PurvaPhalguni - Fruit of the Tree

Purva Phalguni  "Fruit of the Tree" 13.20 Leo to 26.40 Leo 

· Symbol:  

Front legs of a Bed(Marriage Bed)
Fireplace(Higher Thoughts and Warmth is Experienced)
The Couch (Sexual Pleasures are Experienced)
Swinging Hammock(Rest and Relaxation)

· DeityBhaga is the deity of this nakshatra. Bhaga simply signifies Happiness, Delight, rest, relaxation, pleasure, affection, sexual passion, marital felicity. 

· Stars: The four stars forming the scales in the constellation of Leo. It gives the ability to concentrate on relaxation, carefree nature.

· Ruler: The Star is governed by Venus. Venus is the ruling planet of this nakshatra reflecting the jovial and creative side of Venus.

· Yoga Tara Degree: 17 degree

· Mythology

        Bhaga is the god of good fortune, marital bliss, inheritances. He has mythology stories with Shiva where Shiva made him blind but eventually, shiva restored his sight. It is also the nakshatra where his 2nd marriage procession with Parvati was done.

· Nakshatra TrimurtiVishnu (Maintain)

· TriDosha:  Pitta (Water + Fire)

· Guna: Rajasic.

· Tavatta and Tree: Fiery/Agni and Palash, Flame of the Forest.

· Gana: Purva Phalguni has a Manushya.

· Aim:  Kama/Desires.

· Animal and Bird: Female Rat and Eagle.

· Caste: Brahmin.

· Quality: Ugra(Fierce), Balanced Nature

· Direction: West & North.

· Part of the body: Lips, Sex Organs, Right Hand.

· Element: Apah(Water).

· Pada :  Pada 1 Leo, 2 Virgo, 3 Libra, 4 Scorpio.

· Sounds/Alphabet: Mo, Taa, Tee, Too.

  • Key Themes

  • Sensual Excitement
  • Good negotiators
  • Laziness
  • Large Inheritances, Legacies, and Properties
· Indications: This is the "Fruit of the Tree".

This nakshatra is considered the birth star of Brihaspati.

Party Nakshatra

  • 'Phal' in Sanskrit means fruit and  'Guni' is associated with the Gunas. Hence, the Phalgunis are twin constellations that are made of 4 stars which are the four legs of the couch.
  •  Both the Phalgunis nakshatras can bring good luck and fulfill the desires on a materialistic level. Phalgunis are called the Marriage Mansions. 
  • Lord Shiva started the marriage procession under the auspiciousness of this nakshatra. 
  • The nakshatra is also symbolized by the 'Platform'.A platform is a place for the leaders and the Kings to address the public and the subjects.
  • Bhaga's strong relationship with enjoyment makes this one of the most carefree nakshatras. Purva Phalguni natives don't like to worry as they are comfortable, especially from a physical point of view. Bhaga is also a God of Wealth, Good Fortune and Luck.
  • This nakshatra shows the brahmin nature of the planet Venus. Guru Shukracharya, the presiding deity of Venus, is the preceptor of the demons and has unique knowledge of Sanjivni Vidya which even the God of Preceptor which even Brihaspati does not possess. 
  • The main functioning of this nakshatra is procreation. Venus's involvement with this nakshatra is related to the force of attraction between the opposite sexes and they are the charmers Purva Phalguni is called the " Party Nakshatra" since attending social events and gatherings is their favorite pastime. 
  • These have pleasant manners, attracts others, short-temper, reddish eyes, hands instruments well, straight-forwardness, learned and wealthy. Comfort is the main thing for them It is associated with creativity and writing ability.
  • It is also called the Bhagadaivata Star. All majestic pleasure, prosperity, love, enjoyment and sensual delight.
  • The origin of creation, it signifies coming into being and development.
  • They always want a bigger share in everything, They have Big Appetite, loves to sleep a lot. Good negotiators, very lazy, very Methadiologically,  they are somehow detached from the family. 
  • They have a natural connection with art. They are mostly related to drama, TV, films, music, show business, design, architecture, and paintings. 
  • They have continuous Sex Drive. After 50, they can go to meditation just like the story of the bhaga as he starts meditating at the end.
  •  They are the most charismatic and attractive among all the people.

  •  Padas:

The First pada(13.20-16.40 Leo) of the Purva Phalguni mainly relates to the dignity and regality and highly heightens the ego as ruled by the SunMainly some sort of managerial ability is present here.

The Second pada(16.40-20.00 Leo) of the Purva Phalguni is related to Mercury. This is the soberest and the main emphasis is on trade and commerce.

The Third pada(20.00-23.20 Leo) is the most auspicious one being the Pushkar navamsa pada most planets except the sun give good results here. The main focus is on travel, harmony, delight, relaxation, creation, and beauty.

The Fourth pada(23.20-26.40 Leo) emphasizes on the intensified emotions, self-reflection. Very Strong Passions and things are approached with a martian aspect of life. Very deep and intensified emotions come out her.

  • Lunar Month and Day

It relates to the first half of the lunar month of the Phalguna, which falls in late February in the Solar Calendar.
Purva Phalguni relates to the Trayodashi(13th tithi) of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon's monthly cycle.
  • Auspicious Activities:
Marriage, Sex, Romance, Good for dealing with authorities and all kinds of persuasion, Rest, relaxation, Artistic activities like painting, singing, etc., Good for using charisma for gaining unwanted needs, Good for Property and construction.

  • Unauspicious Activities:
Not good for intellectual work, Not good for healing, destruction of ego.



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