When we first move to astrology, the first thing we are interested in finding the kind of spouse we might have and will end up with or the type of relationships we might have.

With the help of astrology, we can accurately predict the kind of spouse we might have.

The Main Indicators of the Spouse in the Chart are:

1. Sign of the 7th House.

2. Planets in the 7th House.

3. Nakshatra of the planet occupying the 7th House.

4. Lord of the 7th House and the house it occupies in the Chart.

5. For Males, Where is Venus  Placed and the nakshatra it is in and exactly opposite nakshatra of the Venus. For Example, if your Venus is in 14-degree Rohini nakshatra then see the first and 7th house nakshatra from it which is Jyeshta nakshatra and see the dominant features of both the nakshatras.

6. For Women, Where is Jupiter Placed and the nakshatra it is in and exactly opposite nakshatra of the  Jupiter. For Example, if your Jupiter is in 5-degree Krittika nakshatra then see that nakshatra and 7th house nakshatra from it which is Anuradha nakshatra and see the dominant features of both the nakshatras.

7. See the Sign and Planets placed in the 7th of the Navamsa Lagna and the 7th lord of the Navamsa Lagna.

8. See the Aspects and Conjunctions to the 7th House and 7th lord to the Birth Chart and the Navamsa Chart.

9. From Jaimini Point of view, the Dara-karaka the planet with the lowest degree is to be seen and Planets from the Upa-pada Lagna.

10. From Arudha Lagna, the 7th House will tell how the Outside World perceives your Spouse.

11. From Moon Lagna, the 7th House will tell you how you feeling about your Spouse or about your girlfriend/boyfriend.

So Basically Venus represents relationship/Karaka for marriage where Venus is the wife for Men and Jupiter is Husband for Women.

In the Coming Blogs, we will move into the details of the things which are mentioned above.


  1. wow i tried the 5th and 6th technique. my bf venus nakshatra and the opposite. the oppiste one was my moon nakshatra so ofcourse it made sense! im now looking into my jupiter nakshatra and the opposite

  2. My venus Nd 7th lord mars nakshtra is utrashada 2 and 3rd pada.... gf has moon in punarvasu 2nd...but her jupiter is in anuradha 3 ...does it mean marriage is not possible ....who likes who lot in this case ?

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