzed. 
  • The Asc and 7th house must overlap a quadrant or trine. 
  • The quadrants and trines most overlap the spouse’s quadrant or trine, the overlapping must not be over 6 8 12 houses
  • One has Sun in Asc while the other has Moon in Asc it is naturally king and queen connection soulmate to each other.
  • likewise, all other synastry works Venus-Mars - highly Passionate Couple
  • Venus Moon Sensual Couple

Planet Synastry:
  • Moon Venus Mars Jup are the most important planets to be considered. These planets must not be over a natural malefic Rahu Ketu Mars Sat
  • Both spouse's Moon must be in the mutual trine quadrant and overlapping benefics.
  • Venus makes a beneficial connection with Mars Moon or Asc lord creates strong Mutual Love
  • If one's Sun is on other’s Saturn, they will dominate the other person
  • Jupiter making a connection with Moon Asc Asc lord, the 7th lord creates a strong bond
  • Sun and Moon Synastry is Soul and Mind (Soulmate)
  • If one’s Venus is on another person’s venus it is a completely Romance and Love emerging
  • If one’s Venus is on another person’s Moon then the native will feel the love and affection of the other person
  • If one’s Venus is on another person’s Mars the native will first think of love as lust and passion before the actual love but it’s a good combination.
  • If one’s Venus is on another person’s Mercury the love will be felt through communication
  • If one’s Venus is on another person’s Sun the native ego will rise with the love they receive, including their confidence
  • If one’s Venus is on another person Rahu there would be absolute obsession towards the person for love, lust, and companionship(relationship glue)
  • Venus of boy or girl should mutually aspect each other or conjunct each other.
  • Mars of boy or girl should mutually aspect or conjunct each other in the chart
  • If one’s Saturn is on the other person’s moon the native will feel stressed by the other person’s responsibility.
  • If one’s Saturn is on the other person Venus, then sexual life will feel like a chore or will be restricted in expressing itself.

So many times it is seen that despite having bad yogas or n number of Doshas Marriage of Couples runs Smooth so Muhurtha of Marriage is a key to it. It has the power to vanish all bad dosha. so let's have a look to it how we can do so

Muhurtha and Marriage

A good strong Muhurtha strengthens the Marital bond, Longevity, and Happiness. 
It’s a must to have marriage conducted with Panchanga Shudhi (5 elements), Panchang contains all five elements in it like a beneficial weekday, auspicious nakshatra, good yoga, good Karana, good lunar day

Fixing the Marriage Muhurtham (MARRIAGE DATE)
  • When Sun is in CAPRICORN TO GEMINI are consider a good period. while Sun in CANCER TO SAGITTARIUS is avoided.
  • The following Lunar days(Tithi) from the 11th day (dark half) to New Moon, Ritka Tithi(4,9,13), 8th, 12th, and 6th should be rejected.
  •  The best lunar days are the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 13th (of the bright half).
  •  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the best. Sunday and Saturday are middling. And  Tuesday should be completely rejected.
  • The Best Nakashtra are Rohini, Mrigasira, Magha, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarashadha, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Revati.
  • The first quarter of Magha and Moola and the last quarter of Revati are inauspicious and they should be rejected. Nakshatras not mentioned here are unsuitable and they should be avoided.
  • Marriage should normally occur in an odd year of the male and even year of the female. .
  • Marriage should happen when Jupiter aspects or transits the 2nd from Upapada.
The following yogas should be rejected:

Surya Sankramana. - The great evil is Surya Sankramana or the solar ingress into different zodiacal signs. When the Sun is about to leave one sign and enter another there seems to occur certain disturbances in the organization of the solar forces and such times are not recommended for any good work. 

Karthari Dosha. - Karthari means scissors. when two evil planets are placed on either side of the Lagna, the combination goes under the special name of Karthari Dosha and it should be rejected for good work particularly in regard to marriage.

Shashtashta Riphagatha Chandra Dosha. - The Moon should invariably be avoided in the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses from the Lagna rising in a chart.

Akalagharjitha Vrishti Dosha. - When there is rainfall and thunder, out of season, such days should be deemed unfit for all good work.
Panchaga Yoga: Vyatipata, Dhruva, Mrityu, Ganda, Vajra, Soola, Vishkambha, Atiganda, Vyaghata, and Parigha.

Karana: Vishti must be discarded.

Vara(Day): Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday be should avoided.

Lunar days(Tithi): from the 11th day (dark half) to New Moon, Ritka Tithis(4,9,13), 8th, 12th, and 6th should be rejected.

Nakshatra: The Best Nakashtra are Rohini, Mrigasira, Magha, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarashadha, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Revati.Others Simply avoid.

Elements of Muhurtha Chart:

Jupiter, Mercury, or Venus in Lagna, malefic in the 3rd or 11th, would constitute a formidable force in rendering the Lagna strong.
  • The 7th house must be unoccupied by any planet
  • Mars should not be in the 8th
  • Venus should not be in the 6th
  • 7th house should not be hemmed in between malefics
  • Lagna should not be hemmed in between malefics
  • Malefics should not occupy Lagna
  • The Moon in the muhurta chart should not conjoin any planets Specially Nodes
  • 7th lord Should not be in combust or retrograde motion
Auspicious Yoga in Muhurtha Chart

The following are some of the special combinations which are supposed to fortify the marriage election chart:
  • Jupiter in the ascendant, Venus in the 8th, and the Sun in the 11th - Mahendra Yoga.
  • Venus in Lagna, Jupiter in the 10th, and the Sun and Mercury in the 11th-Vishnu Priya Yoga.
  • Venus in the 2nd, Jupiter in the 12th, the Sun in the 8th, and Saturn in the 6th - Sreenatha Yoga.
  • Venus in Lagna, Jupiter in the 4th, Mercury in the 2nd, and Saturn in the 11th - Samudra Yoga.
  • Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus in Lagna - Vijaya Yoga.
  • Venus and Jupiter in Lagna elevated or otherwise strong - Jaya Yoga.
  • Saturn in the 3rd, Jupiter in the 6th, the Sun in the 10th, and Mars in the 11th - Pushya Yoga.
  • Mars in the 3rd, Saturn in the 6th, Venus in the 9th, Jupiter in the 12th - Maharshi Yoga.
  • Venus in Lagna, Jupiter in the 11th - Ardhama Yoga.
Few Important Point while Match Making:
  • Most Important - In Female Chart - Venus shouldn't be there in the 6th & 12th house either in D1 and D9 Chart - In My experience, I have seen legal separation very often soon after marriage.
  • Karka of Feminism, Womenism, and Relationship Shouldn't be Debilitated in D9 Chart for the longevity of marriage.
  • In the D9 Chart - the 8th and 2nd house Should be clean from any Malefic Influence i.e Mars, Rahu, and Saturn.
  • In the D9 chart if the 7th lord is with the Nodal axis- it may give an argumentative spouse who always involves in the Starting of issues in personal life.
  • Planetary combinations of Jupiter and Venus in 1,2,5,9,12 including exchange will give this yog
- Gives Long Life
- Beautiful Spouse
- Powerful & blessed Children as Parents are best of Gurus 
  will be involved in teaching
- Wealth,Happiness, Enjoyment and spirtuality in short best of 
  both worlds.
            • Presence of Malefic Influence on D9 7th house gives - Very Bad, Mean, and Argumentative Spouse and may always give interest in mean people other than marriage.
            • Reason for Legal Separation and Divorce Is seen from Affliction in the 8th house or 8th lord, 6th house and 6th lord, 6th house and 6th lord promote bachelorhood and 8th lord and 8th house promotes Inability to fall in marriage and also maraka for the 7th house too, 6th house and 6th lord is Marak for 5th house matters - True Love and Kids.
            • In the 6th Lord Major/Antar Dasha period usually, tension arises in both couples and they may opt for legal separation or paperwork May starts in the 6th lord AD period. Dasha of 8th house planets gives temporary Separation which can lead to legal separations.
            • Venus in Hasta nakshatra or Revati nakshatra has the tendency of ending relationship and marriage sporadically
            • Venus in the gandanta or nakshatra of Ketu is never good for a happy married life.
            • If one’s chart is hemming the 7th lord, 7th house, or Venus during superimposing that will also create fertility issues and issues in marriage.
            • Sun + Venus Close conjunction within 6 Degree is Most disastrous Combination for Legal Separation and Disputes between the couple
            • Always look at Moon, Venus, and Mars animal nakshatra for sure if not all.
            • The Lagna of Navamsas must be friendly to the other
            • Find out which day the two were born. If one is born on a Sunday while the other on Saturday that too will create the effect of arch enemies as Sunday is ruled by Sun and Saturday ruled by Saturn.

            Final Conclusion:

            Marriage matching is complex. It is highly impossible to have matched with all compatibilities. The most important aspects must be considered. 
            Love or arranged marriage the couple marries the exact opposite polarity person. Both are missing halves of each other coming together to complete each other. 

            "Simplicity and Complexity Needs Each Other"

            Asc and 7th house are polar apart naturally all couples will be polar apart(the South Pole and the North Pole).
            One couple's weakness will be matched with other having it in excess. 
            An extrovert marries an introvert, a highly talkative person marries a silent person, an intellectual marries a street-smart person, a spendthrift marries a frugal person, etc

            A happy married life or a broken marriage – both are caused by your Karma.  Karma is Universal. Thus, you strongly value the results of our birth charts in a marriage. 
            And use astrology in marriage as a guide to help us find the match that would bring us peace and joy. After all, your Indian marriage compatibility truly made in heaven.

             Matches are made in Heaven




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                          Arudhapada and Upa p ada Jaimini has mentioned with the Arudha Pada System in Vedic Astro world. Though Sage Parasara has originally seeded in B.P.H.S later on Maharshi Jaimini dig deep and located many pearls out of his wisdom and intuition leading to invent the system known as by the name of Jaimini astrology rather than Parasara. The Arudha Pada system is a based on degrees of Planets , has Karakas . While Vargas of signs, mathematical calculations are not considered. Only the natal chart is enough in Jaimini system . The predictions promised by Lagna Arudha, Bhava Arudha and Graha Arudha take place during the currency of periods of those planets in their Dasha Antar Dasha. Perception Do Matters !! Arudha Lagna is the reflection of the self (how others perceive it) same goes with other bhava(house) too Arudha of a house represents the Maya (reflection or illusion) connected to it. Arudha of the houses will represent others illusions about that house or karaka rela

            Travel and settlement in Foreign Land

             Foreign Travel and Settlement Astrology  Foreign Travel is on the Checklist of the Youngsters, But the chart should also represent the same some people go for a small tour, some go for higher education, some for jobs, some for settlement, some for hospitalization too. Let us try to understand the combinations of Foreign Travel in Astrology.   If you are thinking about what is the  Best Planetary Combination for foreign travel in astrology or the Best Yoga for going abroad. Which Signs helps in Foreign travel? Signs: The signs based on nature: Movable, Fixed, Dual Chara Rashi or Movable sign- Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn Sthira Rashi or Fixed Sign- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius Dual Sign- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Movable signs are given Prime importance for there changing tendency is high in these signs. So when max Planets are placed in these signs, they give a changing tendency to the native-like changing of residence, changing of job, changing of the co

            YOUR SPOUSE !!

                 KNOW YOUR SPOUSE When we first move to astrology, the first thing we are interested in finding the kind of spouse we might have and will end up with or the type of relationships we might have. With the help of astrology, we can accurately predict the kind of spouse we might have. The Main Indicators of the Spouse in the Chart are: 1. Sign of the 7th House. 2. Planets in the 7th House. 3. Nakshatra of the planet occupying the 7th House. 4. Lord of the 7th House and the house it occupies in the Chart. 5 . For Males, Where is Venus  Placed and the nakshatra it is in and exactly opposite nakshatra of the Venus. For Example , if your Venus is in 14-degree Rohini nakshatra then see the first and 7th house nakshatra from it which is Jyeshta nakshatra, and see the dominant features of both the nakshatras. 6. For Women, Where is Jupiter Placed and the nakshatra it is in and exactly opposite nakshatra of the  Jupiter. For Example, if your