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What is Astrology? Astrology is the study of the effects of planets on human behavior, profession, marriage and relationships, health and all the needs of human beings. Astrology is the study of the karma of an individual that will affect him/her in this life. The reason I have written ‘in this life’ in bold because Indian Astrology believes in Reincarnation. Just as we change clothes, the same way a soul changes body. With the help of a body, the soul pays for karma or enjoys karma. All the desires which we have or all the bad deeds we do, we take birth again to fulfill the desires or pay for the bad deeds. This is one of the reasons why someone is enjoying the luxury and someone else is cursing life.   The moment a baby is born a snapshot of the movement of planets is taken which is known as the birth chart. In Indian Astrology, the birth chart is also known as Lagna or Uday Lagna. Why do we need Astrology? We need astrology to study our karm