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Vishakha Nakashtra - Star of Purpose

Vishakha  " The Star Of Purpose "  20.00 Libra to 3.20 Scorpio   Symbol :  " Triumphal Arch ” ( Symbol of Success and Achievement) “ Potter’s Whe el “ (Symbol of Patience to develop for Progression) "Potter Wheel" "Triumphal Arch" Deity : Indragni, a pair of deities   Indra is the Chief of the Gods, God of Transformation   Agni is God of Lighting and Fire.   Also Controlled by   Radha ( the romantic Consort of Shri Krishna)   Meaning: “ The Forked One ”- multiple thinking capacity, Radha-“ The Delightful one”   Stars : The four stars form the scales in the constellation of Libra . Zuben el Genubi gives the ability to concentrate on goals, and overcome obstacles. It is social, clever, but unforgiving and revengeful. " Zuben el Genubi " ·   Ruler: The Star is governed by Jupiter . Jupiter is the ruling planet of this nakshatra reflecting the deep connection with one’s soul purpo


The Moon: Ruler of the Emotions  Rules: Cancer   Exalted: Taurus at 3 degrees   Debilitated : Scorpio   Direction Strength : 4 th house.   Element : Water and Feminine planet Transit in the Birth Chart: 2.25 days per sign   Transit in Navashma chart: 6 hours per sign   The Moon is the closest Planet  to Earth. It takes almost 28 days to complete revolution around Earth so almost 2.25 days it switches signs. It covers one day in each moon being the fastest planet enables to give a more clear idea of our inner self, what actually we are. Moon Controls over our Mind, Personal Emotions, Thought Process, Feelings. Moon also represents our Mother, Mother in law, Queen, Food, Happiness, etc. All our emotions are manifested through each phase of moon in our daily lives like we go through up and downs of mood, sometimes we laugh wildly or cry loudly, for being naughty to nice various emotional rides is due to moons sign change. Moon gets matured at the ag