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Yogas in astrology


Yogas are certain Specific Plantanary combinations in Chart. Yogas essentially are special combinations and positions of planets in relation to houses and other planets. Makes Person Wealthy and Prosperous. Some are very powerful to make us highly affluent and glorious. Some are highly dangerous that can make our life a hell.

Yogas are so powerful in it dasha period that it can make person Rags to Riches too and if afflicted or in a bad state then Riches to Rags.

Let's understand them one by one:

Dhan yoga

Houses Involved:

•2nd house: income, inflow of finances, Self-earned wealth, worldly possessions
• 4th house: comforts, parental inheritance, assets, land, vehicles
• 5th house: sudden gain, lottery, gambling, speculations etc.
• 7th house: business travels, partnership, public gains
• 8th house: shares, hidden transactions, other people's money, dowry of wife, gain from in-laws,     finances through unfair means, inheritance
• 9th house: easy gains, fate, luck
• 11th house: accumulated wealth, fluctuating money gains

Planets Roles

• Sun: Gains from royal or govt. sources.Fame authority
• Moon: Gains from liquid or glazy types of things, gains from abroad.
• Mars:  Prosperity from engineering, publications, police, landed properties agriculture, accounts, investment in metals
• Mercury: Sudden gains from intellects or creative nature of mankind
• Jupiter: Gains from saints or bank men, rules banking shares, money, gold and other precious saleable items like diamonds and precious gems
• Venus:  Gains from music, cinema, vehicles medicines, literary activities, scented items, luxurious items
• Saturn: Perseverance and Hard Works  Pays Off.
• Rahu: Trigger the unexpected events in life, sudden gains from evil sources, fluctuating gains

Permutation of 2nd Lord, 5th Lord, 8 Lord,9th house, 11th Lord positioned in the below-mentioned nakshatras it can be assured a Millionaire is born.

If these nakshatras dominate both Ascendant & Moon Sign with a maximum above planetary combinations one can be assured or Multi-Millionaire or even Billionaire (but such permutations are found in rare charts).

Rohini - This nakshatra's give means of happiness like "jewelry, clothes, and give access to resources. EMPEROR OF NAKSHATRA

Dhanishta - This nakshatra gives materialistic desires, ambitious approach towards wealth, luck, progress in prosperity, and wealth is everything in this nakshatra (good side is it can also be charitable)   MOST WEALTHY STAR

Revati - Intellectualism gives growth towards the height of affluence WEALTHY STAR

Pushya - In the right time at right place gives money THE MOST PROSPEROUS STAR

Purva Phalguni - Sudden gains, wealth by luck, and inheritance or legacy (ease of access to money)STAR OF GOOD DEEDS

Uttara Bhadrapada - Sudden inheritance or gains from multiple sources (righteous path is what it seeks) WARRIOR STAR

Jyeshta - Like King of God Indra, this nakshatra is about wealth from coveted positions CHIEF STAR

Vishaka - They get wealth from career, profession, family, personality, and dominance STAR OF PURPOSE KINGS OG GOD INDRA Ruled

Swati - Shrewdness help get money, adjusting to any role makes money, business, negotiations, and deals make money STAR OF SELF GOING INDEPENDENT

One born in such Nakshatras can be deemed to be lucky, but unless maximum planets positioned in these nakshatras; one cannot be super-rich.

Transit of outer planets like Jupiter & Saturn and shadow North Node / Rahu in Nakshatras of Swati, Jyeshta, & Vishaka is prevalent in cases of Accidental Billionaires or Mega Rich People.

Raj Yoga

Raj means the emperor. The emperor acts self-subordinate, with self-confidence and assurance. Similarly, a Rajyogi is also autonomous, independent, and fearless. It is the path of self-discipline and practice.

Where there are hurdles at every step in life, some people are born in the horoscope by taking such yoga that their whole life goes through comfort, governance, and grit. These people are born with Raja Yoga.

The lords of a Kendra(1h,4h,7h,10h) and a Trikona(1h,5h,9h) house are in conjunction, mutually respected, or in reception. This is a combination of good fortune (trikona house) and action (Kendra house), so take advantage of it. I would like to point out that a raja yoga could be formed by one planet, and also by two planets.

Example: With an Aries ascendant, the Moon is lord of the fourth house and the Sun is lord of the fifth house. Should the Sun and the Moon be in conjunction in a horoscope with an Aries ascendant, the two planets then form a raja yoga. This is the most basic from of Raj yoga which shows a rise in
Raj = to rule over. Such yoga puts a person in a position of authority
like a manager, district manager, CTO, CFO, CEO, President of a company all theway up to President of a Nation.

In this case, the Moon is lord of a Kendra house (the fourth) and the Sun is lord of a trikona house (the fifth).

Apart from happiness and prosperity, natives are blessed with power and leadership quality.
It is the king of all yogas. Gautama Buddha and Mahavira also have Raj Yog in their horoscope.

Panch Mahapurush

The Panch Mahapurush is a combination of five Yogas, termed as Ruchak, Bhadra, Hamsa Malavya, and Sasha. It takes place due to Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn
Sun And Moon don't participate here

The Ruchak: Occurs due to Mars. If the planet Mars is exalted and own signed in Kendra, the Ruchak Yoga happens.

The native gets wealth, prosperity, name and fame due to their personality.

Example: Hitler and Salman Khan have Ruchak Yoga

The Bhadra: Occurs due to Mercury. If the planet Mercury is in Kendra and posited either in the own sign or exaltation, then Bhadra Yoga takes place.

Bhadra Yoga natives are highly skilled, multi-talented, and blessed with a very sharp brain. Natives are blessed with leadership qualities by birth. Good at Business skills


The Hamsa: This occurs due to Jupiter. When the planet Jupiter is posited in the Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer, and if these houses become Kendra, then the Hamsa yoga happens.

Natives have an intellectual set of mind. It makes the person spiritual. The native is praised among the galaxy of intellectuals.


The Malavya: This occurs due to the power of Venus.  If the planet Venus is posited in the own sign in Taurus, Libra and Pisces and these houses belong to Kendra, then Malavya yoga happens.

Natives born with Malavya yoga are mentally strong and enjoy their family life at best.The native enjoys luxurious vehicles. Malavya yoga makes one wise, glorious, calm, and prosperous.


The Sasa: This Yoga occurs in the birth chart due to Saturn. If the planet Saturn is own signed or exalted and if it is posited in the Kendra then Sasha yoga happens.

The native becomes wealthy, successful, and lives long. The native becomes an authoritative person. rich, prosperous, and long-lived.


This yoga is as impressive as it is unique and extraordinary. It does not easily occur in one’s horoscope. It is present in very few people. But the people with panch mahapurush blessed with both opulence and grandeur.

If a person has more than one panch mahapurush yoga he will enjoy more success like a king.


Gaj Keshari Yoga 

Gaj keshari Yoga is an extremely powerful yoga in the birth chart. If this happens in your birth chart it will make you highly successful in life.

When the planet Moon remains in Kendra from Jupiter and vice versa Or Conjunction, this powerful Gaj keshari yoga happens.

The person born with Gaj Keshari yoga will enjoy glory in life. It makes the person very popular as a speaker, leader and rich. The native becomes intelligent, wise, and extremely glorious in life.

Gaj means Elephant and Keshari mean Lion. Most powerful yoga in a natives birth chart indicating success in their life.

It has been considered very auspicious and due to its formation, a person touches the height of life.

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Virpeet RajaYoga

Virpreet Raj Yoga: When the lord of the 6th, 8th and 12th are in 6th 8th or 12th
house shows Virpreet Raj Yoga which is a reversal of fortune, meaning, going
from rag to riches in a short period of time.

There are 3 types of V-Raj Yogas.

1.Vimala Yoga: When lord of the 12th is placed in the 6th,8th,12th house this
yoga is formed.

2.Harsha Yoga: this occurs when 6th lord is in 8th,6th,12th house

3.Sarala Yoga: This occurs when 8th lord is in 12th,8th,6th house


Maha Raj Yoga(Trilochana Yoga)

Maha Raj yoga(Trilochana yoga): This occurs when Sun, Mars Moon are conjunct together in
1, 5, or 9th house while they rule Kendra or trikon house.SUN MARS MOON IN TRINE.

 i.e. Aries ascendant, Mars, Moon and Sun conjunction in 1st, 5th or 9th house will
created a Maha Raj Yoga.

Laxmi Yoga

Laxmi Yoga: When 9th lord is exalted in the 5th house conjunct the 5th lord or 9th lord is in their own sign in 5th house/exalted or moolatrikona like for
Gemini ascendant where 9th lord Saturn would be exalted in 5th house. If Saturn and Venus are conjunct in the 5th house for Gemini ascendant, then its Laxmi yoga of immense wealth. (Bill Gates) this also occurs when 9th lord is in the 5th house.

 Saraswati Yoga

Saraswati Yoga:  This is a yoga for education, arts, music, and writing. Such yoga occurs when Jupiter Venus Mercury and waxing moon are Kendra or Trikon from the Lagna, or Moon chart. 11th house placement of such planets also confirms such yoga.

Amala yoga:

Amala yoga: A benefic placed in the tenth house calculated from the ascendant or the Moon - philanthropic and benevolent attitude towards mankind, a career in the social sector

If a malefic is placed in this position, it may be favorable for the owner of the horoscope

(explanation: malefics in upachaya houses are good and the tenth house is a upachaya house).
However it may mean, that he attains a high-ranking position at the cost of others. At the very least, he will not be very particular in choosing the avenues leading to social success.


    Akhanda Samrajya Yoga

The individual with Akhanda Samrajya yoga becomes lord or ruler and has an incredible impact on the individuals and society. Inside the cutting edge, the incredible political pioneers do have this remarkable yoga.

When Jupiter rule either the 5th or the 11th house in a natal chart which can occur only when one has Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus as ascendant and rulers of the 2nd, 9th and 11th houses from the Moon are strong or are placed in Kendra or quadrant houses. This yoga is also formed when Jupiter is placed in 2nd, 5th or 11th house (but not weak or debilitated) and lords of 2nd, 9th, and 11th houses are in Kendra from Moon.

Results: This is a very rare and fortunate combination. It will make a person wealthy and powerful. In his walk of life the person will be in a commanding position and will have devoted followers. He will be well educated, haveing worthy children and will travel much. The person with Akhanda Samrajya yoga may work his way up to the designation of a minister or political leader. He can be a high profile diplomat representing the country as well. He will have a strong influence over the people and society. In the modern-day, the powerful political leaders do have this notable yoga


Amala Yoga

Amala yoga: A benefic placed in the tenth house calculated from the ascendant or the Moon - philanthropic and benevolent attitude towards mankind, career in the social sector

If a malefic is placed in this position, it may be favorable for the owner of the horoscope (explanation: malefics in upachaya houses are good and the tenth house is an upachaya house). However, it may mean, that he attains a high-ranking position at the cost of others. At the very least, he will not be very particular in choosing the avenues leading to social success.


Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga

Dharma is the house of 9th its meaning is destiny .cosmic order or the right path one has to follow. These things will become into the 9th house.
Karma - is the right action, work one will have in the world. This represented by 10th house in the chart
When 9th and 10th aspect each other and conjunct the yoga is known as Dharma karmadipati yoga.
Means one will do the right action according to the cosmic law, maintains divine order, show the true path to humanity.
This yoga is strong in these cases
  • But this yoga is prominent when at least one of the planet is very strong, exalted or yogakarka.
  • If any planet is atmakaraka or amatyakaraka then also the Yoga has significance
  • If the planet is vargottama means the natural divisional hart Navamsha is strong for the planet and 9th house specifically deals with dharma
  • Any planet is placed good amshas in D10 like Indra Yama or Ishaana etc in d10
  • See the 9th lord of D1 in d9 and 10th lord of d1 in D10 dashamsha to know how much these planets are signifying the path.
This yoga is not good when
  • When nodes rahu ketu aspect or conjunct these planets(Nor in every case but in general it will cause yoga bhanga)
  • Planets debilitated or low strength in Shadbala etc
  • Planets in not placed properly in divisional charts especially D9 and d10.


  1. One who will do the right action. This is not all about fame or wealth. This yoga can give that also but it focuses on the right thing. See scientists like Abdul Kalam. Even after his presidency he lived a simple life and followed the same till his death. That kind of selfless service comes into this yoga
  2. The person will complete his work even though he is not liking his superiors, work conditions or salary benefits
  3. This yoga gives the person to see in clear what his destiny and how to implement it
  4. The person will honor the elders like saints or teachers and teach the traditions to the world
  5. The work will be recognized at one point in life.
  6. It is one of the most important Raj Yogas

Simhasana  Yoga

Simhasana yoga : Simhasana yoga literally means the royal throne and that person is someone who will be famous and “the leader” of some particular field.

Simhasana yoga is formed when the Lord of the tenth house is in ascedent or 2nd house or in the house of wealth. 

A person receives an exalted position in the society if the Lord of the tenth house is either in a center or trine house or the house of wealth. Such a person achieves fame, success and lives like a King.


Vasumathi yoga

Vasumathi yoga: Benefics placed in upachaya (the third, sixth, tenth or eleventh houses) houses calculated from the Moon or the ascendant - riches. Kennedy had Jupiter and Venus in the tenth house calculated from the Moon. Two out of three benefics in upachaya houses calculated from the Moon provide reasonably strong vasumathi yoga.


Adhi Yoga 

Adhi Yoga is a powerful combination . The result of this combination gives its result in the dasha, antardasha of the planets which form the yoga This yoga is said to be formed if any planet occupies the 6th, 7th, 8th house. There are two reference points which need to be seen for this yoga. This yoga is to be seen from the Lagna and the Moon in a birth chart.

If any planets occupy the 6th, 7th, 8th house from the Lagna then this yoga is known as Lagnadhi yoga. If the planets occupy the 6th, 7th, 8th house from the moon then this yoga is known as Chandradhi yoga.

Adhi yoga is said to make one a King, Minister or Army Chief according to the strength of the planets.
A native with this Yoga will be very influential, healthy and wealthy. He will possess no fear, disease or enemy.


Neech Bhang Raj Yoga

The Neech Bhang Raj yoga happens when the debilitation of the planet gets canceled and gives good results.

Sometimes we feel that the planet Saturn is weak in Aries. Hence, it will bring very bad result. However, it is not always a fact.

There are certain conditions in the birth chart that helps the debilitated planet to be stronger. Some conditions are explained here.

If the weak or debilitated planet is placed with an exalted planet then Neecha Bhang Raj yoga happens.

Example: the planet Mercury is placed in Pisces with Venus.
If the lord of the debilitated planet is either placed in its own sign or gives aspect to the debilitated planet, then Neecha Bhang Yoga happens.

Example: Mercury is in Pisces with Jupiter or Mercury is in Pisces and Jupiter is in Virgo.
If a planet is weak in the Lagna chart and exalted in the Navamsa chart, then Neecha Bhang Raj yoga takes place.
The native with Neech bhang Yoga becomes rich, prosperous, and lead a kingly life


Budha Aditya Yoga

Budha Aditya Yoga: This is another yoga which everyone thinks they have, because it occurs when Sun and Mercury are conjunct in a house. But this yoga only happens when Sun-Mercury are conjunct either in lagna, 11th house or 5th house, and Mercury should not be combust and the conjunction should not be aspected by a malefic planet.


Hemmed House 

Paap Kartari Yoga: when malefic planets occupy 2nd and 12th from any house or Graha this yoga is formed. This is a yoga that brings disharmony, delays, and destruction of the house and the Graha residing in it.

 Shuba Kartari Yoga: when benefic planets occupy 2nd and 12th from any house or Graha this yoga is formed. It shows great blessings upon the house and great achievements, wealth coming through that house

  • Different Combinations For Sudden Prosperity

· Sudden and unexpected gains are noticed whenever 2nd, 7th, and 11th lords posited in ascendant and aspected by Jupiter.

· For gains in lotteries, speculations, or for any sudden unexpected gains 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th houses, and their lords should be interrelated. Well-placed and well-aspected

· For financial status and gains, ascendant, 2nd, 9th, and 11th houses and their lord should be considered.

· Strength of 5th house and 5th lord connected with the above is required for gains in gambling, speculation, races, lotteries, contracts, etc.

· Strength of 8th house and 8th lord connected with the above is required for gain in dowry inheritance, wills, adoption, awards, prizes, secret wealth, etc.

· Consideration of 4th, 7th, and 10th houses is needed to judge the source and type of gains.

· Inauspicious houses and planets placed in them are considered for gains and accumulation in life (3/6/10/11th are inauspicious houses).

Different Modes Responsible for Sudden Gain in Life:

  • Lottery and Gambling

· The strength of the 5th house /lord is the important significator of gains in lotteries and gambling.

· The other significator houses for lottery gains and gambling are 2nd, 6th, 8th and11th.

· Moon is posited in the 5th house and aspected by Venus indicates sudden gain from the lottery.

· The 6th house/lord has an important role in gambling. If the 6th and 11th lords are together occupying 11th house, the native wins in lottery and gambling. The combination of the strong 6th and 11th lords is always good for gambling and lottery.

· The 6th and 9th lords combine in 11th house, the native owns enormous money through lottery or gambling.

· Favourable combination of Saturn and Rahu favors gambling especially in indoor games.

· The lords of 6th and 11th and Saturn are in the 11th house, the native wins in dice game or cards through underhand tricks and by puzzling or mesmerizing his opponents.

· Mercury being 5th lord occupying 6th house causes loss in speculations. If the 5th lord Venus is in the 12th house with 6th lord the native will lose in gambling being addicted to the same. If there are many malefic planets placed in the 12th house the native should not invest money in gambling or lottery as he will always lose.

· The Lords of 5th and 2nd house exchange places.

· Mercury in 11th house in own sign conjoined with 6th lord.

· Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu conjoined in Virgo.

· All planets occupying 2th/6th/8th/12th signs.

· The lord of 5th and 11th conjoined in 5th house with a node [Rahu/Ketu].

· 2nd and 11th lords conjoining in 5th with benefice aspects

· Jupiter alone in 5th or 8th in exaltation or own house is able to give sudden, unexpected gains.

· The Ascendant /5th/8th/11th lords placed in the same houses.

· The 5th and 8th lords exchange signs, and the lord of ascendant is in good aspect with either of the two.

· 2nd lord in the 5th, 5th lord in 11th, 11th lord in 2nd house (or 2nd/5th/11th lords conjoined in 2nd).

· The lords of 5th and 11th houses exchange houses.

· The lords of ascendant, 2nd, and 5th are related or conjoined.

· The lords of ascendant, 5th, and 9th conjoined.

· The Ascendant is strong and 2/5/8/11th lords in exaltation.

· The benefices planets occupy 5th and 8th houses.

  • Underground or hidden treasures beneath or buried in the soil

· Lord of ascendant is placed in 2nd house, Lord of 2nd is placed in 11th house and lord of 11th is posited in ascendant, the native will get sudden enormous hidden treasures in his life.

· Lords of 2nd and 4th are posited in the 9th house, with a benefice.

· Lords of 11th and 2nd placed in 4th house, with a benefice.

· Lord of 11th is placed in 4th house, combines with a benefice.

  • Shares and Speculations

· The Moon, Mercury, and 6th lord in 11th house indicates money through the share market.

· Lords of 6th and 11th combine in 12th house indicates a loss in speculation.


· Ascendant's lord, Moon, Sun and are being in benefice aspects

· The Moon-Mars combine in 2nd, 5th, 8th, or 11th house.

· The Jupiter in 2nd, the Mercury in 5th, and the Moon in 11th house respectively.
  • Unexpected Inheritance

· The Moon, 4th /2nd/5th houses/lords are related, indicates a sudden inheritance from mother.

· Lords of 2nd and 4th combine in ascendant indicates sudden gain from mother.

· The lords of 2nd and 8th lords are related, gives unexpected gains.

· Leo ascendant with 12th lord in 8th house gives the formation of Vipareeta Raja yoga which results in unexpected enormous wealth gain.

  • Combinations for a Sweet Conjugal Married Life:

· 5/9 placement of lords of ascendant and 7th house. Sweet conjugal married life is indicated.

· Own Sign/Moola trikona Moon/Venus like in  Taurus/Libra is placed in the 7th house.

· Lords of 5th and 7th houses exchange houses.

· Lords of ascendant, 5th, and 7th placed in 5th house/7th/9th/11th, indicates sentimental love
bond, in married life.

· Moon is aspected/associated with Venus Synastry, indicates good marriage compatibility.

· Moon placed in 7th house, indicates a beautiful/handsome life partner.

· Moon in Libra indicates a peaceful sexual relationship in married life.

· Venus posited in 5th house, indicates favorable love matters and sexual ability of the partner.

· Married life will be highly compatible if the ascendant of the woman becomes 7th from the man's ascendant, or vice-versa.

· If Mars owns its own house in Aries/Scorpio or is positioned in exaltation, or if it is located in 4th / 7th house being the lord of 7th house from Moon/Venus/Ascendant indicates a sweet conjugal life.

· Lord of the ascendant is present in the ascendant, and the lord of the 7th house is
present in the 7th house, indicates a successful married life.

· Venus, Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury placed in the 7th house will make life wonderful after a miraculous turn of life.

· Mercury/Moon/Sun being the significator of 7th house, receives a beneficial aspect from the 11th house.

· Venus and Mars are in good aspect, and not the significator of 6th/8th/12th/houses.

· Jupiter/Venus and the lord of 7th house are placed 2/11th to each other.

· Location of Mars in 1st/2nd/4th/7th/8th house from the ascendant/Moon/Sun/Venus creates Mangalik- dosha which creates the problem in the married life of the native, however, the malevolent effects of the Mars will be removed if Mars is located in a moveable sign like Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn in these houses.

  • Love Marriage Prediction in Astrology
Love marriage is a union of two individuals based upon mutual love, understanding,
affection, and commitment. True love between a man and a woman leads to marriage.
Astrologically it is possible to predict whether the native will have a love marriage or
arranged one.

Factors governing Love Marriage:

· 5th house/lord: an inclination towards sensual or lascivious pleasure
· 7th house/lord: marriage, spouse, love, harmony.
· Venus: significator of wife, sexual pleasure, erotic in nature
· Moon: governs emotions
· Jupiter: significator of husband
· Saturn: touch/feeling
· Rahu: unconventional in manner, craving for sensual pleasure

Combinations for love marriage:

· When the moon, Venus, and Saturn get connected, the broad indication is that the native is prone to love marriage.

· Lords of 5th and 7th houses exchange signs.

· Lords of 5th and 7th hoses placed together.

· Lord of 5th is posited in 7th house or lord of 7th is placed in 5th house, the possibility of having a love marriage is indicated.

· Lords of 5th and 7th house combined in 5th /7th house or aspect each other.

· Lord of ascendant aspect/associate/exchange sign with 7th house indicates
love marriage.

· Jupiter is in malefic influence in a female horoscope.

· Venus is in a malefic influence in a male horoscope.

· Rahu posited in ascendant and 7th house is not influenced by Jupiter in any way, indicates love marriage.

· Lords of 7th and 11th lords exchange signs, and Mars is posited in 5th house.

· Lords of ascendant, 5th, and 7th houses are malefic in nature and related to 8th house, the possibility of having love marriage increases.

· Venus combined with Jupiter/Mercury in a quadrant/trine.

· Venus is placed 5th/9th from ascendant/Moon, indicates love marriage.

· Moon combined with the lord of ascendant in the ascendant.

· Moon combined with the lord of 7th house in the 7th house.

· Second house from ascendant/Moon/Sun is heavily afflicted, love marriage may be predicted.

· Rahu and Mars combined in the 7th house.

· Lord of 7th house combined with Mars and Rahu in Taurus/Libra sign.

· Sagittarius/Piscean is the sign of 9th house, and Saturn/Rahu aspects 7th, 9th house and Jupiter indicates love marriage


  • Kaal Sarp Dosh
You might have heard the name KaalSarp Dosh many times in your life. It is a hazardous Dosh in the birth chart that can ruin your life.
This silent killer happens in the Kundli when all the planets remain in between Rahu and Ketu. There are 12 kinds of Kaal Sarp yoga that occurs in the natal chart.
This Kaal Sarp dosh bring different kinds of troubles and obstacles in life. Even this Evil Dosh has not spared the celebrities as well.

  • Shrapit Dosh
Shrapit Dosh is the birth chart is another killer. This Evil Yoga of Saturn and Rahu can confine your life.
You might have a very good family background; you will not have success and achievement in life. It restricts the life to a great extent.
The shrapit dosh do happen when the planet Saturn and Rahu conjoins together in any house in the birth chart.
Some of the results due to Shrapit Yoga given here.
  • The problem in pursuing education
  • Uncontrollable financial crisis
  • Frequent health issues of the kids at home
  • Miscarriage and childlessness
  • Marital discord between husband and wife
  • Sluggishness, slowness, and loss of business
  • Domestic unhappiness
  • --------------------------------------------------------

  • Kemdrum Dosh

Kemdrum Dosh is in the Kundli is another slow killer that harms the native stealthily. Hence, it is extremely easy to detect Kemadrum yoga in the birth chart even by a layman.
Kemdrum Dosh takes place when the planet Moon places alone and there is no planet either side of it.
This mischievous yoga in the birth chart can bring many sorts of danger, obstacles, losses, calamities and what not.
You should not be worried about Kemadrum Yoga in the natal chart as it can get cancelled in certain circumstances.
Like any benefit aspects and planet in Kendra to moon cancels it.

  • Guru Chandal Dosh
Almost everyone understands what is Guru Chandal Dosh. Etymologically, Guru means Brihaspati (Jupiter) and Chandal means an outcast or mean.
Hence, Guru Chandal Yoga in the horoscope is a highly detrimental planetary combination.
The natives can face various problems in life. Some of the problems I am sharing here.
  1. Frequent joblessness
  2. It makes the native jack of all trades, but master of none.
  3. The scandal becomes part of life
  4. The native becomes panic-stricken
  5. The business faces loss
  6. Health issues like asthma, chronic constipation, tumor and hypertension etc. can become your unwelcomed guests.

  • Shakata Yoga
Shakata yoga is one of the most inauspicious Yoga in the birth chart. This happens when the planet Moon and Jupiter places 6th, 8th and 12th house from each other. The Shakata yoga is said to be harmful Yoga in the birth chart.
However, it is not always harmful. The Dosha gets cancelled when the planet Jupiter is posited in the Kendras i.e 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house.
If the planet Moon is in Cancer and Jupiter is in Sagittarius, it will create Shakata yoga. However, it will affect not the native’s life.
Results of the Shakata yoga are as follows
  • You will face many ups and downs in life like wheel.
  • The existing wealth will get lost all on a sudden.
  • Confusion and in attention in everything
  • The native do not keep the track of expenses
  • The native becomes unpopular among friends.
  • Astrologers are of opinion that some loss everything but regain it again.

  • Grahan Dosh
Grahan Dosh is one of the notorious dosh in the Hindu predictive astrology. Grahan dosh takes place due to Rahu, Ketu, Sun and Moon.
If the planet Sun or Moon placed together with either Rahu or Ketu in the natal chart, then Grahan Dosh happens.
It also happens when the native takes birth during the period of Solar and Lunar eclipses. You should never neglect the remedies for Grahan Dosh if it happens in your birth chart.
Here is the snapshot as to what happens due to Grahan yoga in the Kundli.
The kids often face health issues
The married couples find it difficult to conceive
The frequent miscarriages make the life like hell
Domestic problem with the members of the family
Slow progress and procrastination becomes the part of life
The chronic ailments, depression and disappointment sticks to the native

Cancellation Of Bad Yogas

There are situations when a great yoga is canceled and below are some placement where it happens.

  • Certain Planets placed 4th 6th 8th and 12th from any yoga cancels the yoga.
  • Jupiter or Venus’ aspect on any bad yoga cancels the full extent of the yoga.
No doubt, the good yogas are the boon for the native. It brings phenomenal achievements in life, business success, social standing, marital happiness, happiness from children, power, position and authority.

However, the evil yogas in the birth chart can make your life a hell. 

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