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Anuradha - Subsequent Success

Anuradha  "  Subsequent Success  " 3:20 Scorpio -16:40 Scorpio Symbol : Lotus flower – the ability and determination to blossom in the midst of life’s great difficulties. "LOTUS" Short Mythology stories related to it:  Anuradha literally means following Radha and it is a very devotional Nakshatra. It is related to the goddess Radha who is the consort of Lord Krishna. Radha was not Krishna’s lover, she was his friend. This sort of ‘ God as the divine friend ’ is very important in Anuradha Nakshatra. She was not as emotionally involved. She was his most beloved devotee because she saw God as a divine friend ·   Deity:  Mitra, one of Aditya of friendship and partnership     Mitra, who is the deity of the Nakshatra, literally means friends. "Radha Krishna" "Friendship"        ·   Meaning:  Eternal Friend  ·     Stars : Beta, Delta, and Pi Scorpions ·   Ruler:   The Star is governed by Satur